Daily Archive: May 9, 2012


Romney leads ‘circle of clowns’

(NNPA)—I recently saw a fascinating commentary where a right-wing pundit, while discussing the purported strengths of Mitt Romney, indicated that Romney had no strongly held beliefs. He went on to say that contrary to other candidates who have been described as flip-floppers, Romney did not change from one strong view to another strong view. He never had a strong view in the beginning.


We must take more responsibility for our empowerment

(NNPA)—The scripture of various religions state that the truth will set you free. If you study or analyze the economic conditions of the African-American community in 2012, it could lead to a telling reality. Although African-Americans now spend in excess of $1 trillion annually, our communities are not economically free or sufficiently empowered. How is it that so much money flows through our communities without making a serious sustainable economic impact?


Guest editorial…The best response to Pa. voter ID law

A lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP and other advocacy groups is right to challenge Pennsylvania’s new voter identification law. Republican Gov. Tom Corbett signed the bill March 14 after it passed the GOP-controlled state legislature over the objections of Democrats, the NAACP, the AARP, labor unions and other groups. The lawsuit warns of widespread disenfranchisement becoming evident on Election Day, when voters who don’t know about the law or didn’t read its fine print realize too late that they don’t have valid ID and don’t have time to get one.


Midnight Star…Ultimate party band back on stage

Simply put, the members of Midnight Star love being musicians. “We love what we do and we love the feedback from the audience,” said keyboardist background vocalist, and original band member Bill Simmons. That passion is what brings any wallflower on to the dance floor. MIDNIGHT STAR —Members of the group Midnight Star performing one of their many hits. (Photo by Gail L. Manker)


Out & About with Brotha Ash

This week I visited 7101 in Homewood, Galaxy Lounge and Entertainment Center in Homewood, Kelly’s Bar in East Liberty, Savoy Restaurant in the Strip District, CJ’s in the Strip District, Celeste’s Birthday Bash in the Hill District, Tim’s Bar in the Hill District and the North Side Elks in the Hill District. Stephan Broadus hangin’ out with friends at 7101 in Homewood.


Arts & Culture Calendar

Thursday 10 Dance Festival The Kelly Strayhorn presents its newMoves Contemporary Dance Festival 2012 at 7 p.m. at 5941 Penn Ave., East Liberty. This festival, which will run through May 12, will feature 16 choreographers, 42 dancers, five musicians from all over the country for three days. There will also be a symposium panel on May 10. The acts include the August Wilson Dance Ensemble, CITY by Bloom, the STAYCEE Pearl dance project and more. It will conclude with an after party dance party. For more information, call 412-363-3000 or visit http://www.kelly-strayhorn.org.


Opportunity Fair 40 and focused

After 40 years, the Western Pennsylvania Minority Supplier Development Council continues to provide a direct link between corporate America and minority-owned Businesses. Considered the only event of its kind in western Pennsylvania, the 36th Annual Business Opportunity Fair once again convened a mix of experienced entrepreneurs to develop relationships, resources and to increase knowledge as a way to augment procurement and business opportunities. SHARING THOUGHTS—Marsha Jones, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer of PNC Financial Service Group discusses PNCs diversity strategy. (Photos by Diane I. Daniels)


Are you a socially conscious consumer?

(NNPA)—Here’s a news flash: consumers prefer doing business with companies that make a positive difference in the world. Are you surprised to hear this? Are you that kind of a consumer? Hopefully so. Nielsen recently surveyed more than 28,000 online participants from 56 countries including North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East/Africa, and Latin America, and released the Who is the Global, Socially-Conscious Consumer. Nielsen defines the “socially-conscious consumer” as those who say they would be willing to pay extra for products and services from companies that give back to society. There are a lot of statistics here, but it’s interesting—and important—so stay with me.


Business Calendar

Business series MAY 3—The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will host their Business Program Series at 12:15 p.m. at the Downtown & Business branch, 612 Smithfield St., Downtown. The topic is “A Homeowner’s Guide to Hiring a Contractor: What Service Providers Don’t Want You to Know.” Author and Lecturer Alexandra Sabina will discuss where to find a service provider, what questions to ask during the interview, how to retain reliable references and everything one should see on a contract before signing. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, call 412-281-7141 or email business@carnegielibrary.org.


Inside Conditions…Strange voices

I must begin this communication by offering my condolences to the family of former NFL Linebacker Tiaina Baul “Junior” Seau Jr. who ended his life recently. It is a known fact that there have been many professional football players who sustained head injuries that did not appear (at least not on the surface) to be serious enough to be force them to take a seat on the sideline. Because of the “macho man” syndrome that many players back in the day operated under, if a player received a blow to the head, saw a few stars, heard a few bells, had a few “questionable visuals-things like double vision they were usually administered a few smelling salts; given a firm pat on the rear end and usually were immediately sent back onto the field of war. And these were the guys getting paid.