Daily Archive: March 16, 2012


Black authors honored by Champion Enterprises

This year the annual Five Starr Corporation/Champ­ion Enterprises Black History Month event spotlighted Pittsburgh’s very own African-American authors. HONORING AUTHORS—From left: Robert Holden accepting award for his son J.R. Holden, Boice-Terrel Allen, Ayeshah Bulls, Norman B. Colbert, Jim O’Brien, Thaw Washington, John Wilborn, Robert “Rock” Robinson, Nashana Hickman, and Rayco ‘War” Saunders. (Photos by J.L. Martello)


CCAC brings ‘The Big Read’ literacy program to Pittsburgh

by M. Abdul-QawiyyFor New Pittsburgh Courier The Big Read in Pittsburgh kickoff occurred on Sunday evening, March 4th at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture. The event attracted a diverse crowd across racial and generational lines as many gathered to appreciate and promote the importance of literacy. READING CAN BE FUN—Pittsburgh students surround Lucy Anne Hurston, red dress, as they read passages from Zora Neale Hurston’s book. (Photo by Rossano P. Stewart)


66 NFL players to attend business schools

NEW YORK (AP)—Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich are among 66 current and former NFL players enrolled in business school programs at Harvard and Northwestern this year. BACK TO SCHOOL—Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich are among 66 current and former NFL players enrolled in business school programs at Harvard and Northwestern this year. (AP Photo/File)



How much does being real pay?

Every time you watch a “reality” television show don’t you want to know how much they are getting paid to act a fool, eat worms or risk their lives? For some the pay is quite lucrative. “American Idol” Simon Cowell, the former “American Idol” judge, reportedly raked in $36 million last year. After salary negotiations, it’s rumored that he made somewhere around $45 million. Paula Abdul was making $4 million per year, but left after they refused to double her salary. But host Ryan Seacrest has them both beat. ABC News reported that Seacrest signed a $45 million, 3-year contract, making him the highest paid reality TV star. That is a salary I could do a lot with, picture me rolling.


Disney criticized for featuring Black Princess on watermelon candy package

(NNPA)—Critics are taking aim at the Walt Disney Company for its “Dig ‘n Dips” candy, which features its only Black princess on the package of the treat’s watermelon flavor. According to BET News, the Fun Dip-style candy was released for Valentine’s Day and also features other Disney heroines such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The latter is used on the ­package for the vanilla flavor. PRINCESS TIANA (Courtesy Photo) But critics argue that linking Tiana from the movie “Princess and the Frog” to the watermelon flavor is racially insensitive. In American history, it has been a common stereotype to tie Blacks to eating watermelons. “As usual, it’s hard to believe that anyone would intentionally make this kind of insensitive mistake, but pairing the White girl with vanilla and the Black girl with watermelon should have set off an alarm in someone’s mind,” writer Thembi Ford wrote on ClutchMagazine.com.


$336.4M Powerball winner is Newport, RI, woman, 81

CRANSTON, R.I. (AP)—An 81-year-old woman from Newport won last month’s $336.4 million Powerball jackpot, sleeping with the winning ticket in her Bible until coming forward to claim the sixth-largest U.S. prize on March 6, a family representative said.At a news conference at state lottery headquarters in Cranston, Louise White said little, calling herself “very happy” and “very proud.” Louise White (AP Photo)


Whitney’s daughter: ‘She’s always with me’

by Nekesa Mumbi MoodyAP Music Writer NEW YORK (AP)—In her first interview since Whitney Houston’s death, daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown said she’s “doing as good as I possibly can” and recalled the tender last moments she shared with her superstar mother before her sudden death last month. WHITNEY HOUSTON WITH DAUGHTER BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN



The variety of organizations: What do they represent?

Last Saturday I was in attendance at a meeting and one of the people said he had just joined another organization. I asked the question how many do you belong to? As he began to make a mental calculation the question was extended to the remaining people, who numbered eight including myself. The total was 50 organizations, but I am a functioning member of only two, New Destiny CME Church and the Western Pennsylvania Black Political Assembly.


The American promise: The right to vote

(NNPA)—Every American citizen must have an equal right to vote. There is no reason which can excuse the denial of that right. There is no duty which weighs more heavily on us than the duty we have to ensure that right… The command of the Constitution is plain. There is no moral issue. It is wrong–deadly wrong–to deny any of your fellow Americans the right to vote in this country. There is no issue of States rights or National rights. There is only the struggle for human rights.—President Lyndon Johnson, “The American Promise,” March 15, 1965