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Storm surrounds Smith cuts… NAACP to take it to state

We love fairy tale endings in sports. You can go from rags to riches. Nice guys can finish first. But sometimes the plot takes a more complicated twist. Gateway High School head football coach and athletic director Coach Terry Smith, who was honored in September 2010 by the New Pittsburgh Courier as one of the 50 Men of Excellence recently had his salary cut in half. TERRY SMITH Smith was shocked when the school board voted 7-2 in June to reduce the athletic director position to part-time, and reduce the annual salary from about $95,000 to about $47,000.


Clairton to get grocery store

After more than five years without a grocery store, the city of Clairton is one step closer to having one. According to Clairton City Councilman Richard Ford, the body—thanks to a 5-0 vote at its April regular meeting—gave the green light for a Save-A-Lot grocery store on the former Blair Heights Housing Project property along state route 837 near Chambers and Frances Streets and Maple Avenue in the city’s second ward. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED—Richard Ford, Clairton city councilman, left, and Gil Berry, one of the owner operators of the new store, pose in front of the sign for the new store on route 837. (Photo by J.L. Martello) “We’ve been trying to bring a grocery store to Clairton for the past six years. We thought we were pretty close three or four years ago,” said Ford who has been fighting for the store since Maraccini’s Grocery store left the city eight years ago. Maraccini went out of business because the owners grew older and no one wanted to take it over, according to Ford.


Pgh fashion icon files bias suits

For more than a decade LaMont Jones has made a name for himself in the fashion industry as an award-winning fashion writer. As the former fashion editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Jones now spends his time as the assistant director of admissions at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the editor-in-chief of TheStyleArbiter.com LaMONT JONES In addition to his many responsibilities, he also found time to co-found Pittsburgh Fashion Week, and still works to host other fashion events around the city. But his most recent endeavor to host an all-male fashion show has been thwarted by several venues that Jones says discriminated against him and denied his business.


Coalition calls for contract, labor inclusion

A newly formed collaborative of labor and community activists called the New Deal Coalition for Economic Parity and Justice held a community meeting to address a lack of Black inclusion on the Addison Terrace public housing redevelopment. But the only person who mentioned Addison specifically was Housing Authority Development and Modernization Director P. Nathaniel Boe, who handed out schedules for community meetings, contractor and labor meetings, and contact information for developer Keith B. Keys. CALVIN CLINTON Coalition member Rashad Byrdsong said the point was to get ahead of the project to ensure Black contractors and laborers are included.


Allen named Leadership Pittsburgh new COO

Former school board member and YouthWorks director Dara Ware Allen, PhD was recently named the new chief operating officer of Leadership Pittsburgh Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to leadership identification, enrichment and networking. DARA WARE ALLEN “We are delighted to welcome Dara to our team. As an alumna, Dara brings with her a client perspective on the programmatic and alumni engagement activities for both of our selection-based programs. We look forward to creative ideas emerging from her impressive background and understanding of our region that will benefit not only our programs but equally importantly our overall operations and engagement activities. Her addition to the team is perfectly timed with the launch of our new strategic planning process,” said Aradhna M. Oliphant, president and CEO of Leadership Pittsburgh.


Community Calendar

Summer Speaker Series JULY 21—The McKeesport Heritage Center will host its Summer Speaker Series at 2 p.m. at 1832 Arboretum Dr., McKeesport. This is the second part of the series and will feature a special presentation on the life of Sophie Loeb by Ellen Show. Loeb was a McKeesport High School graduate and an activist for child welfare. It is free and open to the public. For more information, call 412-678-1832.


This Week In Black History

For the week of July 18-24 July 18 1753—This is believed to be the day Lemuel Haynes escaped from slavery in Massachusetts. The product of a Black father and a mother who was normally described in history texts as “a White woman of respectable ancestry,” Haynes would become a renowned figure in early American history. He fought with distinction in American Revolutionary War for independence from Britain and would become the first Black person ordained as a minister by a mainstream Protestant church. He was also the first Black in American history to become head minister at a predominantly White church.


Parents urged to upgrade involvement to boost student performance

by Freddie Allen WASHINGTON (NNPA)—When parents pull into the parking lot of their child’s school in the morning, drop them off, and wave goodbye, they may also be waving goodbye to their child’s future academic and career success. Research shows that when parents limit their involvement in their child’s education to the front door of their schools, they also limit the educational opportunities for their child. ENGAGED—Byron Garrett urges more parental involvement in academics. (NNPA Photo/Freddie Allen) “Research shows that family engagement is one of the leading indicators of academic success,” said Byron Garrett, chair of the National Family Engagement Alliance and former CEO of the National Parent Teacher Association. “So where you see students doing incredibly well you also see their families directly involved in the educational process.”


Prostatitis: Time to man up!

(NNPA)—It started in my legs. A couple of days later I started feeling a bit weird all evening, as if I were coming down with the flu. I was achy all over. That evolved into weakness and a fever. It certainly seemed as if I had some sort of virus. I was wrong, however. I had developed something called prostatitis. Have not heard of it? It is the inflammation of a man’s prostate gland. While there has been important attention to prostate cancer and the enlargement of the prostate, there is very little attention to prostatitis, despite the fact that about half of all men over the age of 50 get it. The causes seem to vary from a bacterial infection to trauma to unknown causes. What I will tell you is that it makes you feel absolutely miserable.