Daily Archive: February 3, 2012


Letter To The Editor…Closing the gap

Dear Editor: Gateway Medical Society appreciates the support of the New Pittsburgh Courier for our efforts in building a pipeline for future African-American physicians (www.newpittsburghcourie#AFEC5A5). Our program is named “Journey to Medicine” to acknowledge that there are many steps to becoming a physician. We want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the Heinz Endowments for their generous support to initiate the Journey to Medicine youth academic mentorship program of the Gateway Medical Society. Their continued support of our vision has been most appreciated.


Cover To Cover…‘The Diversity Index’

Your customer base is changing.You’ve been noticing it for the past few years: the face of your average client isn’t what it used to be, not surprisingly. These new customers are savvier, they’re men and women of all age groups, they’re smart about where they shop, and they look like they’re coming from around the world. Let’s face it: doing business today isn’t like it was even thirty years ago. Your customers are different, but what about your staff? In the new book “The Diversity Index” by Susan E. Reed, you’ll see how you can strengthen your workplace by letting go of certain archaic practices in hiring.


New Motown VP to integrate music

by Mesfin FekaduFor New Pittsburgh Courier NEW YORK (AP)—Ne-Yo has a dream: He believes the record industry is segregated, and has hopes of changing that as the new senior vice president of artists and repertoire for Motown Records. Ne-Yo (AP Photo/ Carlo Allegri)



Understanding car leases

Moclassre than half of all new cars purchased today are sold under a lease agreement. Why? Americans have a love affair with cars. We like them big, fast, shiny and luxurious with all the bells and whistles—TV monitors, 12-disc CD changer, moon roof, heated seats, navigational system. We want it all.


Know before you owe

(NNPA)—Dez Bryant provides a good economic example of what is happening to Blacks across America. In heavy debt after leveraging his first-year salary to pay for “bling-lifestyle” amenities, during the National Football League (NFL) lockout, the 24-year-old wide receiver had to turn to payday lenders to help him keep up his game. Desmond Demond “Dez” Bryant started spending on his salary as a NFL player for the Dallas Cowboys when he was drafted in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.


Incomes up strong 0.5 percent, consumer spending flat

by Martin CrutsingerAssociated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP)—Americans’ income rose in December by the most in nine months, a hopeful sign for the economy after a year of weak wage gains. But consumers didn’t spend any more than they had in November. Americans ended up saving all their additional income.



:10 You know I try not to get too nasty with you people, (especially you Wilkinsburg grads that haven’t won a thing since Coach Simon played). Sorry my bad…any­way back to my point, YOU MUST GO SEE RED TAILS! The movie is our history. It tells the story that White Hollywood doesn’t want to tell. Just go, stop with the excuses and just go! BILL NEAL