Daily Archive: August 24, 2012


War on the right to vote

(NNPA)—Our nation’s democracy is in a crisis. We are facing the biggest challenge to our nation since its inception. No, there is not an armed rebellion going on, but, oh, is there a war–a silent, insidious, invidious, nefarious, absolutely downright ugly war. And the war is on the right to vote for American citizens.—Barbara Arnwine, July 2012At the Children’s Defense Fund’s recent national conference Barbara Arnwine, the executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and a leader of Election Protection, the nation’s largest nonpartisan voter protection coalition, issued an urgent call to action. Right now assaults on voting rights across the country in advance of the 2012 elections are keeping her very busy.


Flack, Bryson reunion tour possible

ATLANTA—Rare performances by Roberta Flack and her longtime musical mate, Peabo Bryson, attracted about 2,500 patrons in Atlanta who were provided separate performances by the two living legends as well. They will be touring most of the country. ROBERTA FLACK Bryson, opened the two-hour show displaying the unique brand of vocalese that has garnered him Grammy Awards and other accolades throughout his successful 35-year career.


Cover To Cover…‘Dyn-o-mite!’

Your childhood isn’t very far away. All it takes is one click. Just turning on the TV can take you back to eating popcorn on the floor, your elbows on a pillow, Mom and Dad in their easy chairs, and your favorite program just beginning. Without much trouble, you can still sing the theme song. It’s a part of your childhood, and those were good times. For author Jimmie Walker, the Good Times were filled with struggle, success, and career surprises. In his new memoir “Dyn-O-Mite! (with Sal Manna), Walker writes about his life and his various careers.



Proceeds taken from poor and old people

The Pennsylvania Lottery has a slogan—“Proceeds benefit older Pennsylvanians.” The PA Lottery boasts of the fact that it’s the only lottery in the nation that exclusively targets all of it proceeds to programs for older residents. Clearly the Pennsylvania Lottery understands its core market—POOR and OLD People. Studies have shown that ZIP codes that spend four times what anyone else does are those in lower-income parts of town. This article is in no way an attempt to attack the Pennsylvania lottery in and of it-self. This article is written to heighten awareness that all forms gambling including bingo, lottery and casinos are a tax on poor and older people.


Panthers ready to reboot—again—under Chryst

by Will Graves PITTSBURGH (AP)—Forget about the coaching change. Disregard all the talk about moving to the ACC next summer. Paul Chryst doesn’t really want to hear it. RUSHEL SHELL (4) Pitt’s top recruit from Hopewell follows Trey Anderson around end during the Panthers pre season scrimmage. Shell will join Ray Graham and Isaac Bennett to give the Panthers a trio of fine running backs. (Courier Photo/William McBride) The new Pitt coach—the program’s fourth in the last two years—understands why his arrival and the school’s looming departure from the Big East are hot topics. He’d just rather talk about something else. Like say, the team he’s trying to build.



:10 Five “5” things you must have to win the Super Bowl according to me…yea, I said it. 1. A great defense and that includes the “D” line, linebackers and “D” backs. We got that! (Although the “D” line is not where we need it to be. They’re still a little young and Aaron Smith is gone) 2. An offensive line to protect the quarterback and establish the running game… Steelers style. We got that! (As a matter of fact we might have one of the best in the league before it’s all said and done) 3. A great quarterback. We got that! 4. A great running game/run­ning back. We got that! (Redman has a lot to prove and he’s not trying to give this job back to Mendenhall) 5. A great receiving set. Yea you know we got that! That said, Super Bowl No. 7 is on the way. Take it to bank. BILL NEAL


Former WBA heavyweight champ Michael ‘Dynamite’ Dokes dead at 54

AKRON, Ohio (AP)—Michael Dokes, a former World Boxing Association heavyweight champion, has died. He was 54. The Rhoden Memorial Home in Akron said Dokes died Aug. 11. The Akron Beacon Journal reported that the boxer died in an Akron hospice from liver cancer. Dokes won the heavyweight title at 24 in December 1982, when referee Joey Curtis made a controversial decision to stop his fight against champion Mike Weaver. Dokes dominated the first round over Weaver, prompting the decision. MICHAEL DOKES An admitted problem with cocaine helped him lose the WBA title only nine months later to Gerrie Coetzee, however, and Dokes never held the heavyweight crown again.



License to parent

I had a friend who used to love to ask people “Didn’t your mamma tell you not to never touch nothing that ain’t yours?” Yes my mother did tell me that and continues to tell me that. Maybe she thinks I forgot what she told me decades ago. If you train up a child the right way they usually don’t forget what you have beaten them over the head with. Oops I meant to say what you have continued to remind them of.


FROGS Formal 2012

The FROGS (Friendly Rivalry Often Generates Success) men social organization, known for having a good time for more than 102 years, held their annual FROGS Formal on July 21 at the Wyndham Grand Hotel. THE QUEEN AND HER FAMILY—Arthur and Louise Sheffield, Stephanie May Sheffield, and Fannie Farmer and Grant Farmer Sr. After a week that included a golf outing and private dinner with the wives, hundreds of guests were in their finest and enjoyed a spirited cocktail reception and a scrumptious dinner at the newest Pittsburgh hotel.