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A diverse U.S. population will not guarantee parity

(NNPA)—The United States’ population is growing increasingly diverse, but the sharp demographic shift is unlikely to close the huge economic gap between Whites and people of color, according to an annual report issued by United For a Fair Economy, a nonpartisan think tank that studies wealth and power in the U.S. Each year the Boston-based organization issues its “State of the Dream” report near Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.


What is the state of The Dream?

(NNPA)—I always feel inspired and elated, but also challenged and chagrined, at some of the celebrations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. There are those, too many folks, who want to sanitize Dr. King and turn him into a dreamer. Too many only quote the part of his “I have a dream” speech that talks about character content and skin color. Too few remember that in the same speech he said, “We have come to the nation’s capital to cash a check, and the check has been marked insufficient funds.” Dr. King was an economic populist, an anti-war activist, as well as a classically trained theologian. Too many put emphasis on the latter, without acknowledging the former.


Rededicated to the dream

by Elinor Tatum I must apologize to our readers for not writing an editorial last week, but quite frankly, I was a bit depressed. As the news rolled in, I felt a bit of pessimism as I examined the political and economic landscape facing our community, and I did not want to start the year on the wrong note.


Cover To Cover…‘I didn’t ask to be born’

Oh, the things you said to your parents! Imagine how melty they felt when you, as a toddler, declared your love and adoration. Think about how proud they were when you spouted the kind of child-wisdom that kids always seem to utter. Remember how they told everybody all about the cute things you used to say? Imagine how they felt the first time you screamed “NO!” or declared hate or reminded them that it wasn’t your idea to enter the world. Out of the mouths of babes? Yes, and into the new book by Bill Cosby. In “I Didn’t Ask to Be Born (But I’m Glad I Was),” the Cos is back to make us laugh about childhood, parenting, and things in between.


Hayes appointed to President’s Student Poets Program

Award-winning poet and Carnegie Mellon University English Professor Terrance Hayes has been chosen to serve as a panelist for President Obama’s new National Student Poets Program, the country’s highest honor for young poets presenting original work. Five high school students will be selected to serve for a year as national poetry ambassadors. Hayes is one of four literary leaders who will judge students who received a National Scholastic Art & Writing Award for poetry. TERRANCE HAYES



The tax benefit of homeownership

There’s no place like “your” home! Less than 2 percent of Americans actually own their homes independent of a mortgage. Meaning 98 percent of Americans have a “limited” vested interest in their property, sharing ownership rights with the mortgage company. This boils down to one startling statistic. Either your housing payments are being used to pay down “your mortgage”—if you are a homeowner. Or your housing payments are being used to pay down someone “else’s mortgage”—if you are a renter. Given the fact that shelter is one of the basic necessities of life. It stands to reason that many of us will have either a long-term or permanent housing expense. One tax strategy that many financial savvy people employ is to convert non-deductible interest expense to deductible interest expense. Housing expenses as a renter are non-deductible whereas housing expenses as a homeowner are deductible. Translation—seek homeownership over renting. It’s the taxable thing to do.


Multi-devices = A multitasking success

Whew! Is it me? Or is 2012 flying by already? I am a January baby, and I celebrate my born day at the beginning of the month. As soon as my birthday is over, I sometimes feel like its July already, mainly because I am a busy lady and the days just get away from me so quickly. You know the feeling, whether it’s your job, taking care of your family’s needs, making sure you even remember to take care of your needs…it’s tough.


Credit card facts students won’t learn in college

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (PRWEB)—As college students return to school, credit card companies will be waiting for them. Because college is often where credit education falls by the wayside, StudentCreditCards.com has put together a tip sheet with 5 little known facts about the credit card.



:10 Ok, ok, get over it will ya. You…we… they can’t win them all. (yea I know, but we should have won that one) (Steelers vs. Denver…pay attention please!!!) Now here’s your New Years 2 for 1. Your always asked for Top 10 List combined with why the Steelers lost to Tee-Bow and The Boys. BILL NEAL