Daily Archive: May 2, 2012


Student loans deserve corporate treatment

(NNPA)—President Barack Obama hit a home run when he traveled to three colleges last week: the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the University of Iowa. Republicans called it a campaign trip, but on the cusp of graduation season, President Obama did the right thing to share his feelings on legislation that would either increase the interest rate on Stafford student loans or take money from women’s health programs to maintain the 3.4 percent interest rate.


Guest editorial…Corbett’s misguided food stamp policy

The Corbett administration’s new policy on food stamps is misguided. The policy, which went into effect May 1, places limits on the amount of assets families can maintain if they want to qualify for food stamps. Under the new rules, households with people under age 60 are limited to $5,500 in cash or certain other assets. Those who are disabled, or 60 or older, are capped at $9,000.


The thinking behind ‘Think Like A Man’

In its opening weekend, the movie “Think Like A Man” knocked “Hunger Games” out of the number one spot raking in $33 million in ticket sales far surpassing initial box office estimations. The witty romantic comedy is an creative adaptation of comedian and nationally syndicated radio host Steve Harvey’s New York Times best-selling book, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.” The film tells the story of four interconnected and diverse friends who are knocked off their game after the women they are dating begin employing advice in Harvey’s book. Once the men find out that they have been betrayed by one of their own, they conspire to use the book’s teachings to turn the tables.


Out and About

This week I visited Dell Saunders’ residence in the North Side, Wesley Center AMEZ Church in the Hill District, North Side Elks in the Hill District, Ava Lounge in East Liberty, Savoy Restaurant in the Strip District, The Compass Club in the Hill District and the Shadow Lounge in East Liberty. My first stop was at Ava Lounge in East Liberty, where they had reggae night and it was off the chain. Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Leslie “Ezra” Smith, who were chillin’ at the Ava Lounge in East Liberty (Candace Michelle and Leslie “Ezra” Smith) My next stop was at songstress Dell Saunders’ residence, where she celebrated her birthday with family and friends in grand style. The food was delicious and it was great to see everyone who attended.


Arts & Culture Calendar

Thursday 3 Draw Me A Story The Frick Art & Historical Center presents “Draw Me A Story: A Century of Children’s Book Illustration” Exhibition from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at 7227 Reynolds St., Point Breeze. The exhibit will provide an appealing survey of drawing styles and techniques from various illustrators. The exhibit will run through May 20. For more information, call 412-371-0600 or visit http://www.TheFrickPittsburgh.org.


Convention empowers attendees

If knowledge was money the 250 participants that attended the activities during the Talk Magazine Pennsylvania African-American Network Convention would be rich. “There is a lot of information being shared here,” expressed co-organizer Roxanne Sewell. “It is your responsibility to take it back to your communities, organizations and churches to empower the people.” She stressed that the intent of this year’s convention was to endow people by providing information on how to improve lifestyles through access to training and employment opportunities. THE CREW—The Talk Magazine staff sit a moment before festivities of the weekend begin. Luther Sewell, Lamonte Wilson and Roxanne Sewell. (Photos by Diane I. Daniels)


‘Jumpstarting’ Black businesses

(NNPA)—I recently had the opportunity to join a bipartisan group of supporters at the White House to witness the signing of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012 into law. This multi-pronged legislation addresses several financing challenges for small and emerging American businesses. Since access to capital continues to reign as the No. 1 problem for small businesses, the JOBS Act of 2012 has the potential to be just what the doctor ordered. Ron Busby


Social Security questions and answers

GENERAL Question: Do Members of Congress have to pay into Social Security? Answer: Yes, they do. Members of Congress, the President and Vice President, federal judges, and most political appointees, have paid taxes into the Social Security program since January 1984. They pay into the system just like everyone else, no matter how long they have been in office. Learn more about Social Security benefits at http://www.socialsecurity.gov.


Business Calendar

Business Series MAY 3—The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will host their Business Program Series at 12:15 p.m. at the Downtown & Business branch, 612 Smithfield St., Downtown. The topic is “A Homeowner’s Guide to Hiring a Contractor: What Service Providers Don’t Want You to Know.” Author and Lecturer Alexandra Sabina will discuss where to find a service provider, what questions to ask during the interview, how to retain reliable references and everything one should see on a contract before signing. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, call 412-281-7141 or email ­business@carnegielibrary.org.


Inside Conditions…New blood

Well, well, well boys’ and girls’ the NFL 2012 draft is in the books and all is well in the land of the pigskin. The bloodthirsty AFC North seems to have done “good.” The “mechanics” of the Steelers again went shopping for spare parts for their “Lombardi” machine. The Steelers snatched offensive linemen in David DeCastro and Mike Adams. I have been preaching O-line and D-line since the awful 1-2 punch of Mendenhall and Sweed. Someone seems to be finally listening. Do I get any dough? On the defensive side Sean Spence, (inside linebacker) and Alameda Ta’amu (defensive tackle) will give the defense a boost helping to remove some of the cobwebs on “D.”