Monthly Archive: September 2012


Islam, Israel and the First Amendment

(NNPA)—The response in the Muslim World to the display of the anti-Muslim video mocking the Prophet Muhammad stunned many people in the U.S.A. The brutal murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff in Libya, blamed on the anger over the display of the video, now appears to have been a premeditated murder by terrorists. That said, the antipathy toward the U.S.A., illustrated by widespread demonstrations after the release of the video, for its long-standing treatment and demonization of the Muslim world should not be downplayed.


Cover To Cover… ‘The Last Hunger Season’

You probably shouldn’t have ordered the super-size fries. That’s what you were thinking after you finished the last of your double cheeseburger-add-bacon. When you ordered, fries sounded good—although maybe not so many. And your soda, well, the word “small” needs redefining. Nothing worse than cold fries, so you wadded them up with your sandwich wrapper, slurked the rest of your drink, and threw everything away. You’ll think twice about that next time, once you’ve read “The Last Hunger Season” by Roger Thurow.


My husband pays more attention to sports than to me!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I am about to go out of my mind. This is the problem: My husband is a true fan of sports. His favorite is football, then basketball. I work six days a week from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. When I get home, I cook and after we eat, I clean the kitchen and the bathrooms. While I am exhausted, he is on the couch relaxing and watching a game or on the computer. If he doesn’t start helping with the chores, our marriage is going to end. My women friends say I should insist on having at least one night for “date night.”—Jean



Don’t reverse the curse

Ok, I’ll admit the title is somewhat exaggerated. My second choice was “I would never recommend a reverse mortgage to my grandmother.” I think you know where I’m going with this article. I’m not a fan of reverse mortgages. In fact, I despise them. Before I go into the details as to why, let me ask you a question. If you had an opportunity to get a loan and didn’t have to make a payment during your life, would you consider it? If you answered yes, you’re easy bait for a reverse mortgage.


Mixed doubles tournament hails new champions

“It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing.” No lyrics were ever more true and revealing than the mean swing of Lorna Secrest and Art DeMateo as they captured First Place Gold at the 37th Annual Champion Enterprises Mixed Doubles Labor Day Tennis Tournament to benefit Toys for Tots. 2012 WINNERS—Judge Dwayne Woodruff presents trophies to 1st Place winners Lorna Secrest and Art DeMateo and 2nd Place winners Danny Jones and Joyce Scott. Also pictured are Tournament Directors Donna Bey and Jim Quigley. This year’s tournament was once again held at the Pro Level Highland Park Tennis Courts and co-hosted by the Highland Park Tennis Club with the support of the club and its members. Under the leadership of Club President Fred Crawford, and the operation of Tournament Directors Donna Bey and Jim Quigley, coupled with the magnificent weather,the tournament proved to be another big success. The tournament has only been rained out once in 37 years.



:10 Pitt’s Varsity Letter Club has honored outstanding letter winners since 1961. On Oct. 12, the tradition will continue as the club honors seven outstanding past athletes including quite possibly the most loved basketball coach in Pitt history, Tim Grgurich; and Roger Kingdom, one of the greatest and most dominant Olympians of all time. This year’s honorary letter winner award will go to long time athletic trainer Tony Salesi. For additional info call 412-624-4141. BILL NEAL :09 And while you’re dialing that number put your vote in to have Sam Clancy’s uniform retired for his greatness as one of the university’s all time basketball stars.


Welcome to Pittsburgh

On a beautiful Thursday evening, Larry Davis, dean of the University Of Pittsburgh School of Social Work, hosted a reception at his beautiful Highland Park home for the new dean of the Pitt School of Law, William Carter Jr. LET’S TALK LAW—Wendell Freeland and William Carter Jr. Senior Vice Chancellor Patricia Beeson says, “Professor Carter’s vision for the School of Law is well matched to our overall vision for the University, he is committed to building the school in ways that will further enhance the scholarly contributions of our faculty, enable our students to be successful in their legal careers, and engage the legal profession both locally and nationally. I am delighted that Professor Carter has agreed to serve as dean of the School of Law and have great confidence that his scholarly leadership and commitment to excellence in legal education will serve us well.”



The domino effect

I know you heard this story, the one about the man playing dominos with friends outside on an upper level balcony in the East End of Pittsburgh. Apparently this man had to use the bathroom. Most people I know, men and women alike, will go to a room called the bathroom and use the toilet. I know men are “blessed” with the ability to go to the bathroom wherever they deem is fit at the time the need arises but this story takes the cake. According to all news accounts Roosevelt Robinson urinated over the railing of the balcony into the alley below. My guess is he and his friends have done this before without incident. Things didn’t go so smoothly last week unfortunately. When 35-year-old Roosevelt Robinson relieved himself there was someone below in the alley. YIPES! And they received a golden shower they were not expecting. Reportedly they hollered out “Yo, Yo” but then decided to show Mr. Robinson what they were working with, a firearm, a weapon, a piece and Robinson was shot and died.