Daily Archive: October 12, 2012


International Fashion House offers multicultural styles

Just before Pittsburgh Fashion Week, the International Fashion House opened its doors offering its customers culturally inspired clothing, accessories and arts & crafts from around the world, kicking off the fall season. Since its Sept. 21 grand opening ceremony, according to organizers there has been a steady flow of customers and on lookers ready to purchase garments made from authentic ethnic material. EXCITEMENT RISES—From left: Arlette Ambungo, Rufus Idris and Adedoyin Adeniyi, representatives of the new International Fashion House, kick off their new venture.


Reapportionment may reduce representation

Normally, the census-required reapportionment of Pittsburgh School Districts creates none of the fanfare seen in city, state or congressional redistricting battles. But Reapportionment Committee Co-Chair Shawn Carter warned that this year’s reapportionment is far from normal.



Distractions hinder Blacks coming together

The time is now that we begin to understand how distractions inhibit our growth in numerous aspects of our lives. What are some of the distractions? Sports are major, there are those of us who are consumed with football, namely the Steelers; untold sums of money are spent on jerseys, leather jackets, parties, etc. There is a far greater interest directed toward football than most every other aspect of our lives.


Our misguided priorities

(NNPA)—The most important area for the exercise of independent effort is economic. After a people have established successfully a firm industrial foundation they naturally turn to politics and society, but not first to society and politics, because the two latter cannot exist without the former.—Marcus Garvey


Schenley High put up for sale

Dear Editor: As I thought of the triumph and tragedy that surrounds Schenley High School, it dawned on me that Mark Roosevelt’s decision to close Schenley because of asbestos was the local government equivalent of George Bush’s decision to invade Iraq because of WMDs. In both instances, cherry-picked information was utilized to muddy the waters and drive elected officials towards a conclusion they would probably not have chosen with more complete information. In the case of Iraq and the WMDs the national press largely vacated their responsibility to investigate and report beyond the official White House and Department of Defense talking points. They failed the due diligence test that is the hallmark of a free press. In our local situation, the newspapers of record failed to investigate the claims of unsafe asbestos levels and instead chose to accept as gospel the “facts” as presented by Mark Roosevelt.


Cover To Cover…‘Creeping with the Enemy’

One of your friends is about to do something extremely dumb. She never was one to make good decisions but this time, she’s made an awful one. It involves boys, sneaking out, a party somewhere out of town, a good chance for big trouble, and, well, you’re no snitch but somebody oughta know. This could turn out very, very badly. So what do you do when a friend is in a potential mess? For Chanti Evans, the answer is clear: detective work will keep her friend safe. In the new book “Creeping with the Enemy” by Kimberly Reid, the challenge is to weed through the lies.


Vocal competition seeks next opera star

Calling all closet opera singers! Opera Theater of Pittsburgh is—for the second year in a row—holding two vocal competitions in search of the best in unknown opera singers: Opera Champion of Pittsburgh Voice Competition and the Mildred Miller International Voice Competition. CANDIDE—Andrey Nemzer, left; countertenor, 1st place winner of the 2011 Mildred Miller International Voice Competition, performs “The Old Lady” in “Candide.” (Photo by Patti Brahim) “We are dedicated to fostering the next generation of opera singers,” said Rachel Kasic, business operations and communications manager of the Opera Theater of Pittsburgh. “Our goal is to find people who are working in fields other than opera and who have never had any voice lessons. We’re trying to find that diamond in the rough.”



How can a single mom save for the future when I can barely make ends meet today?

I’m a single mother of three who has had very little financial support from their father. I have student loans from trying to obtain education to get a better job to support my family. I haven’t been able to secure a job that provides the income for us to survive on. I’m not talking “vacations around the world,”, “living in lavish housing” or “driving luxury cars”—just the basics! With the cost of living expenses increasing, I was forced to live off of credit cards to maintain. Now I am in debt and trying to play catch up games, which seems impossible. I keep hearing people say “save for the future.” I am barely making it today, how do I save for the future? What advice could you give me on making my money work better? Signed—Single mom trying to make it!