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Mt. Sinai Baptist Church presents fashion show and scholarship fundraiser

On April 21 in the Youghiogheny Ball Room in West Newton, Pa., Mt. Sinai Baptist Church held their Second Annual Men & Women of Favor Fashion Show and Scholarship Fundraiser. SHADES OF ORANGE The well-attended afternoon luncheon was chaired by Pam Abbott (Chairperson) and Trudy Taylor-Bristol (co-chairperson) and featured men and women of favor modeling casual, church and after five fashions. Guests enjoyed a delightful meal and perused the many vendors that were on hand.



This column was written before, remember?

The refusal of the Allegheny County district attorney to not prosecute the three police officers in the Jordan Miles tragic situation was expected, transparent and anticipated. He vacillated as long as he could. In my estimation the district attorney finally decided it was time to officially appease the FOP, people with KKK mentality and that element that believe the police can do no wrong, particularly when it involves a person of color. After all, it is an established fact that very few people have the ability to defend themselves successfully against a system that is so powerful as Cyril Wecht, M.D. (Do you remember the case?) On Sept. 1, 2010 the following column was published, it needs to be republished once again:


A biblical reason to vote against Mitt Romney

(NNPA)—After President Obama expressed his personal support for same-sex marriage, there has been a robust discussion among African-Americans about whether his stance will make Black voters less likely to support him in November. A poll conducted by The Pew Research Center For the People & The Press found that 68 percent of African-Americans said Obama’s announcement did not change their view of him. Of those who did alter their perception of the president, 16 percent said his decision caused them to view him more favorably and 13 percent less favorably.



NAACP chief: Marriage equality is a civil right

by Brian Witte BALTIMORE (AP)—NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said Monday he hopes the group’s resolution supporting same-sex marriage will encourage Blacks to support marriage equality as a civil right if the question is put to voters on the ballot in Maryland or other states. NAACP PRESIDENT BEN JEALOUS (AP Photo/Reinhold Matay, File) The civil rights group’s resolution was significant, as only 39 percent of Blacks favor gay marriage, compared with 47 percent of White Americans, according to a Pew poll conducted in April. Much of the opposition stems from churches, which have long been important institutions in the Black community.


New generation challenges some Blacks in Congress

by Norman Merchany DALLAS (AP)—For two decades, Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson has been an outspoken voice for Democrats in her signature bright blazer and multicolored scarf. Now the first Black woman to represent North Texas in Congress faces serious opposition in the May 29 primary election, and the effort to unseat her is just one of several challenges against some of the longest-serving Black members of Congress. FACING SERIOUS OPPOSITION—In this Sept. 2, 2001 photo, Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Texas, right, and Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich. are seen in Durban, South Africa. For two decades, Johnson has been an outspoken voice for Democrats in a bright blazer and multicolored scarf. But for the first time, the first Black woman to represent North Texas in Congress is facing serious opposition in this month’s primary. (AP Photo/Obed Zilwa, File) “I will always be ever more grateful for the trails that she has blazed,” said Eva Jones, owner of a barbeque restaurant who was chairwoman of Johnson’s first House campaign in 1992. But “there has come a time where we need new leadership, like in any business, like with anything.”


ABC hit series ‘Scandal’ ­renewed for second season

by AFRO Staff “Scandal,” the hit ABC political drama starring Kerry Washington, has been renewed for another season, the network announced. According to E! News, the series garnered 6.4 million viewers and 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic for its most recent airing May 10. KERRY WASHINGTON (APPhoto/ABC, IdaMaeAstute) In “Scandal,” Washington plays D.C. crisis manager Olivia Pope, who has an affair with the President of United States. Actors Columbus Short, Henry Ian Cusick, Darby Stanchfield, Guillermo Diaz and Katie Lowes also star in the series. Pope’s character is based on real-life crisis consultant Judy Smith.


Flex your (political) muscles

November is only six short months away, so the 2012 campaign for the White House is moving full-speed ahead. Because we live in the miracle of this fantastically dizzying digital age with news and information at our fingertips and coming at us from infinite sources; and because more than 274 million Americans are connected to the Internet, you probably won’t be surprised that we have converged upon the Internet for any and all tidbits surrounding the presidential candidates since the beginning of the year. Even though Mitt Romney is the presumed Republican nominee, I think it’s fascinating to see which candidates attracted the most visitors to their sites. Don’t you?


Open letter to President Obama Gay marriage: The debate continues

by Pastor Bobby Scott With all due respect, Mr. President, your position to advocate redefining marriage is dangerously wrong. If I may, please let me, as carefully as I can, clarify my position so that I am not misunderstood as a hate-mongering bigot. The Bible teaches that God made male and female equal, in His likeness, and different by design so that a male and a female could unite in one flesh and procreate. Even atheists agree that any definition of marriage must include a male and female. Today, those affirming marriage between a male and female are not trying to discriminate against anyone’s rights. They are seeking valid compelling answers to the questions: why change the definition of marriage? And on what moral basis should it be changed?


Letter To The Editor…Marriage means family

Dear Editor: I’m writing this letter to the Editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier in response to a column on same-sex marriages. First, we must always and at all times respect and protect the rights of others. Even so, the sacred foundation of marriage must be protected from abuse, be it political or prejudice. President Barack Obama’s declaration in support of gay relationships must be approached and documented as a common law interest, whereas to be called “CLAC” “Common Law Agreement Certificate” between two people committed in a same-sex relationship, therefore giving them legal rights as a united couple. But it cannot be documented or recognized as a Documented Marriage. Marriage is the foundation of our blessed nation!