Daily Archive: August 31, 2012



Off to college

How many of you have a son or daughter or grandchild that is heading off to college? This is a good time to let young people define their design style. I’ve seen so many parents in stores picking out things for their kids while the kids are sometimes giving input, but more often they are busy texting or talking on their cell phone. The dorm room is going to be their home away from home and it should be an exciting and comfortable place. Let the room reflect who they are and what they are passionate about. If they have a collection find a way to display a part of that collection with shelving or a shadow box. There is so much available to make a room special. I recommend bold colors and decals for the wall. The decals can be removed and if you can’t paint the walls use bold colors as window treatments and bed spreads. Accessories like funky pillows and throw rugs can be fun.