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Parent jail advocacy initiative comes to close

INVOLVED IN THE FIGHT—Some of the individuals working with the Pittsburgh Child Guidance Foundation’s Advocating for Children Whose Parents are Incarcerated initiative at the Oct. 25 PCGF reception. From left: Shirley Moore Smeal, from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections; Charlotte Brown, PCGF; Ronnell Anderson, an Amachi Ambassador; John Wetzel, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections; and Tirrell Harris, an Amachi Ambassador. (Photo by Andrew Wagner) The Pittsburgh Child Guidance Foundation’s Advocating for Children Whose Parents are Incarcerated initiative has worked diligently to understand, communicate and ease the loss children face when losing a parent, or in some cases parents, to incarceration. Now, almost ten years later, the initiative can celebrate its successes as they come to a close. At a press conference held late last week, the organization highlighted some of the accomplishments it has made. “We have helped to bring the issues (children face when dealing with a parent’s incarceration) to the forefront and have helped to support the programs of those who are doing the work,” said Claire Walker, executive director of the foundation. “And now people who are doing the work are saying families matter.”


Fathers group joins mother in fight for kids

When Chauntae Bryant goes to family court this week to regain primary custody of her children, she will have the support of an unusual ally, the Alliance for Fathers and Families, an organization founded to ensure that fathers are able to win child custody rights. Larry Davis, who founded the organization, has battled the family court system, even going to jail, to win back parental rights that had wrongly been taken away from fathers. So why is he helping a 24-year-old single mother? STRENGTH IN NUMBERS—Friends and supporters of Chauntae Bryant’s quest for primary custody of her two daughters gather at Coalition for Fathers and Families founder Larry Davis’ house. From left are William Reed, Larry Davis, and Tim Stevens. Seated are Melvin Hubbard El, Chauntae Bryant and friend Sheila Reed holding Reed’s children Rayquan and Aniya, and Pastor Phillip Battle. (Photos by J.L. Martello) “You’re forgetting the second half of our name: families,” he said during an exclusive meeting with the New Pittsburgh Courier. “Yes, it’s a little different for us, but we can’t turn our backs on this injustice.”


Obama’s media coverage half as positive as 2008

(NNPA)—Barack Obama campaigned for president four years ago on a theme of change. Now, four years later, he has seen change in the way the media has covered him — change for the worse. That’s a major finding of an exhaustive study by the Pew Research Center titled, “Winning the Media Campaign 2012.”


Storm was cruel to elderly who refused to leave

by Larry NeumeisterAssociated Press Writer (AP)—Even with her Coney Island apartment squarely in the path of Sandy, Loraine Gore was staying put. At age 90, she said, she had her reasons. “I’m tired,” she told a friend who urged her to evacuate. “I don’t want to go.” STORM VICTIM—Denise Talton holds a Bible she retrieved from rubble left in her mother’s home. She wept when recalling how she discovered her elderly aunt, Loraine Gore, 91, who drowned during the floods in her home nearby. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)



NAACP leadership is extremely important in 2012

History books are replete with story after story about our ancestors being transported across the oceans chained in the bowels of slave ships. Upon arriving in the western hemisphere they became the property of another man who treated them worse than his animals. The slave masters raped our women, castrated the men and sold other members of our families to other slavers. As the result of the Civil War, slaves in theory were free. In the year of 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.


And the winner is… Gov. Chris Christie

(NNPA)—When the dust settles on this year’s presidential election, the real winner will prove to be Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Christie is finishing his first term as governor and will be seeking reelection in 2013. He has built a reputation as a rare no-nonsense, straight-talking politician. The public claims they want an honest politician, but when they see one, he gets roundly criticized for being honest.


Charly’s Epic Fiascos

by Terri SchlichenmeyerFor New Pittsburgh Courier “No” is a foreign word. It’s something you simply cannot understand. It just doesn’t compute. Not in your vocabulary. When you want something—whether it’s a boy, a job, a grade, a pet, or a new gadget you must have—ain’t nobody better say that word to you because you don’t get it.



Competing goals + no plan = broken dreams

The first question I ask during a financial coaching session is “what are your financial goals?” Instead of responding with concrete financial goals, the answers generally relate to a particular problem that they’re currently facing that’s preventing them from getting what they want. It has been said that the average person spends more time planning what they’re going to wear to work the next day then they do planning their financial future.