Daily Archive: May 4, 2012


President Obama needs to solidify his base

by Wilmer J. Leon III (NNPA)—In 2008, Sen. Barack Obama was elected president by beating Sen. John McCain by six points, 52 percent to 46 percent of the popular vote and carrying the Electoral College by a margin of 364 to 174. The Illinois senator campaigned against the failed domestic and foreign policies of the George W. Bush administration. Americans had become disillusioned with tax cuts for the wealthy and two mismanaged wars that contributed to out-of-control budget deficits.


Gregory Porter: A jazz legend in the making

by Kevin Amos There comes a time when you just know when you have hit on something right. This occurred to me when I first heard Gregory Porter and played his music on the air. He is the REAL deal, a jazz legend in the making. GREGORY PORTER (Photo by Erin Perry) Within this past two years Gregory Porter has exploded onto the international music scene with his marvelous voice. Porter returned to Pittsburgh for his second visit in the year when on April 3 he was the premier act for Jazz Appreciation Month.


Cover To Cover…‘Our Black Year’

The bag might as well be made of gold. That’s because what’s inside costs you dearly: groceries mostly, a little milk, pasta, spinach, those chocolate bars you like, and two apples. That’ll last you today. Tomorrow, you’ll have to go get another golden bag and buy some more. And if you’re author Maggie Anderson, you’ll drive 20 miles to shop even though there’s a grocery store around the corner. For Anderson, it’s not what she bought but where she bought it, and in her new book “Our Black Year,” you’ll see how careful purchasing might change a community.



ARIES Love, joy and hope fill the air around you this week. Three of the greatest intangible assets that one can experience will be given to you in abundance this week. Use them to overcome the bad vibes being given out by a co-worker this week. Lucky Numbers: 1, 23, 42.



The tax benefits of homeownership

There’s no place like “your” home! Less than 2 percent of Americans actually own their homes. Meaning 98 percent of Americans have a “limited” vested interest in their property, sharing ownership rights with the Mortgage Company. This boils down to one startling statistic. Either your housing payments are being used to pay down “your mortgage”—if you are a homeowner. Or your housing payments are being used to pay down someone “else’s mortgage”—if you are a renter.


Blacks can ride the auto revival

(NNPA)—“Osama Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive” should be the Obama 2012 campaign slogan. President Barack Obama’s role in the death of Bin Laden troubles some, but his decision early in his presidency to extend billions in loans to General Motors and Chrysler has paid off. Just months ago, the American auto industry was on the brink of collapse. Now, it has rebounded and begun to making vehicles of, and for, America’s future. Plants are hiring more workers, manufacturers are returning to profitability, exports of U.S. vehicles are increasing and some of the most technologically advanced vehicles are now being designed and produced in this country. The $80 billion bailout was President Obama’s “bet on the American worker” and there have been ample signs of success in the automotive industry since Obama’s bailout.


Facebook to make it easier to become an organ donor

NEW YORK (AP)—Facebook wants to help you share your organs. Users in the United States and the U.K. can enroll as organ donors via links to official registries on the world’s biggest social networking site, said CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The links should make it easier for people who want to donate their organs to sign up.


Capitals’ Ward: Race issue ‘will always be there’

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP)—Washington Capitals players tapped the ice with sticks when Joel Ward skated onto the rink for practice Friday, and some fans rose for a standing ovation in support of the player whose series-winning goal was greeted with a racial outburst on Twitter. GAME WINNER—Washington Capitals right wing Joel Ward, center, is congratulated by teammates after his game-winning goal against the Boston Bruins during overtime of Game 7 of an NHL hockey Stanley Cup first-round playoff series in Boston, April 25. The Capitals won 2-1. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa) The 31-year-old left wing, one of a handful of Black players in the NHL, was the target of numerous degrading tweets after he scored in overtime of Game 7 on April 25 to end the first-round series against the Boston Bruins.



BILL NEAL :10 I guess we can now put to rest those on going rumors and myths about “Kobe” being a selfish player. He passed up the opportunity to score a mere 40 points to win the NBA scoring title for a 4th time. Kevin Durrant you can now exhale…the rest of you…just shut up!!!



Lifestyles Report…The jig is up

Remember those old terms? Things like the “jig is up” meaning your scam is over. You’re heading to “the pokey,” or “the slammer.” All of these phrases would be suitable for Ken Konias, the man who allegedly stole more than $2 million and killed his armored car co-worker. That was back in February and I just knew he would not be on “the lamb” this long. That is old school talk meaning he would not be out on the street as a free man. I read about the place that they found him and it sounded horrible. He actually was sharing his story with people. I knew that his plan was shaky. Reportedly he was keeping the money in a storage locker and a duffle bag.