Daily Archive: December 2, 2011


CAPA cuts create concerns

Not even a fire alarm could silence the students of CAPA 6-12 on the night of Nov. 28, as they gathered on the sidewalk outside their school after a fire alarm interrupted their performance, the group of students from Pittsburgh’s creative and performing arts school lifted their voices for a spirited rendition of John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change.” NEAL HUGHLEY The song matched the tone of the evening’s event, aimed at increasing awareness of possible budget cuts facing the school. Titled “Honoring CAPA’s Legacy: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow?,” the event featured adjunct teachers and students past and present to showcase the school’s strengths and the impact it has had on the Pittsburgh region and beyond.



Lifestyles Report…Black Friday

Why do people have to start trouble everywhere that they go? I’m sure you have heard about the woman who used pepper spray in the store to keep the other shoppers away from the bargains. She referred to it as competitive shopping. Who does that and what was she using to keep the pepper spray out of her eyes and nose? A gas mask maybe, and what made her think it was going to work? If you aren’t in time to get the bargains it’s just too bad. I went out with the hopes of getting a 42” flat screen television for $199 but I was too late. I didn’t turn the store upside down; I just went on to the next spot and was lucky enough to get the $.99 poinsettias at Home Depot and the tree lights for $2.50. My main purpose in going out was to get my free snow globe from J.C Penny’s. Each year they hand out miniature snow globes to the early customers. They are Disney inspired and they have the year printed on them. This is kind of like my Black Friday Warrior trophy.


Montour gets the last laugh by winning Class AAA championship

With the exception of 1964, Montour has not produced any championship football teams. More often, their athletes have been the butts of jokes—you may recall when, Hall of Famer Dick Butkus couldn’t produce a winner when he coached them on a reality show. But now, it seems the Spartans may have the last laugh. Montour (11-2) defeated Knoch (12-1) 41-14 to win the WPIAL AAA championship for the first time since 1964. VICTORY CELEBRATION—Montour’s Julian Durden celebrates on the sideline after rushing for 159 yards and scoring four touchdowns to lead the Spartans to 42-14 win over Knoch in the WPIAL Class AAA Championship game. Kent State recruit Julian Durden ran for 159 yards and four touchdowns. The senior running back, two years removed from playing for Pittsburgh CentralCatholic, entered the game with 5,189 career rushing yards and 61 rushing touchdowns over the last three seasons.


New venue, still Black and White

This year’s edition of the Theatre Festival in Black and White is the freshest and most varied on many levels. The Eighth Annual “Theatre Festival in Black and White” “triples” as the first production of the 2011-2012 Pittsburgh Playwright Theatre Company’s season in its new home located at 937 Liberty Ave., Third Floor in the Cultural District, Downtown. TRIO IN TURMOIL—From left: Tara Lyn Zynel as Juliana “Ju Ju”, Camille Lowman as Shahada and Tonita Davidson as Sadiqua in “In My Sistah’s Closet.” (Photo by Aasiyah El-Kirk) The premise of the festival is a microcosm of diversity and inclusion: mash up talents of varying backgrounds to present a theatrical mosaic that offers various genres of playwrights who offer unique perspectives as varied as the subject matter explored. Eight one-plays, eight directors; plays by Black playwrights with White directors and vice versa. Each performance features four one-acts.


Supermodel to debut reality series

(NNPA)—A reality series chronicling the life of former supermodel Beverly Johnson will debut early next year, the Oprah Winfrey Network recently announced. “Beverly’s Full House” will follow the beauty queen and her family as they adjust to living under one roof. BEVERLY JOHNSON “Johnson steps out of her role as glamorous fashion icon and opens her home to her daughter Anansa and son-in-law David and their newborn baby Ava, in an effort to reconnect with her daughter and to help her growing family get ahead financially in a tough economy,” an OWN news release stated.


Pitt Summit: From perceptions to reality

Distortion through media images is not a new phenomenon nor is it going to disappear. It has been a part of our collective culture as long as baseball and apple pie and, until recently, unchallenged. More than a century later in the report of a Heinz Endowment-funded media audit released Nov. 1, analysis suggests that Pittsburgh’s mainstream media contribute to a consistent pattern of what a background paper from the Dellums Commission calls “systematic omissions.”


Robertson: Is mac ‘n’ cheese ‘a Black thing?’

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP)—Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson has been set straight on Thanksgiving comfort food. “The 700 Club” founder showed a clip of Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday. Robertson’s host, Kristi Watts, asked what dish the former secretary of state had to have on Thanksgiving. Rice replied macaroni and cheese. Watts reacted enthusiastically, adding “Sister, that is my dish…” REV. PAT ROBERTSON Appearing perplexed, Robertson asked Watts, who is Black, of the women’s shared enthusiasm for mac ‘n’ cheese, “Is that a Black thing?”


Cursing baby outrages parents

(NNPA)—A new set of dolls sold exclusively at Toys R Us stores nationwide is making a splash—and sinking—with parents. According to news stories and customer reviews on the Toys R Us website, one of the You & Me Interactive Triplet Dolls—the one dressed in pink—needs her mouth washed out with soap. Not so, a Toys R Us representative told IBTimes.com, “the doll is just making baby talk—not using any expletives.” YOU & ME INTERACTIVE TRIPLET DOLLS But parents disagree and are more than upset about it. Fox23 News in Tulsa, Okla., operated the doll for a few people to see whether the doll is saying the word “b**ch.”


Study shows Facebook making world smaller

(NNPA)—It’s a smaller world than you think, especially if you are a member of Facebook, according to researchers at the University of Milan. According to their analysis of Facebook’s database, the average number of acquaintances separating us from someone we already know is 4.74, not the six degrees of separation dramatized by a film and play of the same name.


Black men in the media

The assorted collection of murderers, thieves, robbers, rapists, adulterers, victims, detectives, criminalists, forensic scientists and everyday people look like America on TV’s hot new documentary channel Investigation Discovery. These real-life characters are White, Black, Latino, Asian and, occasionally, Native-American. They include men and women, boys and girls, young, old and in between. Yet, according to two new studies commissioned by The Heinz Endowments and a one-day summit of experts sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Public Affairs this month, young black men and boys rarely appear in daily national and local American news media. But, when they do, the tendency is to present them as the focus of crime coverage, replete with mug shots and perp walks.