Daily Archive: June 20, 2012



Can we discipline our children?

A big story the past few weeks has been the megachurch Pastor Creflo Dollar fight with his 15-year-old daughter. Allegedly the daughter wanted to go to a party at 1 in the morning and of course like any responsible parent, Rev. Dollar said no. At first I thought it was 1 p.m. so I had to read it again. It was 1 a.m. Come on now, a 15-year-old wanting to go to a party at 1 in the morning. Most responsible parents would have a problem with their 15-year-old being at a party at 1 a.m., let alone just going to one that is just starting at 1 a.m. What time would she be back home, 4 or 5 in the morning?


Rightwingers hate Romney but hate Obama more

(NNPA)—What is interesting about the relationship of the extreme political Right to Romney is that they actually hate him. This is not speculation. If you review the language of the Republican primary season it is clear that they actually despise him. They do not believe that he is a real conservative. They do not believe that he even has a belief system. Some of the so-called Christian elements do not trust his Mormonism. So, one could say that there is an alignment that should result in the extreme Right sitting out the election…


Too much silence around affirmative action

(NNPA)—The most conservative Supreme Court in the past four decades is poised to overturn the already limited affirmative action provisions in the next term, which begins in October, unless good sense visits one or two of them and they vote in favor of student body diversity. Since Bush-appointed justices John Robert and Samuel Alito have joined the court, the court has voiced hostility to government uses of race.


Guest editorial…Fight efforts to suppress votes

Whether it’s requiring government approved photo identification at the polls or efforts to purge voter lists prior to the November presidential election, Republicans argue these efforts are fair attempts to crack down on fraud. But the evidence shows that these measures are blatant, hyper-partisan efforts to suppress voting that must be fought and exposed. Pennsylvania is among a growing number of states controlled by Republican state legislatures that have recently passed laws requiring photo identification at the polls.


All About Business: Blasting Rap scene with family help

Versatility, showmanship, lyrical ability and unwavering support from family is what local rap group All About Business believes gives them an edge in the often fickle game of rap. Comprised of Steven “Yung Moo” Steward, Tajh “T-Real” Russell and Quinton “Yung Q” Helvy, All About Business was started three years ago by longtime friends Moo and T-Real. In addition to rap, the group performs music in other genres including techno and R& B. ALL ABOUT BUSINESS—From left: Quentin Helvy “Yung Q,” Stephon Stewart “Yung Moo” and Tajah Russell “T-Real” doing the sign of their group. (Photo by J.L. Martello) “If you’re versatile you can get more fans,” explained Yung Moo, 20. “Whenever you have stress, put it into a song.”


Triple threat Wayne Brady

When you ask Wayne Brady to describe his talent, he is quick to call himself an improvisational storyteller. “My job is to be creative to millions of people. It is truly a blessing,” said Brady, 39 who resides in Los Angeles but was born in Columbus, Ga and raised in Orlando, Fla. Brady will be continuing that creative streak with a new television show, “Trust Us with Your Life” set to air on ABC July 10. WAYNE BRADY The new improvisational show puts Brady back on the small screen with his old pals Jonathan Mangum (who currently serves as the announcer for “Let’s Make a Deal,” which Brady hosts daily on CBS), Colin Machrie and Ryan Stiles. The show will be hosted by Fred Willard.


Out & About with Brotha Ash

This week I visited the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum in Homewood, Ace and Deuces Lounge in Uptown, Tim’s Bar in the Hill District, Highland Park Reservoir at University Prep’s Prom Line-Up, Savoy Restaurant in the Strip District and Kelly’s Bar in East Liberty. Nicole and Granger hangin’ out at Tim’s Bar in the Hill District.


Arts & Culture Calendar

Thursday 21 Jazz Jam CJ’s Restaurant & Lounge presents “The Roger Humphries & RH Factor Jazz Jam Session” at 8 p.m. at 2901-2911 Penn Ave., Strip District. There will be live jazz and fun every Thursday night. There will also be a Jazz Jam Session from 5:30-8 p.m. on June 16. Must be 30-years or older and there is a dress code that will be enforced. No tennis shoes, sweats, or athletic gear. For more information, call 412-642-2377.


Bland optimistic at Chamber PowerBreakfast

With a fare increase to take effect July 1 and, if nothing changes, a 35 percent cut in service scheduled to eliminate bus, rail and ACCESS service to most of Allegheny County Sept.1, Port Authority of Allegheny County President and CEO Steve Bland said he is more hopeful that a funding solution will come from Harrisburg. QUESTION SESSION—Steve Bland answers question from Chamber President and CEO Doris Carson Williams.