Daily Archive: October 19, 2012


Hello cousin. I came to stay!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: Late one afternoon last summer, a man came to my house asking the whereabouts of a family by the name of Jones. I told him my maiden name was Jones. He then told me he was a lost relative. He said his family was in the van parked in my driveway. He explained he had just discovered he was to inherit some of my grandparents’ wealth.


You matter more than ever

(NNPA)—We’re getting down to the wire in this year’s race for the White House. In our digital world of sometimes dizzying 24/7 information overload, both political camps are relying heavily on media in its plethora of forms to reach you and influence your vote. As we draw closer to Nov. 6, you are correct if you think the intensity of the political ads has increased.



Am I using credit wisely?

The article entitled “Debunking the FICO and credit score myth” generated some great questions. I would like to answer a few of those questions in this article. Before, I answer the questions, I think that it’s important to note that before I was a consumer advocate, I was a banker. I’ve learned the tricks of the trade from the trade experts. Convincing myself of the fact that credit can magnify my mistakes, reduce my standard of living, tie up my income, and transfer my future wealth from my pockets to the banks was no easy task. When you become serious about building wealth or if you become victim to the misuse of credit, you’ll come to understand my position on this subject.


Pizza Hut rethinks presidential debate stunt

by Candice Choi NEW YORK (AP)—Pizza Hut is rethinking its contest daring people to ask “Sausage or Pepperoni?” at the presidential debate Tuesday. PIZZA PRIZE—In this combination of file photos, Republican presidential candidate former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, left, takes a bite of pizza during lunch with his wife, Ann, while campaigning at Village Pizza in Newport, N.H., Dec. 20, 2011, and then-Sen. Barack Obama, right, takes a bite of pizza at American Dream Pizza in Corvallis, Ore., March 21, 2008. (AP Photo) After the stunt triggered backlash last week, the company says it’s moving the promotion online, where a contestant will be randomly selected to win free pizza for life.


Three Rivers Youth Autumn Soiree and Book Signing

On a clear Thursday night, Oct. 11, that some referred to as fight night due the vice presidential debate and the Steeler game both airing on this same evening, Three Rivers Youth (TRY) took a different route and welcomed guests to an Autumn Soiree and Book Signing at the beautiful LeMont Restaurant to celebrate a great work. Dozens of guests dined on salmon and chicken, and enjoyed ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert. SIGNING THE BOOK—Peggy Harris, TRY president and CEO, with Jessie Ramey After dining sufficiently, Larry Glasco, PhD, introduced Jessie B. Ramey, PhD, author of “Child Care in Black and White,” published by the University of Illinois Press. The book has already received the John Heinz Award from the National Academy of Social Insurance, the Lerner-Scott Prize in women’s history from the Organization of American Historians, and the Herbert G. Gutman Prize from the Labor and Working-Class History Association.



Spare change

How many times have you been stopped by someone asking you for money? The late Robin Harris put it so well on his comedy album “Bebe’s Kids,” about people out there asking for spare change. He said if you get a spare job you would have some spare change.


Official proposes bullet tax to curb Chicago crime

by Don Babwin CHICAGO (AP)—As Chicago struggles to quell gang violence that has contributed to a jump in homicides, a top elected official wants to tax the sale of every bullet and firearm—an effort that has national gun-rights advocates already considering a legal challenge. Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle speaks at a news conference in Chicago. On Oct. 18, Preckwinkle is set to propose a tax on bullets. She will propose five cents a bullet and a dollar for a box of 20 of them and 25 bucks per firearm. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, File) Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle submitted a proposed budget on Thursday that would impose a tax of a nickel for each bullet and $25 for each firearm sold in the nation’s second-largest county, which encompasses Chicago.


New Pittsburgh Courier honors 50 Men of Excellence

PITTSBURGH, Pa.—The New Pittsburgh Courier will host its 2012 Men of Excellence Awards Reception Oct. 25 in the Main Ballroom of the Fairmont Pittsburgh Hotel. AARON WALTON This year, the New Pittsburgh Courier is also pleased to be honoring Aaron Walton as the 2012 Legacy Award Honoree. The Legacy Award is reserved for individuals who have reached achievements above and beyond others, while also dedicating themselves to giving back to those less fortunate.


Man in court on Hines Ward extortion charges

by Joe Mandak PITTSBURGH (AP)—A man who claims his girlfriend once had a “physical relationship” with retired Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was in custody Friday on charges he tried to extort $15,000 from the player by threatening to release evidence the player had paid for sex. HINES WARD Joshua Van Auker, 26, of Pittsburgh, was awaiting arraignment on two felony counts of attempted extortion.