Daily Archive: December 30, 2011


Clairton’s ‘Bring Your Gifts to Christ Nite’ shares true meaning of Christmas

Some of the City of Clairton’s brightest and most talented kids turned out to share the meaning of Christmas during the third annual “Bring Your Gifts to Christ Nite.” The initiative was started three years ago by the United Youth Ministries of Clairton, a cluster of African-American churches in the community that strives to showcase the city and its residents in a positive light. BRINGING GIFTS—Kids dressed as toy soldiers carry gifts down the aisle.


Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra’s Holiday Special

by M. Abdul-QawiyyFor New Pittsburgh Courier On Sunday, Dec. 18, the frigid wintry weather did not deter jazz lovers from attending the 3rd annual Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra holiday show. The sold out performance boasted a diverse audience, in race and age, throughout the theater. CREATING THE MUSIC—Sean Jones performs with Pittsburgh Orchestra. (Photos by Gail Manker)


Learning center sets standards

The new year holds different meaning to different people. To Alichia R. Parker and Denise Barron it means positioning young people to become successful. It means offering quality education to children. Excited and looking forward to what is ahead for their new venture, Malaika Learning Center, they offer a guarantee that children will become proficient in literacy, numeracy and social skills. BIG AND SMALL—Parker shares a moment with Malaika Learning Center potential students.


$20M Braddock development for hospital site

Revitalization efforts for Braddock took a blow in 2009 when UPMC announced it was closing Braddock Hospital. But those efforts are back on track with the announcement of a $20.3 million redevelopment project for the old hospital site. “Since late 2009, Allegheny County has been closely collaborating with the Braddock Working Group to identify redevelopment opportunities for the hospital site that would maximize job creation and benefit the community,” Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato said during a Dec. 21 press conference. “Today, we unveil a $20.3 million plan that addresses a number of Braddock’s needs and continues our eight-year effort to transform and revitalize this great community.”


Westinghouse parents reflect on pros, cons

When the Academy at Westinghouse opened its doors in August, morale was high. Parent volunteers joined teachers and Pittsburgh Public School District administrators in welcoming the uniform clad students to a new school year at a new kind of school. While Westinghouse’s single-gender focus was met with contempt from the start, many parents actually welcomed the change and the promise it had for improving achievement at one of the district’s worst performing schools. Now as the dust settles, after four months of administrative disorganization and frequent student upheaval, they are hopeful the school’s newest principal, Shameca Crenshaw, can right the once sinking school.


New Media Academy reshaping future

Contrary to what you may have heard or read, there is hope among young Black males, and that hope was more than palpable last Thursday during the New Media Academy celebration at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture. The event was the culmination of six months of intense examination of the way media and culture impacts the lives of youth and how to become media savvy.


Staying out of the ring: Barely half of adults wed

by Leanne ItalieAssociated Press Writer NEW YORK (AP) — As a 20-something, Erin Turner feels she made all the right moves dating wise. She graduated from college and spent three and a half years with a boyfriend before they moved in together. Their cohabitation bliss lasted only eight months.


The importance of a good foreign policy/strong defense

The other day Vice-President Joseph Biden said in an interview that “The Taliban is not our enemy.” We have been in Afghanistan since 2001 and everyday we have been fighting the Taliban along with Al Qaeda. If the fighting Taliban is not our enemy than who is? Fortunately, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama know much better. This brings up a very important point. It is crucial to our national security to have a solid strategy and observation when it comes to foreign affairs.


Ron Paul’s racists rants

(NNPA)—If you’ve watched any of the Republican debates, you’ll remember Ron Paul, the 76-year-old libertarian congressman from Texas whose oversized suit coats look like they are about to fall off his frail shoulders. You’ll also remember that no debate questioner asked him about the overtly racist views that appeared in his newsletters for two decades.But now that Paul has surged to front-runner status in Iowa, he is being grilled about comments that range from denigrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to objecting to passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.