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Re-Konception! Bringing God’s message through music

John “Joby” and his wife Miriam “Mimi” Brown are on a mission to bring the Word of God to the masses through music. “The Lord told me that the music he gave me is not mine to keep, I must share it with the world,” Joby said. The loving and devoted Beaver Falls couple are completing that through the revamped Christian contemporary duo Re-Konception! RE-KONCEPTION! JOBY AND MIMI BROWN “Our music is a blend. The lyrics are from the Gospel and our musical background is set in reggae, rock, pop, R&B and jazz. My taste in music is eclectic,” said Joby who studied classical music under his mentor, Dan Henderson, a former operations manager at Word-FM. Joby sings lead on all of Re-Konception! music. “We’re the cutting edge of urban contemporary Christian music.


Church Circuit

Fall Revival OCT. 10—New Grace Missionary Baptist Church, 7711 Tioga St., Homewood, will host a Fall Revival at 7 p.m. The event, which will run through Oct. 12, will feature guest preacher Rev. Richard Wingfield. For more information, call 412-241-1951.


Buyer sought for Schenley

Since Schenley High School closed amid vocal community and alumni objections in 2008, the Pittsburgh Public School District had a single $1 million offer for the historic building. That’s what it cost to build in 1916. On Oct. 8, Fourth River Development, acting as the district’s agent, issued a Request for Proposals to prospective buyers/devel­opers across the country that sets a minimum $4 million net price for the building. HISTORIC OPPORTUNITY—The 96-year-old architecturally unique Schenley High School building that closed at the end of the 2007 school year is now on the block for a $4 million minimum price tag. “Aside from the swimming pool addition, the bones and character of the building has to be restored,” said Fourth River spokesman Pat Morosetti. “We’re being responsible. Anyone looking at this RFP will know what has to be in their proposals. Most of them will have had experience with historic properties in the past, so I don’t expect any surprises.”


Sharpton leads voter rally

In 1965, after a hard fought battle for civil rights, African-Americans gained the right to vote. However, 45 years later in 2010, two years after the country elected it’s first Black president, only 10 percent of African-Americans showed up to the polls to cast their ballot. Despite the low voter turnout in recent elections, many believe their right to vote is under attack once more in the form of legislation recently passed in 19 states around the country requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls. REV. AL SHARPTON ADDRESSES?THE?AUDIENCE (Photo by J.L. Martello) “We fought and suffered to get the right to vote. People gave their lives, gave up their career, lost their families to give us the right to vote,” said Rev. Al Sharpton at a voting rights rally in Pittsburgh over the weekend. “Here you are 45 years later sitting up here in Pittsburgh, Pa.—nobody’s shooting at you, nobody’s bombing your house, nobody waiting in the bushes of your driveway—just too lazy and ungrateful to protect what others died to give you.”


Residents and business owners reflect on East Liberty’s latest transformation

by Larkin Page-Jacobs, 90.5 WESA Once a vibrant commercial district, Pittsburgh’s East Liberty businesses began losing ground to suburban malls in the 1950s and 60s. Officials tried to reverse the trend by remaking the community: bulldozing property, reconfiguring traffic patterns, and building high-rise rental units. The changes only accelerated the neighborhood’s deterioration and it was not until the 90s that stakeholders began to slowly turn the tide. Penn Circle South (Public Source Photo/Larkin Page-Jacobs/90.5 WESA) The years of community planning, political will, and private investment have made East Liberty one of Pittsburgh’s success stories. However, as the neighborhood changes, long-time business owners and residents are considering what the transformation means for the community and there is no clear answer.


Ohio appeals to Supreme Court on early voting

by Ann Sanner COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio’s election chief on Tuesday appealed a ruling that reinstates the final three early voting days in the battleground state, calling a decision last week by a federal appeals court “an unprecedented intrusion” into how states run elections. Secretary of State Jon Husted asked the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether the state Legislature or federal courts should set Ohio election laws. EARLY VOTING UNDER ATTACK–President Barack Obama speaks at a campaign event in Columbus, Ohio. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File) Husted, a Republican, also asked the court to delay the lower court’s decision while the Supreme Court decides whether to take the case.


Detroit police chief steps down amid sex probe

by Corey Williams DETROIT (AP) — Detroit’s police chief stepped down Monday after a week of embarrassing revelations about a sexual relationship with a subordinate, forcing the city to search for a fifth leader in four years for a department dealing with one of the nation’s highest violent-crime rates. CHIEF RESIGNS–Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee speaks during a news conference at the Northeastern District Police Station, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Detroit News, Brandy Baker) Ralph Godbee was hired two years ago to replace a predecessor fired following an affair with a female officer who allegedly also had a relationship with Godbee. His departure extends the revolving door of leadership in a cash-strapped city. Detroit’s next chief will be its 10th since 1991, and several of those were forced out amid allegations of wrongdoing.


Lions saddened to learn of Alex Karras’ condition

by Larry Lage DETROIT (AP) — Alex Karras’ condition has deteriorated and the NFL team he played for is extending its sympathies. The Detroit Free Press and Detroit News reported the former All-Pro defensive lineman and actor has been given only a few days to live because of recent kidney failure. ALEX KARRAS (AP Photo/File) “The entire Detroit Lions family is deeply saddened to learn of the news regarding the condition of one of our all-time greats, Alex Karras,” Lions president Tom Lewand said in a statement released by the team late Monday night. “Perhaps no player in Lions history attained as much success and notoriety for what he did after his playing days as did Alex.


Romney campaign Co-chair dismisses Obama as lazy

(NNPA)—Have you ever known that something was going to happen, but still was shocked when it actually happened? Well, to my dismay, I have just had that happen to me. I have been telling my fellow Republicans for months that by October, our party would start playing the race card in an effort to gin up the White vote. Romney’s campaign co-chair and former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, is the personification of this.