Monthly Archive: April 2012


Untold progress story in Congo

(NNPA)—What is the real motive of some of the so-called human rights and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that consistently propagate a negative image about Africa and about African people? Do they really care about Africa? Or, are there other more profound sinister motives by these groups that only highlight and disseminate often inaccurate and harmful information about the emerging economies in Africa today, especially in key nations such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)?


Every Republican in Congress fails Blacks

(NNPA)—The new NAACP Report Card for the first session of the 112th Congress is out and it shows that every graded Republican member of the House and Senate received an F on issues considered important to the nation’s oldest civil rights group. In the Senate, all 46 GOP senators received Fs from NAACP. Of those, 34 voted against the NAACP’s position every time, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and former presidential candidate John McCain. In the House, all 238 Republicans graded also received Fs. Although GOP House members have a reputation but being more conservative than their Senate colleagues, only 10 House Republicans voted against the NAACP every time.


SNAP: Cutting what works

(NNPA)—This week has been a devastating one for children and the poor. It began with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops urging members of the House of Representatives Agriculture Committee for “moral and human reasons” to “protect programs that serve poor and hungry people over subsidies that assist large and relatively well-off agricultural enterprises.”


Letter To The Editor…Mad as hell, not taking anymore

Dear Editor: As I sit at the computer trying to complete my 2011 Federal Tax forms I find myself getting more and more angry. I realize that in order to limit the amount of taxes I owe in the future I will have to increase my withholding amount. As a 68-year-old retired grandmother, raising two teenage grandchildren, I am outraged. How can it possibly be legal, appropriate, and fair for Hedge fund operators and financial speculators to pay only 15 percent on their earnings when I must pay a 30 percent rate on my fixed retirement income? I support myself and my grandchildren on my monthly income and rarely, if ever, have anything left at the end of the month.


Cover To Cover…‘A Slave in the White House’

It was the best seat in the house. From where you were, you could see it all: every footstep, gesture, movement, and every player there. Looks of joy, grimaces, and effort, you saw them all. Yep, you had the best seat in the house, which is good because you paid dearly for it. Paul Jennings paid dearly for his seat in history, too, as you’ll see in the new book “A Slave in the White House” by Elizabeth Dowling Taylor. Paul, in fact, paid for his vantage point with most of his life.


Ask ­Gwendolyn…My brother’s baby looks like his best friend

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I have two brothers and no sisters. I am the spoiled girl. My family is going through a crisis. This is the problem: My brother met a girl and he claims it was love at first sight. Two months ago, she and my brother came by and that was the first time we saw the baby. The two of them got an apartment together three months before the baby was born. My mother is upset, my younger brother is upset, and I am upset. You see…my brother is rather slow. When we tried to tell him he needs a DNA test, he became furious. He says we are just jealous that finally he met a woman who truly loves him.



Plastic can smother you

We have all at one time been warned about the pitfalls and dangers of playing with plastic. Our parents would scold us profusely if they saw us doing what we considered were amusing acts such as making masks out of plastic bags. I can still recall my mother’s stern warning—“Don’t play with plastic! Plastic can smother you!” It’s hard to envision something so seemingly innocent as plastic that is primarily used to protect and to preserve food, necessities and other valuables can literally take your life away.


Racially profiling Black businesses

(NNPA)—The positive demonstrations of support for the family of Trayvon Martin following his tragic death, and the nationwide evidence of unified response (hoodies everywhere!) and the call for justice are inspiring signs of a renewed spirit among African-Americans and others committed to correcting the obvious inequities exposed in the wake of this travesty. RON BUSBY Clearly, nothing we encounter in the world of business can be equated to the senseless slaying of this young man. And as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. taught us in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, “… injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…”


Scandalous sizzle or fizzle?

Thursday nights have gotten hot. And I’m not talking about the weather. Thursday is when viewers can tune into ABC’s new drama “Scandal.” The show revolves around the life and work of a powerful and professional crisis manager who left the White House to create her own successful, take-no-prisoners image consulting firm. Even if you weren’t one of the 1.8 million African-Americans (out of a total of 7.3 million total viewers) who tuned in to “Scandal’s” premiere on April 5, surely you’ve heard the buzz about it. ABC heavily invested in a full-court press of broadcast (radio and TV), print and online promotion. And for African-Americans in particular, the concept of the program has many Blacks puffed up with pride and pleased to welcome the program to the nighttime drama line up for several reasons.


Latham, Eberhardt star at Golden Gloves championships

No one is going to confuse 3 Lakes Golf Course in Penn Hills with Madison Square Garden, but a recent transformation is enhancing its boxing reputation as evidenced by the standing room only crowd that packed the clubhouse ballroom April 14, for the Western Pennsylvania Golden Gloves tournament championships. If you subscribe to the adage “bigger is better” when it comes to boxing, you have to be a fan of both 6’2, 225 pound “Fast” Freddie Latham of Boyce AC WPAL and 6’7, 250 pound Mike Shook of PGH Boxing–RT 51. “FAST” FREDDIE—Freddie Latham of Boyce AC WPAL throws an overhand right as Mike Shook of PGH Boxing bobs and weaves and throws a left jab to try to soften the blow in this 201+ lb superheavyweight bout. “Lathammania” had the ballroom crowd “amped” up and Latham’s presence electrified a crowd where the majority of the fans came to see him. “I never worry about Fred, because I have all the confidence in the world in my brother,” said Model Shavanna Latham.