Daily Archive: November 2, 2012


Kelly Strayhorn Theater presents fifth season

Eclectic dance created by several African-American choreographers is the main fare for the fifth season of Kelly Strayhorn Presents. JANERA SALOMON “This season we’ve got lots of dance on tap; eight dance performances—seven dances and one showing of a new residency. It’s the most we’ve ever had,” said Janera Solomon, Kelly Strayhorn Theater’s executive director. “We have three world premiers and five Pittsburgh premiers. It’s exciting.”


End of Republicans’ ‘Whites only’ strategy

(NNPA)—This will probably be the last presidential election in which Republicans can afford to ignore issues of paramount importance to Blacks and Latinos and expect to have a remote chance of winning the White House. Obama v. Romney is the political equivalent of Brown v. Board of Education. A separate and unequal approach to national politics is in its final days.



Small Seeds: Strong families, strong communities

Families make up communities and communities make up the world. One local organization is dedicated to strengthening families and fortifying our communities. In celebration of its achievements, over the past 13 years, the organization held its third annual Signature Event on Sept. 26, at LeMont Restaurant. AWARDEES—From left: The Hon. Dwayne D. Woodruff, Chairman’s Award; Diana Angela Bucco, Nonprofit Leadership Award; Orlana and Darnell Drewery, The Darkins Group & The Shyne Awards, Business Award; Candi Castleberry Singleton, Inclusion and Diversity Award; and Robert Hill, Public Affairs Award. (Photos by Rossano P. Stewart)


U.S.O, Perry will face off for League crown

With a short week ahead before their Nov. 3 title game, U.S.O. (University Prep, Sci-Tech, and Obama) would like to prevent a repeat of their last meeting. With the remnants of Hurricane Sandy hitting the Pittsburgh area school and extracurricular activities have been canceled. It could be as short as a three day practice week for each squad. SCRAMBLING—Akil Young (10), USO quarterback scrambles against Scott Evans (59) of Brashear. Young was 21of 33 passing for 357 yards and threw 3 touchdown passes to lead the Wildcats to a 46-6 win over the Bulls in a City League playoff game Oct. 25. (Courier Photos/William McBride)


Ga. store offers gun raffle tickets to voters

ATLANTA (AP)—Want a chance to win a rifle or handgun? Go vote. That’s the message from an Atlanta-area sporting goods store. The promotion caught the attention of the secretary of state’s office last week and drew a complaint from a state senator who said it may break the law.



81, no longer willing to run

I attended a meeting with five people 40 years of age and younger to discuss the possibility of them becoming the new politicians. It was shocking and somewhat disappointing, because some of them suggested I should be a candidate.


Cover To Cover…‘Fire in the Ashes’

Everybody looks different, but they haven’t changed a bit. The classmates at your reunion got older, that’s for sure. Some have gotten a little wider, a bit grayer, too, and more lined than they were decades ago. What’s funny, though, is that while you were reminiscing with these former-classmates-cum-friends, you didn’t notice gray hair. You didn’t see extra pounds or new wrinkles. You only saw children, the way they were in school.


I am so tired of my trifling brother

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: My mother has been sick (bedridden) for five years now. My one and only brother never helps with bills and other needs of my mother. Last month when she received her disability check, he spent it all. You see Gwendolyn, she made him the Power-of-Attorney of her estate. At the time the transaction took place, there was no other court appearance needed.


The rise of the Mass Affluents

(NNPA)—I found information in Nielsen’s newest report, Affluence in America: A Financial View of the Mass Affluent, so interesting that I thought you might, too. Mass Affluents are defined as households with Income Producing Assets of $250,000 to $1 million (not including real estate), reporting actual average annual income of $105,000. Mass Affluents are 11.1 percent of the population or 13,000,000 households. And we, as Blacks, are represented in these numbers.