Daily Archive: July 27, 2012


Opera Theater of Pittsburgh offers up Opera Season Summerfest

In Jonathan Eaton’s opinion, Pittsburgh is the only city with a symphony orchestra, but no summer festival dedicated strictly to music. SCENE FROM THE PERFORMANCES— Denise Sheffey-Powell as the bride, Zelda. She has appeared frequently with the Opera Theater. (Photos by Amy Crawford). So he set out to change that this year with the creation of Opera Season Summerfest, Opera Theater of Pittsburgh’s new sort of festival. The three-week classical music festival opened June 29 and closed July 15. All productions were held at the Hillman Center for Performing Arts, Shadyside Academy.


Blacks and real estate

Are you middle-class? One way to know this for sure is through homeownership. Unfortunately, for many Blacks, the American Dream of homeownership is quickly fading. Among racial demographic groups, European Americans have the highest homeownership rate, while African-Americans have the lowest. After peaking at 50 percent in 2006, the African-American homeownership rate has fallen to 44.8 percent. By comparison, the homeownership rate for Whites is 74.1 percent, and the national rate currently stands at 66.4 percent.


Right time for electronic payments

by Patricia Thibault These days, almost everyone gets benefit payments electronically. Today, about 90 percent of all Social Security and SSI beneficiaries receive their payments electronically. That number is increasing because the law requires that by March 1, 2013 all federal benefit payments, including Social Security and SSI payments, be made electronically. Whether you receive Social Security or SSI, you can depend on your payment arriving in your account on time, every time. If you don’t already receive electronic payments, there are many good reasons to sign up. For one, less money and time spent driving to the bank to cash your check helps you save. Second, fewer paper checks, envelopes, and stamps, and less fuel to deliver the checks means savings for the government.


Two faced

by Aubrey BruceFor New Pittsburgh Courier MVP, MVP was the chant that I heard from the mouths of the PNC Park faithful every time Andrew McCutchen came up to bat in Sunday’s final game of the series between the Pirates and Miami Marlins. By the way, the Bucs swept the Marlins convincingly.


Kobe got it right: 2012 Team USA would’ve beaten 1992 Dream Team

by Perry GreenFor New Pittsburgh Courier Can the 2012 U.S. national men’s basketball team beat 1992’s original Dream Team? That question has been the hottest sports topic of discussion throughout the past week, and it all started when Kobe Bryant, a member of the 2012 Team USA squad told reporters that his team could take out the Dream Team. HALL OF FAMERS—USA’s Michael Jordan sails high above teammate Magic Johnson knocking away a shot during a preliminary round game with Croatia at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona on July 12, 1992. Jordan told The Associated Press July 12, that he laughed, “I absolutely laughed”, when hearing Kobe Bryant’s comments that the squad training in Las Vegas could take Jordan and company. (AP Photo/Susan Ragan, File)