Daily Archive: June 15, 2012



:10 It is with a heavy, heavy heart that I bring you this news. By now I am sure most of you know that we have lost yet another superstar to God’s Team. The great Darryl Gissendanner, former Clairton and University of Pittsburgh basketball star passed away last week from a sudden and massive heart attack. More to come later. But in short…“Giss”, never smoked or drank, stayed in superior condition, ran 2-5 miles a day, could dance all night long, and was the best guy in the world. This loss will be tough!!! What? Could he hoop? Let me just say this. You couldn’t think as quick as “Giss” could move and you would rather have fire ants with razor blades in your pants then have “Giss” playing defense on ya! “Giss” you are loved and will truly be missed.


Fashion over war

Who wouldn’t want fashion over war? It is much safer and a lot more stylish. On April 29 at the Omni William Penn the Third Annual Willie Gee Fashion Show exploded on the runway. The ballroom was packed with more than 500 glamorous supporters ready to witness the designer collections of Malcolm A. Williams (Willie Gee). Also on the runway were designers Keith Bloom, Concepts by Cary, Camille Dorsey, Demeatria, Tracy’s Place, Marquis D’Andre, Pierce Johnson, Abby and Tammy. COLLECTION BY DEMEATRIA



Rise above

On June 2, I attended the event honoring the 70th anniversary of the Tuskegee Airmen. It was a free and fun event. I would have loved to have seen a lot more people from the Black community in attendance. I’m not sure what the excuse could have been. There wasn’t a fee, it was advertised on big billboards throughout the city, and there were tons of other attractions if history and airplanes is not your thing. There were climbing walls, a car cruise, food vendors and even the Highmark Direct Mobile Unit. One of my personal favorites of the afternoon was spending some time with the United Rays Corvette Club and witnessing that Red Tail Mustang take off and land, what a sight to see. Also there was the opportunity to visit the traveling classroom on wheels and see a 30-minute film about the Redtail Squadron.