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Pulling the wagon back down the hill

You have heard many of the old sayings over the years, such as “free schools and dumb people,” “educated fools, no common sense,” “birds of a feather” and so many others. The other day a friend of mine stopped me in the gas station and began to recite the many negative incidents that are occurring in our communities with great frequency. He concluded with one I had never heard, “we are pulling the wagon back down the hill.” I understood very clearly what it meant.



Where is the outrage over kids dying in Chicago?

(NNPA)—From July 20-July 24, I refused to watch TV or listen to the radio. The 20th was the day the media frenzy began in the aftermath of the shootings in Aurora, Colo. Though my heart goes out to any family that lost a loved one, it’s very difficult to justify the around-the-clock media saturation that followed those horrendous shootings. We should value all life, not just when mass murder occurs in the suburbs or some White blond female turns up missing on a sunny island.


Obama is ‘fiddling’ his way to failure

(NNPA)—The American Dream is starting to fade away and that is very scary. The saddest thing about this is the recent behavior or attitude of President Barack Obama. He has abandoned leading us and has gone on full campaign mode with more than four months to go before the national election. He seems to be delirious in his character attacks against candidate Mitt Romney. It is like Nero sitting down with his fiddle while Rome was burning away. Is Obama our Nero? Let’s take a look.


Cover To Cover…‘Twice as Good’

What do you do when someone tells you that you can’t do something you want to do? Maybe you beg by saying, “Pleeeeeeeeease??” Or maybe you ask again and again and again until your parents get mad. Or you might pout a little and wait to see if the answer is different later on. But when young Willie Powell was told that he couldn’t do something he wanted to do, it just made him work harder to reach his goal. In the new book “Twice as Good” by Richard Michelson, illustrated by Eric Velasquez, you’ll see how Willie made his dream come true.


My father wants me to help him escape from prison!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I am in my last year of medical school—oh yes, soon to be a doctor if everything goes well. It has been a difficult task to accomplish. I married two years ago and that has been good. This is the problem: My father wants me to assist in helping him escape from prison. He claims he is innocent of murder. I won’t go into detail about what he did, but a judge gave him life without the possibility of parole. Dad says he is innocent. I hate to see him rotting away being incarcerated. Gwendolyn, at the same time I don’t want to end up receiving time in prison for assisting him.



Identity theft: A good name is more desirable than riches

The scripture says that a good name is more desirable than riches (Proverbs 22:1). Apparently the “Forget the dog, beware of owner” sign, the surveillance cameras and the various alarm systems we purchased for our most prized possessions has forced thieves in a new direction. The fastest growing crime in America is Identity Theft. Many criminals has discovered that it’s less risky and in many cases more profitable to steal your personal information than it is to commit strong-arm robbery, burglary, or hijack you for your car. Capital One is not the only character wondering, “What’s in your wallet”?


Vive la différence

(NNPA)—I’ve always loved the French expression “Vive la différence,” which originally referred to the difference between the sexes, then evolved to celebrate the differences between any two or more groups of people. Nielsen holds our annual Consumer 360 Conference each year, where we provide clients with more granular insights about today’s consumer. This year, one of our sessions, “Marketing that Matters,” focused on the differences in consumer behavior. Three major consumer groups were focused on: Baby Boomers, Media Moms, and Lower Income Consumers. I learned so much, I just had to share.


On the Money… Auto loan terms continue to loosen for all buyers

by Dee Ann Durbin DETROIT (AP)—For car buyers seeking auto loans, happy days are here again. U.S. banks and auto finance companies are once again welcoming all kinds of customers, even those with less-than-stellar credit. The average credit scores of new and used car buyers, which spiked during the economic downturn, have fallen to nearly the same level as 2008. 2012 TOYOTA CAMRY SEDAN Better yet, experts don’t think the credit pipeline will dry up anytime soon. Low interest rates are making it cheaper for banks to get money, which makes them more willing to lend. The federal funds rate—or the rate at which banks lend money to each other—is now near zero percent, down from 2 percent in the summer of 2008.



BILL NEAL :10 Tim Stevens… Leonard Johnson…The Legendary Kenny Blake… and, and, and Sandy Greene—Pittsburgh’s No. 1 Female Vocalist and you didn’t come because it was raining for 20 minutes. Now that’s messed up! And it tells me how old you’ re getting. Rain didn’t stop you when you were young. And it didn’t stop the “100” real jazz lovers that filled up the 3 Lakes Banquet Room. So that you know Tim Stevens hasn’t lost a thing. He’s still “The Ultimate Showman.” And surprise guest vocalist Greg Lovelace put the “icing on the cake” with a duet with Sandy Greene…yep, you missed all that!!! Many thanks to Art Hawk, Meagan and Suzie’s staff and crew for all your help and support and a great summer run!