Daily Archive: February 10, 2012


Dispelling the myths of Black conservatives

by Stacy Swimp Last month, Congressmen Allen West hosted a historic Black Conservative Forum in order to “discuss how to articulate and take the message of black conservatism back to our communities”, per the retired Army Colonel. He referenced conservative principles such as limited government, fiscal responsibility, sovereignty, equality of opportunity, achievement, the free market system, values, education, family, and security.


Kelly Strayhorn announces ‘Next Stage’ residents

The next generation of talented choreographers—Dahlia Nayar and Shana Simmons—hit the Kelly Strayhorn stage last week as the residents chosen for the 2012 Next Stage Residency winners. Currently in its fourth year, the Next Stage Residency gives talented choreographers the chance to explore and develop new and daring material during a weeklong creative residency. This year’s residency began on Jan. 23 and ended on Jan. 28 with a public presentation of each artist’s work. NEXT STAGE RESIDENTS Shana Simmons and Dahlia Nayar. (Photo by Erin Perry)


‘On the Come Up’

You’re a good kid. You are. You’re smart, decent, and loyal but every now and then—especially when you’re not asking for it—it seems like trouble jumps on your back for a ride and there ya go. You hate that because it’s times like those that just about ruin your life. Times like those make people think badly about you.



Can you call it a ‘rapid refund’ when it’s 365 days late?

Tax time is upon us. This is the time where Uncle Sam mandates that we reconcile taxes that were collected throughout the year by way of payroll withholdings and estimated payments and what’s rightfully due to the IRS. Individuals have until April 15th to get their tax return prepared and their tax liability paid or suffers the consequences of penalties, interest and/or the wrath of the IRS.


From resolutions to reality: Financial planning in 2012

(NNPA)—New Year resolutions can be difficult to make, and even harder to keep. This year, as I made resolutions around my health; spending time with family and friends; and spiritual growth, I also made a point to include financial related goals. For 2012, my family set two financial goals: to eliminate credit card debt and meet with a financial specialist to review our plans for retirement and college savings. I say family because my husband and I felt it was very important to include our five and seven year old sons in the process. They each established their own financial goal—my 17-year-old decided he would save money to buy and care for a guinea pig (wonderful!) Michele Thornhill



BILL NEAL :10 Curtis Martin will go into the NFL Hall of Fame as quiet and soft spoken as any man can and for those of us that had the pleasure of knowing him you know two things about Curtis is true. No. 1 He is a soft spoken man and No. 2 he was a tough, quick, no excuse, get it done, never say die, consistent, durable running back. Who among us, who can think back to his days at Allderdice or for that matter at Pitt, thought that he would become one of the top five running backs in Pro Football history? Congratulations Curtis, you deserve all you’ve achieved; and Congrats to you too “Mama Rochella” you played a major role in your son’s success.


Inside Conditions…Fallen angel

Super Bowl XLVI between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis was a knuckle scraper and a “gusher” of a legendary football game. The Giants blocked the entrance to the yellow brick road of immortality for Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom “terrific” Brady by defeating the squad from Beantown 21-17. Forget the score, there is a rotten smelling fish in the butcher shop. The only black eye regarding the game was the “missed” call on the Patriots, an obvious pass interference non call that very well could’ve altered the course of the game and NFL history. Analyst Chris Collinsworth had this to say about the missed call. “You have to remember that the officials are seeing the action in real time” or something to that effect. Well officials are paid to call the game in “real time” aren’t they? Isn’t that how the game is played? There can be no excuses. If an official’s reflexes or eyesight are lacking or questionable, that official should be replaced. But to suggest that a play is too fast for the naked eye and may not be able to be adjudicated properly, then human judgment should not be relied upon. The players should determine the outcome of the game, not bogus calls or non calls.