Monthly Archive: May 2012


New Pirates ‘ace’ McDonald drops Reds 4-1

by Will GravesAP Sports Writer PITTSBURGH (AP)—There were times earlier in his career when James McDonald would run into trouble and innings would slow to a crawl. Even worse, runners would disappear, and not in a good way. Too much thinking. Not enough attacking. COMMAND PERFORMANCE—Pirates starting pitcher James McDonald pitched 8 scoreless innings to record a 4-1 win over the first place Cincinnati Reds on Monday at PNC Park. McDonald’s record is now 4-2. (Courier Photo /William McBride)


Quick and the dead

My late mother, the great Henrietta Bruce contributed eight boys and three girls to the global mass of mankind. On Oct. 20, 1995, “she returned back to the earth from which she was formed.” Out of the eight “Bruce brothers” originally deposited on this planet by “nana” Bruce- only three remain—to admire daisies from above ground.


McClurkin working hard to spread God’s message

With a new CD on the way, a new season of BET’s “Sunday Best” on the horizon, a popular Internet radio show and an autumn tour billed as the biggest in gospel history with fellow juggernauts Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp and Israel Houghton, Donnie McClurkin could soon be known as the gospel king of all media. DONNIE McCLURKIN


Church Circuit

Women’s Weekend JUNE 1—Monumental Missionary Baptist Church, 2240 Wylie Ave., Hill District, will host it Women’s Day Weekend at 7 p.m. This three-day celebration will be a weekend of healing, hope and encouragement for families who have lost their loved ones to violence or sudden death. The guests will be Rev. Marie Kelly, Valerie Dixon of the Center for Victims of Violent Crimes, and Sherisse and Naomi Zenmon. On June 2 there will be a Morning Glory Brunch at 11 a.m. and a 100 Women in White worship service on June 3 at 11 a.m. with guest preacher Rev. Shelly Mitchell. For more information, call 412-281-3384.


Brackney cleared of PFA charges

Things began going badly for Andrew Lee from the instant Judge Kelly Bigley questioned his assertion that he needed protection from Pittsburgh police Cmdr. Rashall Brackney because she was enraged that he had broken off a sexual relationship. “Did you ever have sex,” asked Bigley. COMMANDER RASHALL BRACKNEY “No,” admitted Lee. “Then you have no standing,” said Bigley, though she still allowed Lee about two hours to try to establish the existence of a romantic relationship that could serve as grounds for filing his May 8 Protection From Abuse complaint. It didn’t work.


Rawlings creates life on stage, TV, film

Comedian Donnell Rawlings creates life on stage when he performs his comedy routine. “I’m an observational comic. I talk about things like relationships, fried chicken, iphones and President Barack Obama,” says the funny man who grew up in the Washington, D.C./­Alexandria, VA area. Rawlings says he always knew he and members of his family were funny growing up in the nation’s capital. DONNELL RAWLINGS