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Jazz master puts on unforgettable show

Roy·al·ty: Royal status, dignity, or power; sovereignty: to be elevated to royalty. Jazz is described as a style of music, native to America, characterized by a strong but flexible rhythmic understructure with solo and ensemble improvisations on basic tunes and chord patterns and, more recently, a highly sophisticated harmonic idiom. ROY HAYNES Let’s break it down for you further as we talk about Roy Haynes. Thelonious Monk once described Roy Haynes’ drumming as “an eight ball right in the side pocket.” Jack DeJohnette calls Haynes’ provocative percussion “a rare combination of street education, high sophistication and soul.”


‘Nothing But the Blues’ fun times for all

Playwright and actor Joe Plummer turned his aunt’s love for the blues into the comic and touching play “Nothing But the Blues.” CAST REHEARSE FOR ‘NOTHING BUT THE BLUES’ “My aunt loved the blues. I hated it—I was into pop groups like The Jackson 5—but some of the blues was really good. I knew all the songs like Bobby Blue Bland and BB King,” said Plummer who resides in Chicago. “There was a lounge in Chicago—48th street and Indiana—that was a few blocks away from where I lived and I’d see people come out there. When I’d look inside, I’d see musicians and guitars and things like that and it all seemed magical to me.”


Arts & Culture Calendar

Thursday 18 offCENTER The August Wilson Center for African American Culture presents offCENTER: Just Us Dance Series at 5:30 p.m. This is a gospel showcase featuring the August Wilson Dance Ensemble, and artists such as the Covenant Praise Mime Ministry, Travis Malloy and the I am Saved Christian Contemporary Dance Company. The performance is free. For more information, call 412-338-8730 or visit http://www.augustwilsoncenter.org.


Out & About with Brotha Ash

This week I visited the North Side Elks Lodge in the Hill District, Tim’s Bar in the Hill District, Savoy Restaurant in the Strip District, CJ’s in the Strip District and the African American Heritage Day Parade in Downtown Pittsburgh. Dwayne and Michelle Williams had a blast at CJ’s in the Strip District.


Parents say judge biased in release of son’s killer

Family and friends of homicide victim Marshawn Ptomey are calling on Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Manning to reverse his decision to release confessed shooter Destiny Brown to house arrest. At an Oct. 15 rally outside the county courthouse, family members said they’d never heard of a confessed murderer being released to go to school. She is White. Ptomey was Black. OUTRAGE—Family and friends of slain Marshwn Ptomey call on Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Manning to reverse his order releasing his killer from jail, saying her race, White, is a factor. (Photo by J.L. Martello.) “She’ll be a threat to the community and to the school she attends,” said Ptomey’s sister Sonya Smith. “They have schooling in jail. She never attended school before she murdered my brother. I’ve never heard of that.”


Analysis: In blistering form, Obama rebounds

by Ben FellerAP White House Correspondent WASHINGTON (AP) — Fighting for his political life, President Barack Obama re-emerged in blistering form in an interruption-filled debate rematch, trying to diminish Mitt Romney’s rising stature by accusing him of dishonesty and extremism. ON THE REBOUND–Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, left, listens as President Barack Obama addresses members of the audience during the second presidential debate at Hofstra University last night in Hempstead, N.Y. (AP Photo/Pool-Michael Reynolds)


AWC exhibits Nazi Olympics… Hitler’s superior race theory squashed

On Oct. 15, the August Wilson Center for African American Culture debuted an exhibit commemorating the contributions of Black and Jewish Olympians in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The exhibit showcases the parallel experiences of African-Americans and Jewish Europeans who faced rampant discrimination from the very countries they were competing for. SALA UDIN “I think one of the significant things about this exhibition is that the Olympics just ended this year. This will give us an opportunity to educate people and reeducate some others,” said AWC Co-Executive Director Sala Udin. “There’s still anti-Semitism in this country. There’s still racism in this country.”


Harrison: I’ve had “double-digit” concussions

by Will GravesAP Sports Writer PITTSBURGH (AP) — Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison didn’t want to wait for the NFL to do something about protecting his head, so the four-time Pro Bowler decided to do it himself. HIGH-FIVES–Steelers linebacker James Harrison (92) high fives fans as he heads to the locker room aftergame against the Philadelphia Eagles on Oct. 7, in Pittsburgh..(AP Photo/Don Wright)


NY evangelical college probes ‘Obama’ filmmaker

by Rachel ZollAP Religion Writer NEW YORK (AP) — A conservative scholar behind a high-grossing documentary that condemns President Barack Obama is under investigation by the evangelical college he leads over a report he took a woman who is not his wife to an event on Christian values. Dinesh D’Souza (AP Photo/Daily Press, Heather S. Hughes)


A discussion of the ‘Merits of Slavery’

by A. Bruce Crawley Hey! Put down that remote control! While most of us have been preoccupied with televised election stories, the first few games of the new National Football League season and the curious feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, some people have been busily whittling away at Black voting rights, discussing the elimination of affirmative action, and even talking, wistfully, about how great slavery once was — for Black people. A. BRUCE CRAWLEY