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Who needs an AK 47? What purpose does it serve? You say you are a gun collector, I don’t think so. Why not buy a picture of the gun and hang it on your wall or buy a gun that does not function and display it? I just don’t understand why your ordinary citizen needs a weapon of this caliber.


In the case of the recent shooter at the movie theater in Colorado at the recent opening of “The Dark Knight” this man was better armed than a small army. Some of the reports said he purchased like 6,000 rounds of ammo over the Internet. That Internet has turned out to be source for a lot of negative things. Amazing how it has changed the world.


If you are planning to see “Sparkle,” see the original first. It was a great movie and so was the sound track. I remember how disappointed I was when the sound track came out and Aretha Franklin was the artist instead of Irene Cara. “Sparkle” introduced us to Philip Michael Thomas and Dorian Harewood, and remember Lonette McKee?


I saw the most recent Madea movie, “Witness Protection;” I think the formula is getting weak. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Tyler Perry out of that dress; I think he is a good actor.


I’ve been following the Jordan Miles case and I must say I’m tired of hearing about this phantom bottle of Mountain Dew. Didn’t Miles say he doesn’t even drink Mountain Dew? And who throws away evidence? If that is what the police officers found why didn’t they keep it? This is what they need to do, they need to bring in the coat that he was wearing that night and see if a bottle of Mountain Dew even fits in the pocket. You know the drill “if it doesn’t fit you must acquit.”


We said goodbye to Sherman Hemsley last week. I met him on a trip to New York around 1972. I was a student at the Wheeler School and there were New York trips included in our curriculum. I had just seen my first Broadway show at the Winter Garden Theatre, “Purlie” staring Melba Moore, Cleavon Little and Sherman Hemsley. The next day we ran into Hemsley on the street, we were so excited. He played the role of Getlow. We called out his name and he gave us a big smile. Check out a picture of Hemsley in one of his first big roles.


Mark your calendars, Kevin hart is coming to town Oct. 26 at the Consol; only 254 tickets left starting at $93, and funny man Chris Tucker will be here Aug. 24 at the Benedum.

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