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Education: Are we moving forward or backward?

“Education is a right, not a privilege.” This is a term echoed by many, in a fight that has been going on since Blacks have been in this country, starting back during slavery when laws were passed forbidding slaves or free Blacks in the South from learning how to read or write. The belief was that if they could read it would lead to discontent and rebellion. It was punishable by death or severe punishment. That alone should tell us how important education is to White America and should be to us. But how many of us have read our history.


‘Creatures Here Below’

You just don’t want to talk about it. Whatever it is, better nobody ask you because it’s a sore subject. You’re keeping your mouth shut on that topic. Don’t ask, mum’s the word, and all that. And if anybody dares say something, well, they’re going to get the stink-eye for sure because you don’t want to talk about it.


Pgh native authors children’s book

Team work, problem solving and perseverance are the lessons that author Nicolle Brazil wants readers—adults and children alike—to glean from her freshman children’s book, “You Can’t Move An Elephant In One Day.” The 28-page book tells the story of three boys who discover that they have a problem and they have to work together to find the solution with the help of a very supportive community. BOOK SIGNING—Nicolle Brazil comes home to introduce her first book, at a book signing in Lawrenceville. (Photo by Erin Perry) “My boys were playing in the back yard and they were trying to find a solution to a problem and my middle son had the solution and the other kids had to work with him,” said Brazil, a married mother of three boys who was born and raised in the Manchester section of Pittsburgh but now lives in Groton, N.Y., and works at Cornell University.


My fiancé puts his ex-wife’s wishes before mine!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I have dated a man for four years. When we met, he had just gotten a divorce. He and his wife did not have children. At the end of our third year of dating, he proposed marriage. This is the problem: All during our courtship he has had a bad habit of putting his ex-wife’s wishes before mine. During the first year of our courtship, he purchased a new car for her. He told me that gift was a “parting” gift because after their divorce, she was left without transportation.


Digital shoppers R Us

Remember back in the day when Yellow Pages encouraged everyone to: “Let Your Fingers do the Walking,” to quickly and efficiently thumb through its pages to locate any business or service imaginable? Which really came in handy when we were in the market for anything from pizza to electronics to specialty shoes to a plumber (this catchy phrase, by the way, is cited by AdAge.com as an Honorable Mention in the listing of “The Top 10 Slogans of the 20th Century”). We have become spoiled rotten, since the not-so-long-ago heyday of the Yellow Pages—including the very people who work in the techno-wonder companies that keep upping the ante and changing the game, as well as those who track all of the subsequent trends in consumer behavior. Because as consumers, all of us need or want something—food, shelter, clothing, electronics, entertainment, etc. You name it.


Apple to pay dividends, start stock buybacks

by Peter Svensson NEW YORK (AP)—Apple Inc. is finally using its $98 billion cash hoard to reward shareholders, saying it’s instituting both a dividend and share buyback program. Investors’ expectation that Apple would soon declare a dividend has already bolstered the stock of the world’s most valuable company, driving its market capitalization to about $546 billion. Apple said Monday that it will pay a quarterly dividend of $2.65 per share, starting in its fiscal fourth quarter, which begins July 1.


Obama Middle School Girls banquet a smash

by Malik Vincent For New Pittsburgh Courier Losing was more difficult than winning for the Obama Academy Middle School girls basketball team. They’ve won 20 in a row in league play over the past two years. But victories on the court aren’t the only thing that measures the success of the program that won a boys league during the Ammons Recreation Center’s winter league. CHAMPIONS—The Obama Middle School basketball team, winner of two consecutive middle school girls’ City League championships were honored at a banquet organized by their coach and boosters.


Coleman, Jones-Moore head area recruits to Toledo

by Malik VincentFor New Pittsburgh Courier The four hour radius in between Pittsburgh and Northern, Ohio is what Toledo’s offensive coordinator Jason Candle described as one of their favorite areas to recruit. “We call it Rocket Nation,” he said. TWO WAY STAR—Jaylen Coleman holds the 2011 City League Championship Trophy. Coleman rushed for 180 yards including a 91 yard touchdown run to lead USO to a 14-0 win over Allderdice. (Courier Photo/William McBride/File)