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We must become concerned, committed and courageous

Black America has major problems, but this week’s column will focus on those of us who reside in Allegheny County. Too many lack CONCERN and have adopted the attitude when addressing problems that may not directly affect them or their families by constantly referring to the problems of other people, as “those people,” “those youngsters,” “they are lazy,” “they want something for nothing” or “they deserve to be arrested.” There is absolutely no CONCERN for the plight of their brothers or sisters.


Cover To Cover…‘A Gangster and A Gentleman’

Grandma always said to find yourself a nice man. When you were growing up, that was the advice Granny had for you. One that would provide, who didn’t lay around, drink up the paycheck, or pick fights. A churchgoing man, that’s what you needed. And you agree, with one addition: you’d like a streak of wild, too.


I am in love with my teacher!

Dear Gwendolyn: I am 14 years old and me am in lov with me teacher. This is the situashun: Last school year we had a new music teacher. I fell in lov with him firsth sight. He is married with four children and I am wunderintg if I should let him no how me feel bout him. Before falling in lov with him, me was talkin to a man me met onlime. Me was getting ready to meet me onlime friend in person, but when the teacher cam me new me didn’t halfto go onlime again. The teacher is for me—Jewel


Networking festival expands to region

Already James Boggus, the Pittsburgh area director of the Chocolate Blues and Business Networking Festival is recommending next steps and planning for his 2013 event. “Follow-up is the key component for everyone at this point,” he said. Looking forward to a spring 2013 Chocolate Blues and Business Networking Festival, he is positive that it will be just as eventful and rewarding as the one he hosted at the Kingsley Association in November. CHOCOLATE ANYONE?—Rhonda Rector Rankin, owner of Creamy Creations based in Penn Hills, shares a moment with James Boggus, the Pittsburgh area director of the Chocolate Blues and Business Networking Festival. (Photo by Diane I. Daniels)



A ‘perverse’ move by the National Black Chamber of ­Commerce

(NNPA)—I have enjoyed an excellent relationship with the National Black Chamber of Commerce over the years. I have conducted media training sessions at national conventions, spoken at functions sponsored by state and local affiliates, and enjoyed a friendship with many of its top officers, including president and co-founder Harry C. Alford. That’s why I was stunned and mystified when, in the course of researching a challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, to learn that the group had filed a friend-of-the-court petition with the U.S. Supreme Court supporting an objection filed by Shelby County, Ala.



For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

Personal Finance is more personal than it is finance. In fact, personal finance is 80-percent behavior and only 20 percent technical knowledge. This suggests that in order to win financially it’s more important to understand one’s behavior toward money than to understand the dynamics of how money works. Yet, those of us in the financial field spend 95-percent of our time discussing financial and mathematical concepts that will at best solve only 20-percent of the problem.


Buffett urges Congress to raise taxes on wealthy

by Josh Funk OMAHA, Neb. (AP)—Billionaire Warren Buffett is again calling for higher taxes on the “ultrarich” and he’s urging Congress to compromise on spending cuts and tax increases. Buffett expressed his views on fiscal policy Monday in an opinion article that appeared in The New York Times on the same day Congress returned from the Thanksgiving holiday.


Social Security questions and answers

Question: I applied for a replacement Social Security card last week but have not received it. When should I expect to receive my new card? Answer: On average, it takes approximately 10 to 14 days to receive your replacement Social Security card. However, if we need to verify documents you present as proof of identity, it could take longer in some cases. For more information about your Social Security card and number, visit http://www.socialsecurity.gov/ ­ssnumber.



:10 Let’s get right to it. The faster you swallow the medicine the better it tastes. 1. Coach ‘T’ I know you get paid a lot of money to know these things but chances are if you go with one running back, you would only have one fumble. Not six from four different backs. 2. Just let Plaxico go 10 yards, turn around and catch the ball. 3. I don’t care if you throw Heath Miller the ball 10 times in a row. If he keeps catching it, keep throwing it. BILL NEAL 4. The quarterback problem is a problem we created. We should have never gone to training camp with two guys whose careers are all but over. And knowing that “Big Ben” does get hurt…I mean hurt! Okay that was just a little slip off the tongue humor because Ben said his broken rib was going to puncture his heart…yeah right! 5. Good news. James Harrison and the defense are back. And remember no matter how ugly it was it only counts as one loss!


North Allegheny becomes first Quad-A team to win back-to-back-to back championships

In the game of bowling, three strikes in a row is termed a “turkey” and North Allegheny (13-0) celebrated Thanksgiving Day weekend by stuffing Woodland Hills (10-3) 21-14. The Tigers became the first team in the history of Quad-A to bag the “turkey”, three straight WPIAL championships. OUT AT THE ONE—Elijah Zeise of North Allegheny is pushed out of bounds at the one yard line by Trevon Mathis (3) of Woodland Hills. Zeise had 5 catches for 89 yards in the Tigers 21-14 win over the Wolverines in the WPIAL Class AAAA championship game. Friday’s WPIAL title for North Allegheny was the fifth overall for Tigers coach Art Walker – three at North Allegheny and two at Central Catholic. That comes within one of the number of championships won by his father, also named Art Walker. The dad won five at Mt. Lebanon and one with Shady Side Academy.