Daily Archive: March 16, 2012


The vanishing Black middle class

(NNPA)—A chapter in the National Urban League’s 2012 State of Black America report reached a sobering conclusion about the Black middle class. “Our analysis of data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics will clearly establish that whether one looks at education, income or any other meaningful measure, almost all the economic gains that Blacks have made in the last 30 years have been lost in the Great Recession that started in December 2007 and in the anemic recovery that has followed since June, 2009.


The ‘tanning’ of America

by Ron Busby (NNPA)—In a recent article published by the National Urban League, “The State of Black America 2012–Tanning of America Makes Growth, Prosperity, and Empowerment Easier,” Steve Stoute comments on the fact that our culture “is the golden thread that meshes together the exceptional quality, ingenuity, creativity and value of these products, (Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Jay-Z’s music) that makes the American Dream accessible all across the globe. He speaks about the phenomenon of “tanning” or “the mental complexion” of America.


Where are the voices of outrage?

Dear Editor:What has happened to Black’s voices of outrage and protest? Let’s analyze and talk about some of the stories and happenings in Pittsburgh of late. Two busloads of police recruits were spotted coming out of the Lexington Technology facility. Not one Black young man was among them. (Blacks should raise their voices and be outraged.)


‘An XL Life’

You always wanted to live large. Your closets are jammed with the finest designer threads available. You got bling and kicks that are the envy of your friends. Your wheels are crazy hot and your home is even hotter. You’re livin’ large.



Think before you ink

In the world of business we often say the deal was inked when expressing that a contract was signed and executed. The various documents we sign for credit cards, student, car, personal, business and home loans are contractual documents. We pledge that we are willing and able to pay back the loan. Often times we pledge collateral to secure the loan in the event we default on payments.


How connected are you?

The rapid-fire, head-spinning way in which technology continues to evolve never ceases to amaze me. Nielsen recently released its Nielsen and NM Incites U.S. Digital Consumer Report, and in it provides a deeper dive into Generation Y—also known as Generation Next, the Millennials, the NET Generation or Boomer Kids. Depending on your information source, these young people were born between 1980 and 2002, making them between 10 and 34 years old. They are generally well-rounded culturally, having been exposed to diversity all their lives and, are accustomed to “playing well with others.” They have also been described by the media as being “pampered, nurtured and programmed with a slew of activities since they were toddlers, meaning they are both high-performance and high-maintenance.” Nielsen broke Gen Y into an even smaller subset: Generation C (as in connected), Americans age 18-34. They make up 23 percent of the U.S. population but an out sized portion of consumers using technology.


Gasoline prices jump a nickel over weekend

by Chris Kahn NEW YORK (AP)—The price of gasoline jumped by nearly a nickel over the weekend and is now $3.80 per gallon. That’s the highest ever for this time of year. Pump prices have risen an average 52 cents this year as refineries and wholesalers pass along the higher cost of crude oil. And this month they’re getting an additional boost as investors bet that supplies will shrink ahead of the summer driving season. It’s an easy bet to make, independent commodities trader Jim Ritterbusch said. Supplies tend to fall in April as refineries sell off their existing gasoline inventories to make room for a different blend that’s required in the summer. And driving tends to go up in the summer as schools go on vacation.



:10 Well she told me not to tell it but you know I am gonna tell it… and the second she said don’t you dare tell it…she knew I was gonna tell it! But I am not gonna tell it all. So to the lovely lady standing in the middle of the floor at The Savoy on Friday night thanks for the compliments on my column and you’re now in “The Locker Room” unnamed as requested but you know who you are…don’t ya!! BILL NEAL


Allderdice, USO boys lose in PIAA Class AAAA playoffs

By Malik Vincent Allderdice’s head coach Andre McDonald has been adamant about making his team into a more competitive team on the PIAA ranks. “Every year I think we have what it takes to go deep in the State tournament,” he said in a previous Courier interview. They took a step in the right direction, last year, with a 67-52 first-round PIAA victory against Chartiers Valley. STRONG PERFORMANCE—Robert Bailey of Westinghouse goes to the hoop for two of his 23 points, but it was not enough as the Bulldogs lost a close one to the Beaver Bobcats 51-49 in the PIAA Class AAA playoffs. But a new challenge came into Peabody High School’s gym on March 10 for the Dragons with the arrival of one of Western PA’s leading scorers, Geno Thorpe of Shaler in this year’s state first-round matchup. He’s averaging around 22 per contest.