Daily Archive: November 21, 2012



Income inequality grows in U.S.

(NNPA)—The threat of an impending fiscal cliff has sparked intense conversations about whether upper income citizens are paying their fair share of taxes. But equally important—and perhaps more important in the long term—is the issue of income inequality.


New creative presentation makes Pitt Jazz Concert shines even brighter

The 42nd Annual Pitt Jazz Seminar Concert did not let any of the attendees down as folks got a more up close and personal view of the individual artists in various musical settings. Performing in a small trio, quartet, quintet and the entire nine member ensemble the audience this year got more extended solos as in past years. Harold Young of the Jazz Workshop commented, “I really enjoyed the artists stretching out. Of course I always enjoy the concert but this year was special.” BACKSTAGE WITH THE LEGENDS—Abraham Laboriel, bass; Nathan Davis, saxophones, and founder of Jazz at Pitt; Bobby Watson, alto saxophone, formerly with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers; George Cables, piano; Winard Harper, drums, Jazz’s dynamic rhythm machine; Javon Jackson, tenor saxophone, formerly with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messingers; Yotam Silberstein, guitar, Israel’s Musician of the Year; Lew Soloff, trumpet, the original trumpeter with Blood Sweat & Tears; and Randy Brecker, trumpet, one of the most critically acclaimed trumpeter in jazz. (Photos by Rossano P. Stewart)


Acoustic Africa: Afropean Woman features several genres of music

African women have power. That’s what the three women featured in the “Acoustic Africa: Afropean Woman” tour that graced the Byham Theater stage for one night only on Nov. 8 illustrated. “We have power and we can change things in Africa with our voices. We always show Africa with problems like war and other bad things and we want to show the good things of Africa. We don’t always see African women playing guitar and percussion,” said Kareyce Fotso, a Cameroonian singer whose music is a combination of Afro-pop, Blues and African rhythms. CAST—Not in order, cast members: Kareyce Fotso, Dobet Gnahore and Manou Gallo.


Cover To Cover… ‘Divine ­Intervention’

You’re a person who knows what she wants. You can make up your mind in a snap, decisively sizing up the situation, weighing the options in your head. You rarely regret the solution you choose. You know what you want—and you get it. That goes for relationships, too, but in the new book “Divine Intervention” by Lutishia Lovely, a whole church full of people can’t seem to settle on love. Princess Brook was about to take a big step. And it would start down a silk-covered aisle, praise God.


Vivica A. Fox talks about why she’s for Obama and her two new shows

by Tené Croom It was Election Day, and actress Vivica A. Fox was encouraging all registered voters to be sure and vote. In an exclusive interview, she said one reason she was making the push for voting was because she’s a strong supporter of President Barack Obama. VIVICA A. FOX “I feel like he inherited one of the worst economies than any President has ever, ever inherited. I have met Mr. Obama, President Obama. I supported him in his first campaign and I feel that he deserves four more years to finish up the job that he started.”


Out & About with Brotha Ash

This week I visited Young Brother’s Bar on the North Side, The Improv in Homestead, CJ’s in the Strip District, Tim’s Bar in the Hill District and Savoy Restaurant in the Strip District. My first stop was at the Improv in Homestead where R&B group Artistree hosted an event for the homeless. This event also featured the Teresa Hawthorne Band, Kevin Howard and Ms. Gina Yohe. Brotha Ash and family celebrating “Brotha Ash Productions Day” at Tim’s Bar in the Hill District.