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End America’s two longest wars

We need to call for an end to Americas’ two longest wars. Two wars that have dragged on for several years: wasted billions of U. S. taxpayer dollars and contributed to thousands of deaths. The social alienation, loss of family and deterioration of community life has been astronomical. No, I am not writing about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, although both are certainly worthy of consideration. I am describing the several decades’ long policy debacles known as the ‘War on Drugs’ and the even more politically charged efforts to substantially reduce ‘youth and gang violence.’ The latter has basically become a ‘War on Youth.’


Etta James vows to retire after CD

(NNPA)—Renowned R&B singer Etta James recently announced that her forthcoming album will mark the end of her 50-year career. According to United Press International, the 73-year-old has faced a bevy of health issues including leukemia over the past year and said that her album “The Dreamer” will signal her retirement. According to EUR Web, she was also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2009. ETTA JAMES The new album, set to be released Oct. 25, will feature new renditions of tracks made famous by Ray Charles, Guns N Roses and Otis Redding. Following the album’s release, she says that she will concentrate on her health.


Cover To Cover…‘White Water’

To everybody else, the sky is blue. But you see it in different shades: a lighter tone next to fluffy gray clouds. Pink and purple, like when the sun goes down. Sometimes, you can even see a dark, angry blue like a bruise, just before a good rainstorm. All around you are colors and if you’re good at pretending, you can imagine what they’d feel like. Green might feel prickly, like grass. Brown might be soft like a puppy. Silver feels cool, like Dad’s car or Mama’s earrings. But what would white taste like if it was water? In the new book “White Water” by Michael S. Bandy and Eric Stein, illustrated by Shadra Strickland, a young boy longs to find out.


‘So You Think They Can’t Dance?’

The August Wilson Center for African American Culture and Savoy Restaurant presented the 2nd Annual “So You Think They Can’t Dance?” at the Cultural District. The AWC stars took center stage with AWC Dance Ensemble company members. CHAUNCEY SMITH AND ANNALEE TRAYLOR


Power Watching

Don’t you just love this time of year? The crispness of the air. Trees showing off their gorgeous fall colors. Our kids settling (hope springs eternal) into the still kinda’ new school year. And, the deluge of new Fall TV shows still rolling out. So little time and so many guilty TV viewing pleasures. Although you know by now that Nielsen is the leading global research company that measures what consumers buy, you also know we do a great job at measuring what consumers watch! And there’s no better time of year to talk about television viewing than Fall.



Understanding mutual funds

My childhood friends and I were very close. We spent practically every waking moment together—playing sports, video games and just hanging out. Looking back on life from an adult point of view, I must say, “we were spoiled “BROKE” kids.” None of us worked or even thought about doing anything to create an income. We just took what our parents gave us and improvised. We were very creative with the little resources and money that was available to us.



:10—Big time shout out for Fred Crawford, the “Q” Frat House and the Highland Park Tennis Club for showing everybody a great time at the Annual Steelers Game Party…you’re all in the “Overtime Locker Room” now! Steelers stomp Arizona…yeah girlfriend, your boy “Brown” was a star; you can come back! :09—You ever notice when you go to a Soul Food restaurants you see Black folks eating, you go to a Italian restaurant you see Italians eating, you go to a French restaurant and…Ok ok, I’ve never been to a French restaurant…But anyway here’s my point…you go to a Chinese restaurant but you never see Chinese people eating…I am just saying??? BILL NEAL


Pitt freshman Birch hoping to live up to hype

by Will Graves PITTSBURGH (AP)—Khem Birch isn’t big on going with the flow. The Pittsburgh freshman wants to stand out, badly. It’s why the former star at Notre Dame Academy (Fitchburg, Mass.) wore long sleeves underneath his jersey while playing in the McDonald’s All-American Game. It’s why he donned a white headband for the Jordan Brand Classic. PROMISING FRESHMAN—Pittsburgh’s Khem Birch goes up for a dunk in a three-player dunk contest after the annual Blue Gold intrasquad game Oct. 22 at the Petersen Events Center in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic) It’s why his otherwise ho-hum hair now features a blonde streak that’s easily visible from the top of the Petersen Events Center. “I just like to be different,” he said. Not just in his sartorial or hairstyle choices either.


Post-season shaping up: Brashear breaks tie, stays undefeated

by Malik Vincent In the wake of the final two weeks of City League football’s regular season, there are glimpses of who the ‘final four’ can be. The top four teams in the league rankings after the final week of the season, will advance to the postseason. Despite a horrid 52-0 loss at the hands of USO (University Prep, Sci-Tech, and Obama) on Oct. 21, Westinghouse is currently clinging on to fourth place in the City. LEADS BULLS—Brashear quarterback Adam Lynch was 10-19 passing and threw two touchdown passes in the Bulls 13-12 win over Perry. (Courier Photos/William McBride) If the City League playoffs were to begin today Westinghouse would, indeed, clinch their first playoff berth in years. However, they still have to go through defending champs Perry and Oliver to get there.