Daily Archive: January 6, 2012


Cover To Cover…‘The Goat Woman of Largo Bay’

You were so sorry. Of all the things you regret, this one is right at the top. The bad haircut, that horrible outfit you loved at the time, things lost or lent and never found—those are all unimportant. No, you’re most remorseful for the thing you didn’t do. You missed saying words that would have meant so much to someone. Regrets? You’ve lived through them, but in the new novel “The Goat Woman of Largo Bay” by Gillian Royes, the sorrowful omission of one woman sets off a chain of events that changes an entire island. Jamaica, says Miss Mac, is 150 miles long and fifty miles wide. Weather on the island is warm and there are two seasons: dry and wet.


My girlfriend refused to accept the ring!

Dear Gwendolyn: A year ago I met a girl and we started dating. Five months later she started talking about marriage. I proposed to her the very next month. This is the problem: Back in the summer we were shopping in the mall and passed a jewelry store. She asked if she could pick out the type of ring she wanted and I gave her the go ahead. The ring was $22,000 and it was beautiful I must admit. I returned to the jewelry store to see if they had something that beautiful for less. I put away a $6,000 ring and one week later I lost my job. I opened an account with the jewelry store and was able to take the ring after signing the contract to purchase on installments.


The dirty little secret about Black-owned businesses

by Vernard Alexander “I am struggling to obtain new customers.” “I might close my doors because of the lack of revenue.” “I don’t know why the community isn’t supporting my business.” VERNARD ALEXANDER These are quotes that I’ve heard from local businesses recently. As a business owner and business coach, the lack of effort people put into marketing frustrates me. What are you doing to attract and retain customers? This is an important question that MUST be answered. Your marketing plan is a vital part of your business plan. It should be evaluated at least every month or quarter.



If you’re broke after Christmas, you’ll probably be broke after retirement

A good friend of mine suggested that I write an article based on the premise of how to get back on track financially after the holidays. I responded by saying, “Wow! That’s a good idea. I never thought of that.” Dumbfounded by my response my friend said, “all of the financial writers are writing about Christmas blues and holiday hangovers. I can’t believe you never thought about writing on the subject. As I began to reflect on ideas to write about helping people bounce back financially from the holidays, I thought to myself, I help people get back on track and get ahead financially “EVERYDAY”. Why would my advice be any different because it’s a “HOLIDAY”?


Cleaning up the Federal Highway Administration

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program is an affirmative action program that seeks to implement Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in regards to federally funded contracting programs for the US Department of Transportation. One of the modal agencies of USDOT is the Federal Highway Administration. The DBE program here is a complete mess replete with corruption, cartel activity and noncompetitive scenarios administered by state transportation departments as they receive federal funds by the billions of dollars.



A very good year

I’ve made up my mind that 2012 is going to be a very good year. 2011 went out on a great high note. It seems like acting jobs always come my way towards the end of the year and in 2011 they came in spades. In December, I received two great books for review that I want to share with you. The first is called “Harlem” by Jonathan Gill, more than 500 pages of the 400-year history from Dutch Village to the Capital of Black America. This book will open your eyes about Harlem and the important figures whose lives began or were transformed by Harlem, including early resident Alexander Hamilton (and his eventual killer, Aaron Burr). George Gershwin wrote his first hit, “Swanee,” in the family tenement on W. 144th Street. As a child, Norman Rockwell lived on St. Nicholas Avenue. Groucho Marx, Tito Puente and Milton Berle were all born in Harlem.


Dixon earns Master’s at Carlow 

Jacqueline “Jackie” Dixon, the director of Government Relations for Giant Eagle Inc. and secretary of Carlow University’s Board of Trustees, graduated with a Master’s Degree in Professional Leadership from Carlow on Dec. 16. “I never questioned my leadership, but I wanted to concentrate on being a servant leader,” said Dixon. “I knew that service was an integral part of Carlow’s mission and it was also emphasized in the Professional Leadership Master’s Program. Secondly, I believed that to be a good board member, I needed to understand all facets of Carlow, including classroom, faculty, staff, etc. and their needs. I am also elated because I was able to assist East End Cooperative Ministry during my internship in raising the funds to build its Community House in East Liberty. PROUD GRAD—Jackie Dixon is all smiles as she holds her Master’s degree from Carlow University “In the very near future, Community House will enable EECM to provide service 24-hours a day and seven-days a week to the underserved in the East End.


Rev. Sullivan called as Pa. regional minister

GREENSBURG, PA.—At a special meeting, at the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Lemoyne, Pa., the regional board of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Pennsylvania elected Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr., of Cleveland, to serve as regional minister and president. An ordained minister of the Christian Church, Rev. Sullivan currently serves as senior pastor of Fifth Christian Church in Cleveland. His prior service includes: Pastorates of Congregations in Mercer Island, Wash.; Detroit; Jefferson City, Mo.; and Louisville. He also served in the Division of Homeland Ministries of the Christian Church as an associate for African-American Educational Ministries. REV. DR. JACK SULLIVAN He has also served as associate regional minister of the Mid-America Region of the Christian Church and for eight years as the regional minister of the Northwest Region of the Christian Church.