Daily Archive: November 21, 2012


Time for filling potholes grows

by Emily DeMarco PITTSBURGH (PublicSource)—Jessica Ferrell knows the danger of potholes. She fell twice because of the same one: Once when she was pregnant, then again when she was carrying her newborn baby in a sling across her chest. She wrapped her arms around her son to protect him, but injured her leg in the second fall. In April 2009, she reported the pothole near Smithfield Street and Seventh Avenue to the city’s 311 Response Center. It was filled within five workdays. “I don’t think it should take an accident to fix it,” said the 32-year-old hairdresser.


Former Romney adviser blasts top surrogates for now ‘eviscerating’ Romney

by Ashley Killough (CNN) — A former senior adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign skewered some of the GOP nominee’s surrogates Wednesday, saying it was “stunning” how they preened for administration positions when they thought Romney would win but then turned on the candidate as soon as he lost the election. DAN SENOR Dan Senor recalled an anecdote at the large rally held in Ohio the Friday before Election Day earlier this month. He said some of the event’s major headliners were praising the candidate backstage and had begun engaging Romney’s transition team.



Fashion Watch: Luggage

What does your luggage say about you besides the fact that you’re going places? Does your luggage say you are going in style or do you have to borrow someone else’s baggage when you want to get away? One of the biggest fashion faux pas when it comes to luggage is borrowing someone else’s. With the availability of affordable luggage you can purchase at places like Kmart, Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, Marshals, Macy’s or a specialty luggage store there is no need to travel with luggage held together by duct tape and robe like the Clampetts.


Pittsburgh, Philly film officials shoot for bigger Pa. tax credit

by Kathy Matheson PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The state could see a lot more lights, cameras, action and jobs if lawmakers expand the $60 million film tax credit, Pennsylvania film officials say. SILVER LINING—This film image released by The Weinstein Company shows Bradley Cooper in “Silver Linings Playbook.” (AP Photo/The Weinstein Company, JoJo Whilden) Proof of Pennsylvania’s popularity is on the big screen, they contend, pointing to the Philadelphia-based “Silver Linings Playbook” that opened in wide release Wednesday and the Pittsburgh-filmed Tom Cruise movie “Jack Reacher” landing in theaters next month.


Mr. President, fix our broken drug policy

by Joy Strickland (CNN) — Dear Mr. President: Congratulations on your hard-fought and historic re-election. The American people have entrusted you with a second term in the Oval Office. As you consider your agenda for the next four years, it is my sincere hope that you will commit some portion of your brilliance and pragmatism to fixing our broken drug policy. JOY STRICKLAND


Presidential Proclamation — Thanksgiving Day, 2012

On Thanksgiving Day, Americans everywhere gather with family and friends to recount the joys and blessings of the past year. This day is a time to take stock of the fortune we have known and the kindnesses we have shared, grateful for the God-given bounty that enriches our lives. As many pause to lend a hand to those in need, we are also reminded of the indelible spirit of compassion and mutual responsibility that has distinguished our Nation since its earliest days. BARACK OBAMA


Lane addresses school district achievement gap dropping

A few days after A+ Schools released its annual report on the Pittsburgh Public School District, revealing an increase in the racial achievement gap, the district held their first annual State of the District. The event gave the community an update on the district’s direction, priorities and progress. LINDA LANE Prior to the event on Nov. 15, PPS Superintendent Linda Lane spoke with the New Pittsburgh Courier about the racial achievement gap, teacher effectiveness, budget restrictions and how the district plans to overcome its future challenges in light of recent data showing a drop in achievement overall.