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Racism and self-hate emanate from ignorance

There are those who believe that all Blacks are anti police, the truth is that Blacks are overwhelmingly pro police. We recognize the importance of professional acting police and the danger element that is involved with the firemen first and then the police, but that is what was known when they applied for the positions.


Mitt Romney’s clumsy attempt to attract Blacks

(NNPA)—When Mitt Romney addressed the NAACP during their national convention, I thought his speech was horrible and quite a waste of time because he said nothing that would be of any interest to the Black community. Most people, of all political stripes, thought my analysis was right on the mark. But not those in the Romney campaign. They would have been upset if anyone had been as critical of the candidate, but I think they were especially perturbed that this unflattering portrait was being painted by a longtime Black Republican.


Gay is not the new Black

(NNPA)—Ordering lunch just got a lot more complicated than deciding, “Do you want fries with that?” All of a sudden, biting into a fried chicken sandwich has become a political and economic statement. The Chick-fil-A fast-food chain is standing firm in its opposition to gay marriage since company President Dan Cathy said the company “backs the traditional family unit.”


Cover To Cover… ‘Jumped In’

Television is not like life. Okay, so you already know that. You’re well aware that situations don’t get wrapped up in 60 minutes or less, that hospitals aren’t like fraternities, and that nobody’s relatives are that weird. You also know that crime isn’t anywhere near as clean as it is on TV, and gangbangers don’t dance for the cameras. Yep, that’s television for you, but what would life be like for someone in a real urban gang? Author Jorja Leap wondered, too, and in her new book “Jumped In,” she shares what she learned.


My son is messing up my chance for marriage!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: Three years ago my son lost his job. I was dating an incredible man who left me when my son moved back home. I do believe he was getting ready to propose marriage to me. Well, the next year I met another incredible man, but when he discovered I had an adult son living with me, he showed no interested. Since then, I have met eight desirable men within the last 2 ½ years.



What would I recommend?

I recently came across an article in the Black Enterprise where they teamed a family who had some financial goals with a financial advisor. I thought it would be interesting to share this family’s financial circumstances and goals, the advice given by the financial advisor, and the advice I would have given this family. The family is a young couple—both 29 years old with two children, ages 1 and 3. Husband works full time and has an annual income of $38,000. Wife works part time and has an annual income of $3,000. Their total household income is $41,000. This happens to be the average household income in America. They are currently about $71,000 in debt. This includes $64,000 in student loans and $6,800 in credit cards.


Trinidad and Tobago are Caribbean jewels

(NNPA)—I was very curious when the speaking invitation arrived from the Emancipation Support Committee based in Trinidad and Tobago. They asked if I would speak at their 12th Annual Trade and Investment Symposium. Mel Foote, president and CEO of the Constituency for Africa and someone who has been attending the event for more than 10 years, contacted me and encouraged me to accept the invitation. Mel’s recommendation was enough for me. I took along two vice presidents and a board member from the National Black Chamber of Commerce on our maiden voyage.



:10 Here’s the part you don’t understand. Yeah, he’s the fastest man on the planet and certainly others have been there before and of course his last name is “Bolt,” but here’s the thing…the man is TALL! No man that size should be able to do what he does. It’s just not possible I tell ya. BILL NEAL :09 I told ya, I told ya, I told ya. Some of you didn’t believe me and most of you didn’t want to believe me …I told you weeks ago that the best “Big Man” in the NBA will sign with the L.A. Lakers and so it has come to pass. Dwight Howard will now lead “Kobe” and the boys to the promised land. He may not be Moses (as in Moses Malone…Phil. 76ers. Played with Dr. J. …you remember). Anyway, he may be a prophet of a different name, but the objective is the same. Slay the evil king…aka LeBron James and the Miami Heat …and set my Hollywood people free!


US women win 4×400 to give Felix 3rd Olympic gold

LONDON (AP)—By the time Allyson Felix was done with her part, her third gold medal of the Olympics was all but hanging around her neck. Staking the U.S. team to more than a 2-second lead at the halfway point Saturday night, then watching Sanya Richards-Ross bring home the blowout victory, Felix added the 4×400-meter relay gold to the titles she won earlier in the 4×100 relay and 200-meter sprint. DREAM TEAM—United States’ women’s 4 X 400-meter relay team from left, Francena McCorory, Allyson Felix, Sanya Richards-Ross and Deedee Trotter celebrate after winning the gold medal in at the 2012 Summer Olympics, London, Aug. 11. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus) “By the time I got the stick,” Richards-Ross said, “it was basically a victory lap.” The United States finished in 3 minutes, 16.87 seconds—good for a 3.36-second rout over Russia, the biggest margin in the final of the long relay at the Olympics since East Germany beat the U.S. by 3.58 seconds in 1976.