Daily Archive: July 20, 2012


I give my son money in exchange for good grades. Boyfriend disagrees!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: My 14-year-old son, like a lot of children, finds school boring, which caused his grades to drop. A month ago, I made a promise to my son that every good grade he brings home, I will give him five dollars. Within one month’s time, he has already collected $25 from me. I’m proud of his accomplishments and I see the pride that has built up in him. However, my boyfriend is upset with me because of the way I am going about getting him to improve. Although, I believe in my heart there is nothing wrong with awarding a child. Gwendolyn, please let me know your thoughts.—A Confused Mother



Don’t bank on overtime income

Over the years I’ve come across many people who consider overtime income to be a permanent source of income. Many people who apply for loans including credit cards, car loans and mortgages, apply using overtime income as effective income enabling them to qualify for a larger loan. For example: Recently I had an applicant that applied for a mortgage loan over the Internet. In answering the question about his yearly income, his reply was $46,000 per year. After talking to the borrower and probing into his income I learned that his actual income was $17.31 per hour, which totaled $36,000 per year. The other $10,000 was based on overtime income.


Thousands file consumer complaints with CFPB

(NNPA)—As we move toward the second anniversary (July 21) of President Obama signing into law sweeping financial reforms, more commonly referred to as Dodd-Frank, more than 45,000 people have filed complaints with the newly-created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In one case, a 77-year-old Army veteran and retired businessman living in Georgia was certain he had paid off his mortgage, but his mortgage servicer insisted he still owed money. To make matters even more complicated, the man was blind and had trouble finding paperwork that proved he owned his home was free and clear. After CFPB got involved in late 2011, the bank agreed that the mortgage was fully repaid in 2007. For his trouble and his time, the bank sent the borrower a check for $30,000.


We’re in love with the Internet

We Americans love our Internet. According to a new Nielsen study, “Top U.S. Web Brands and News Websites,” nearly 212 million of us were surfing the net in some shape, form or fashion in May this year—a little over 276 million of us are estimated to have Internet access. Like Yolanda Adam’s lyrics: “I don’t care how you get here, just get here when you can,”—Americans take various avenues—mobile Internet, computer or tablet—to visit the websites we love. We spend, on average, a whopping 29 hours online per person a month. For a 30-day month this works out to be a little under an hour a day. And you know how quickly time flies when you’re “surfing” the web. (Wouldn’t it be great if the same could be said about working out and we committed ourselves to exercising that much each month?! I almost passed out this morning doing walking lunges and realized I had only been at it for 45 SECONDS)! But, I digress.


NCAA must act: Gut Penn State football

Joe Paterno is dead and so is what was left of his good name, shredded to pieces by investigators who didn’t seem terribly impressed by anything the coach once did on Saturday afternoons. Jerry Sandusky will spend what is left of the rest of his life in prison, paying for crimes so despicable they are hard to even comprehend. Some former Penn State administrators could be heading there, too. After Louis Freeh’s damning report, they might want to think twice about taking their chances before a jury of their peers.


Overtime…Terry Smith

Pittsburgh…you asked for it, so here it is…all the Terry Smith stuff you wanted to know…and then some! :10 I am not here to say the Gateway School Board is racist, or for that matter prejudiced. I don’t know this so I can’t say. (Plus I don’t want me or the paper to be sued…I was born at night but not last night.) But as the saying goes, “if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck .. then … Quack, Quack!!”


KSEF Scholarship Awards Luncheon

The motto in the banner of the Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund is “changing lives, one student at a time.” On June 9, they held their 22nd annual High School Scholarship Awards Luncheon at the LeMont Restaurant. This year’s class of awardees walked away with scholarships valued at well over $400,000. Students received four year, full academic scholarships to both Robert Morris and Penn State Universities and also financial awards that were matched by NEED. At the onset of the luncheon there was a moment of silence for Sylvester Pace, president and CEO of NEED, who had passed the day before the luncheon. MEN OF KSEF




Everyone has a favorite outfit and you just might wear it more than once. Well it seems that our First Lady is no different than anyone else; the only difference is her every move is tracked. What designer was she wearing, how high are her shoes, is her hair up or down? I was amazed to see an article complete with photos showing her wearing a dress twice. The story stated where she wore the dress first, what shoes she had on each time and how she styled her hair. I’m sure FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) has a staff that can catalog what she wears and where.