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Cover To Cover…‘No One in the world’

You have 24 hours in a day. More than 1,400 minutes, around 86,000 seconds, and you still can’t do everything you need to. Some days, you just want to clone yourself. With two of you, maybe you’d get finished. Double you, and you might actually get ahead. Cobi Aiden Winslow just found his doppelganger in the last place he’d ever think to look. And in the new book “No One in the World” by E. Lynn Harris and RM Johnson, it might be the last thing he ever does. Winslow always had whatever he wanted—except for one thing. From the moment he was adopted, he had maid service in a mansion in the best Chicago neighborhood. He had nice clothes, a law-school education, cars and antiques, but he didn’t have his father’s acceptance.


‘Tower Heist’ film not worth seeing

by Dwight BrownFor New Pittsburgh Courier (NNPA)—In this “Occupy Wall Street” age, pitting the working class against the super rich is a topical theme. Throw in a Bernie Madoff character and there should be more than enough reason for the proletariats to rise up and give greedy, callous billionaires grief. This action comedy’s heart is in the right place, but its screenplay and direction are not.


Brinker inducted into Michigan Construction Hall of Fame

DETROIT, Mich.—Larry S. Brinker Sr., chairman and chief executive officer, Brinker Group was recently inducted into the Michigan Construction Hall of Fame at Ferris State University. He also received the Distinguished Constructor Award for his significant achievements in the Michigan construction industry. Brinker has led the Detroit-based and Detroit-headquartered company for more than 20 years. The Brinker Group consists of five successful commercial contracting firms, including Brinker Team Construction (interior architectural solutions); L.S. Brinker (general contracting and construction manager services); Universal Glass & Metals (full-service glass and glazing); City Carpet & Flooring; and Edgewood Electric. INDUCTED—Dr. David L. Eisler, president of Ferris State University, inducted Larry Brinker at the Awards Banquet.



Adjustable rate mortgages stink

Homeownership “The Great American Dream” is by far the most influential financial goal. People are more motivated to purchase a home than they are to save for emergencies, retirement, college and other financial goals. Perhaps it’s because houses are tangible. You can touch, see and feel a home. Furthermore, shelter is a necessity. We all need a place to live. Make no mistake about it—homeownership is a wonderful thing. I encourage all to become homeowners. I believe that you should get your financial house in order first, then seek homeownership. I agree with comedian George Carlin who said, “The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.”



:10 Others have already done it and Lord knows the Penn State jokes are all over the Internet. But for me there’s nothing funny about children being molested. So I’ll pass on the funny stuff. But I will tell you this …“What goes around…comes around.” :09 Tiger Woods finished 3rd in the Australian Open Nov. 6. That can only mean one thing…that’s right the ladies are back! BILL NEAL


Duquesne coasts to victory over Green Bay

PITTSBURGH (AP)—B.J. Monteiro and Andre Marhold scored 17 points apiece as Duquesne coasted to an 84-66 victory over Green Bay on Sunday. The Dukes (1-1) took a 30-14 lead with 5:47 left in the first half after a 12-1 run, and the Phoenix (1-1) never trailed by less than 10 points after that. SLAM DUNK— Duquesne’s Andre Marhold scores two of his 17 points on a slam dunk against Green Bay during the Dukes 84-66 win in their home opener at the A. J. Palumbo Center on Nov. 13. (Courier Photo/Chris Lopez)


Allderdice shocks top-seeded Brashear

by Malik Vincent There are common words that Allderdice’s coach Jerry Haslett has for people when it comes to his team and their performance in the Nov. 11 City League Semifinal. “I hate to say I told you so,” he said. The Courier’s preseason favorite, Allderdice, went into the game as the No. 4 seed and knocked off Brashear, 6-2. The Bulls hadn’t lost a conference game all year. KEY BLOCK—Allderdice’s Brad Labovic blocks a punt by Matt McHugh of Brashear,which was picked up and returned for a touchdown by Allderdice’s Alfred Diggs in the Dragons 6-2 win over the Bulls in the City League playoffs. (Courier Photos/William McBride) The win clinched themselves a spot in the Nov. 19 City championship game against the U.S.O. (University Prep, Sci-Tech, and Obama) Panthers at Cupples Stadium on the South Side. The game will start at 1 p.m.


Multitalented Key sisters top runners in the City

by Malik Vincent It’s one thing to have to devote time to being one of the young bright artists of Pittsburgh. And it’s another thing to be track and field champs, numbers one and two in Cross Country, and—in the case of one—All-City basketball player. AMBER AND KAYLA KEY (Courier Photos/William McBride/File) This is, indeed, the case for Amber and Kayla Key of East Liberty. Both are Visual Arts majors at the Pittsburgh Public High School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Amber finished second to the younger Kayla for the second year in the row with a time of 21:32 at this year’s Cross Country championships in Schenley Park on Oct. 22. However, the senior Key is a two-time City League track and field champion of the mile event and is looking to take that into the upcoming season and into college.



Hostess gifts, yes or no?

It’s that time of year when we are visiting people for the holidays, often you are invited for a meal or some type of dining will take place while you are visiting friends. Should you or should you not take something to the hostess? That is the question. It is considerate and sometimes expected that you bring a hostess gift to a holiday party. Although the standard gifts of flowers, food or wine are usually appropriate for a meal invitation, even these can be offensive if not chosen and presented with care. The key point to remember is that it is always appropriate to inquire, “Is there anything you would like me to bring?” If you are the hostess don’t be afraid to say no, especially if you have your menu planned. If you do say yes, ask for something that you will need to complete the meal or if all you need is a bag of ice say that.