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Where’s Gabby’s Dad? He’s right where he’s supposed to be

by Boyce Watkins Gabby Douglas’ mother, Natalie Hawkins, has been every bit as inspirational as her daughter. Candidly describing the challenges of being a single mom, Natalie talked about all the sacrifices she’s made in order to see her daughter succeed. But often in these conversations, one voice that gets muted is that of the dad. Some people seem to think that black babies are delivered to their mother’s by storks, or they automatically assume that the father doesn’t care about his kids because he never had the chance to live with them.


Cover To Cover… ‘Fatherhood’

He’s had many names. When you were small, he was Daddy and you remember how he liked that. He was Dad for awhile, sometimes Pop, occasionally Old Man, Father, and a few things that can’t be printed. But no matter what you called him, he left a big impression on you. But what did you learn from Dear Old Dad? What kind of legacy are you leaving your children? In the new book “Fatherhood: Rising to the Ultimate Challenge” by Etan Thomas (with Nick Chiles), some of our best-known daddies weigh in.



Debt negotiation practices exposed

I recently received a phone call from a friend of mine. He was stressed out, confused, and scared. He recently went through a divorce that resulted in him accumulating more than $60,000 in debts. As if the events leading up to the divorce wasn’t overwhelming enough, he’s now dealing with the mounting pressure of trying to make payments on this new debt in addition to pay the rest of his bills and expenses, eat and have a life.


Is gaining wealth an impossible dream?

(NNPA)—The wealthiest Americans live in gated communities that protect them from the masses. A new poll reveals that many Americans are questioning their prospects for “upward mobility.” The high level of pessimism is reflected among respondents in a recent poll conducted by The Hill newspaper that found half [47 percent] of likely voters believe it’s impossible for them to become wealthy during the course of their lifetime. The survey, conducted as the heated political presidential campaign becomes more acrimonious over the interests of the haves and the have-nots, found that fewer than two in five likely voters [37 percent] think they can ever become rich.


Passion for travel: Exploring the world within your budget

by Michelle Thornhill My first trip out of the U.S. spawned my passion for travel. At 17, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Finland as part of the Youth for Understanding program. While I’d traveled to Disney World and lots of other road trips growing up, my trip to Finland was not only my first time traveling abroad but also my very first time on an airplane.



:10 I don’t know him, I know of him, of course. But can someone please tell me why former Penn State Assistant Coach Tom Bradley has nothing to say? I’m just asking! :09 About the Penn State Thing: I am with Franco Harris! •Too much blame on Joe Paterno and not enough blame on the criminal… Sandusky! BILL NEAL •Leave the current players alone. The innocent should not suffer the sins of the guilty. •For the players that stay and gut it out you will be remembered for it. Remember the Titans!


Linemen lead, Martin brings tears to Hall of Fame

by Joe Kay CANTON, Ohio (AP)—The linemen led the way as they always do, accepting their inductions into the Pro Football Hall of Fame with an abundance of humility. Former Allderdice, Pitt and New York Jets star Curtis Martin finished the evening by supplying plenty of tears. The last of the six players to have their bronze busts unveiled Saturday night, Martin used the big stage to recall his rough life, his mother’s pain and his life-long indifference to the game that allowed him to become famous. PITTSBURGH PROUD—Curtis Martin poses with a bust of himself during an induction ceremony at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Aug. 4, in Canton, Ohio. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar) “I don’t necessarily have notes, so I’m going to just bare my soul,” Martin cautioned. “So bear with me.”



Love In, Love Out…Fourth Annual Evelyn Parker Scholarship Luncheon

The Association of Pittsburgh Black Nurses in Action hosted the Fourth Annual Evelyn Parker Scholarship Luncheon June 23, at the beautiful LeMont Restaurant on Mount Washington. The featured keynote speaker, Denise Riley-Ajanwachuku, is CEO of Global SOULutions LLC, an organization that serves individuals by charging them to become well from the inside out, while influencing organizational and cultural change. Riley-Ajanwachuku is the author of “Love and Love First,” a book that takes the reader on a personal, professional and spiritual journey. BEAUTIFUL TRIO—Doretta Lemon-Fallen, luncheon chair, Denise Riley-Ajanwachuku and Diana Byas, chapter president (Photos by Don Page)



The art of the deal

I’m always looking for a good price, the markdown, the phenomenal sale item. I shop the sale rack first in every store and can’t stand to pay full price for anything. I am now finding some great bargains online. I’ve always been the cautious online shopper, I always use a credit card not a debit card and I only shop on secure sites.


Restaurants team up to offer kids more healthy dining options

(ARA)—Summer has officially arrived, and with it, the busiest restaurant season of the year. Families will use the soaring temperatures as an excuse to get out of the kitchen and opt instead to dine out, savoring a taste of summer before the season ends. Regardless of the season, healthful menu options are a growing trend enjoyed by millions of Americans thanks to restaurants nationwide and the National Restaurant Association’s Kids LiveWell program. Kids LiveWell, a first-of-its-kind voluntary industry program developed in collaboration with Healthy Dining’s team of registered dietitians, provides parents with a growing selection of healthful children’s menu choices when dining out. Celebrating its one-year anniversary in July, the program continues to expand. More than 100 participating restaurant brands provide and promote kids’ meals that meet specific nutritional criteria, including fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and/or low-fat dairy.