Daily Archive: December 23, 2011


A prayer for this holy season

(NNPA)—God help us to end poverty in our time. The poverty of having a child with too little to eat and no place to sleep, no air, sunlight and space to breathe, bask, and grow. The poverty of watching your child suffer hunger or get sicker and sicker and not knowing what to do or how to get help because you don’t have another dime or a car, money, or health insurance. The poverty of working your fingers to the bone every day taking care of somebody else’s children and neglecting your own, and still not being able to pay your bills.


Cover To Cover…‘Os Best Advice’

Help comes in the most unlikely places. When you need a little advice, you know you can always ask your best friend or your mama. You might find what you need online or through a brochure. You’ve asked the pros for help before and gotten good results. But where do you get personal advice when you don’t want to actually talk to anyone? How about Oprah? Some of the things you learned by watching her show, well, you’ll never forget them – which is why you’ll want to read the new book “O’s Best Advice Ever!” by the editors of O, The Oprah Magazine.


A lady at work takes my breath away!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I recently started a new job after being unemployed for two years. I got lucky. I took a computer course and became Certified in a special software program. This is the problem: In our department there is a young lady who takes my breath away, just to see her walk by. Three months ago, I was eating lunch at a restaurant two blocks from the job. Because it was lunch time the place was crowded—there were few available seats. She asked if she could sit at my table. I said yes. Before I finished eating I asked if I could take her out. She agreed, but when I went to pick her up, she refused to go. She told me to get a better looking car.— Roland



Christmas is the only holiday where people go broke

It’s been said that Christmas is the season where you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money. During a Sunday service, pastor, Michael Smith of Destiny International Ministries made a comment, “Christmas is the only holiday where people go broke!” As a financial columnist this peaked my interest—so much that I asked him a question. “How do we place Christ back into Christmas?” He answered, “I believe that the world would be a lot better off if we could learn to place Christ back into the heart, soul, and mind of the people of this earth. Colossians 1:27 says, ‘To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery which is CHRIST IN YOU, the hope of glory.’ If we can learn how to get Christ back into our lives then we can learn how to live, act, walk, talk, think and be like Christ.”


An iHoliday, anyone?

When parents read the holiday classic, “The Night before Christmas” to their children, assuming of course this is a tradition that is still being followed, are they doing it from a classic picture book? Or from an electronic device that ensures “visions of sugarplums” are literally dancing in full color across a tablet’s screen? Do little girls still ask Santa for Barbies or Easy Bake Ovens (amazing what a strong light bulb can do, isn’t it)? And, little boys for trucks and action figures? Do either still ask for shiny new bikes? (I was so excited the Christmas I got a tandem—you know a bicycle built for two—and I begged my mom to let me ride it right then and there in the snow. Best Christmas ever)! But, sadly no. According to a recent Nielsen survey, now when children make out their lists, there is a very good chance they are asking for an iPad. Yes, you heard me correctly.


Santa detoured by economy’s roadblocks

by Christina Rexrode NEW YORK—When Emily Russell’s two young sons wake up on Christmas morning, they’ll find that Santa left them a note instead of the video games they requested. “Hey, I couldn’t get by your house last night,” Russell, a single mother from Kernersville, N.C., plans to write to her sons and sign Santa’s name. “Your mom is going to take you to the store when she can.” Some people have always postponed Christmas celebrations because their jobs don’t pause for the holiday. But in the weak economy, folks are delaying Christmas for another reason: money.


Clairton wins 3rd straight title with 35-19 win

HERSHEY, Pa. (AP)—Two long touchdown passes from Capri Thompson to Terrish Webb and two late touchdown runs by Tyler Boyd led Clairton High School to its third straight PIAA Class A football championship Dec. 16 with a 35-19 triumph over Southern Columbia at Hersheypark Stadium. STATE CHAMPIONS—Clairton players celebrate with the trophy along with an oversized chocolate bar after defeating Southern Columbia 35-19 in the PIAA Class A high school state football championship game, Dec. 16, in Hershey, Pa. (AP Photo/Ralph Wilson) The victory was the 47th straight for Clairton, the longest active high school football winning streak in the nation. Clairton finished the season 16-0 for the second straight season. The Bears lost their season-opening game in 2009 to Laurel, but won the remaining 15 games that season.



:10—Merry Christmas Baby…the Packers lose the Packers lose. Don’t ask me why but I just don’t like Green Bay. Anyway, on behalf of the Great Eugene “Mercury” Morris and the 1972 Miami Dolphins, rest easy boys your undefeated season is still safe. :09—Tee Bow…Tee Bow …Tee Bow…no more! As much as I love Mighty Tim, the Bronco’s run came to an end. New England just had too much offense. BILL NEAL :08—I don’t know if my editor will let me get away with this but I’ll give it a shot…the winner of The Dumb-Ass Award, hands down, far and away goes to Samuel Hurd, the clown that just signed a $5 million dollar contract, and used to play with the Chicago Bears. He tried to buy all the dope in Chicago at one time now the dope is going to jail for a lifetime. C’mon, C’mon, C’mon Man!


Trust will be major issue for Pitt’s next coach

by Will GravesAP Sports Writer PITTSBURGH (AP)—Interim Pittsburgh football coach Keith Patterson has an open door policy with his players, one that comes with a caveat. “You need to be man enough, whenever I shut the door, to accept what I tell you,” Patterson said. Odds are Patterson—and the coach the Panthers hire as Todd Graham’s permanent replacement—will likely have to do the same thing.