Daily Archive: February 17, 2012


Rivalry brings friendly fire between Grammy-winning musicians

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have always been rivals, especially in sports. It extends to music to which is the idea behind Saturday night’s match-up at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture. The Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra will assume a neutral position as the back-up band to a pair of jazz musicians extraordinaire. JEFF ‘TAIN’ WATTS


Coston pays tribute to Whitney Houston

In memory of the Queen of Pop, Coston Funeral Home, located at 427 Lincoln Ave. in East Liberty, will host a Memorial Tribute in honor of the legendary Whitney Houston at 7 p.m. Houston died Feb. 11 during Grammy weekend at a Beverly Hills hotel. WHITNEY HOUSTON


I am giving up on my street walking daughter!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: My wife left me with two small children. At the time she left, the children were age 10 and 12. That was five years ago. Immediately after she left, I was laid off from a good paying job. I was forced to move in with my parents. My mother especially has been so great in helping me with the children. My daughter is now 17 and my son is 15. My son likes sports, but his sister seems to like nothing. I had her in private school so that she could have a chance to meet a better class of people.



Insurance is a necessary evil

Other than insurance there’s no other product I can think of that we buy and hope we never use. Confusion abounds in the area of insurance. I don’t sell insurance. As a result I have no agenda to encourage you to purchase a particular type of insurance. As a financial planner I understand the importance of insurance. In this article I want to give you a better understanding of the purpose of insurance.


Super Bowl, super dollars

Being that I’m not a football fan, it stands to reason that the Super Bowl isn’t normally high on my priority list. But I felt I had a vested interest in tracking the results of Super Bowl XLVI this year for a few reasons. First of all, I’m from Fort Wayne, Indiana (don’t hate) and since the big game was being held in Indianapolis this year I wanted to be sure my state delivered a quality product of which I could be proud. Secondly, I was interested in seeing if this year’s Super Bowl XLVI could deliver more viewers than last’s record setting game (including African-American viewers). And lastly, I love creativity and wanted to see how much was apparent in the commercials that usually debut during the game. So of course I did not actually watch the game. But hey, I work for a research company, so I know exactly what happened!



:10 Hold up wait a minute…let’s get something fixed. Right here and right now! Rise AAU Youth Basketball Organization coach Toni Allen did not play for Allderdice. She played for the Westinghouse Bulldogs and is “A Bulldog for life.” Let’s not make that mistake again!! (Come on people upstairs in the editor’s office, let’s get it together) I’m sorry coach, it won’t happen again but can you answer a question for me, why would anybody want to be a bulldog for life? Oops my bad. Just kidding…just kidding.


World premiere of Thaddeus Moseley: Sculptor

Black History month takes on a new dimension when the Black History celebration is hosted by University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark Nordenberg and Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Robert Hill. On Feb. 1, the University of Pittsburgh 2012 K. Leroy Irvis Black History Month Program was held at the Twentieth Century Club and celebrated Thaddeus Mosley, the sculptor. This year’s modern tradition of celebrating Black History began with a mix and mingle on the first floor and opening remarks by Chancellor Nordenberg. Hill introduced the world premiere of “Thaddeus Mosley: Sculptor.” The film was produced and directed by Kenneth Love. CREATING MODERN TRADITIONS—Mark A. Nordenberg, Ken Love, Thaddeus Mosley and Robert Hill (Photos by Debbie Norrell)



Be a sweetheart

Valentine’s Day 2012 is behind us. How did you celebrate? Did you get flowers, candy and jewelry? Maybe you gave someone something, at least a card perhaps, to someone else. Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be what do you get, but why not give something? On this most recent Valentine’s Day my coworkers and I (day job) held a pancake breakfast at work. We made blueberry pancakes, walnut pancakes and regular buttermilk hotcakes and sausage. The money that was made was used to create care packages for the military troops that are still deployed. It was so much fun to do this on a holiday when most people are looking for someone to give to them. I also gave each of my co-workers a small box of candy. They were so surprised when it landed on their desk.