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Rwanda, CMU deal creates controversy

The recent visit to Carnegie Mellon University by Rwandan President Paul Kagame was met with controversy from outside organizations. The announcement of a partnership between Rwanda and the university brought human rights advocates from around the country to the campus, but few represented the voice of Rwandan immigrants or those still living in the Republic of Rwanda. At President Kagame’s speech at CMU Sept. 16, the university announced their plan to establish and operate a CMU campus in Rwanda’s capital Kigali. CMU is the first U.S. research institution to offer degrees in Africa with an in-country presence. PRESIDENT PAUL KAGAME “Indeed this is an important occasion for us because the partnership between CMU and the government of Rwanda has seen the construction of the campus starting in our region,” Kagame said. “We know that despite decades of partnership between developed and non-developed nations, the world remains largely divided in terms of economic ability. Often the quick fix to these imbalances has been that aid flows from rich nations. In many ways this aid has been misused. Countries that possess the skills and knowhow can work with those that do not yet have them. Developing nations will have to review how they conduct their business.”



Hill District Consensus Group celebrates 20 years

At a gala reception Sept. 22, the Hill District Consensus Group celebrated 20 years of advocating for the community in the Hill District. Beginning as a strategic planning group in 1991, four organizations and three community residents felt they needed to form a coalition in the Hill that would show a united force; one that would protect their community from those who would enter without regard to what the ‘community’ desired. HONOREES—Dwayne Cooper Jr., Dame Mary L. Walker and Richard Adams Jr. with the awards. (Photo by J.L. Martello) The Elsie Hillman Auditorium was the venue and County Councilman William Russell Robinson was the emcee for the evening. The auditorium was filled to capacity and floral decorations of lavender and white, shimmering in candle light, was the perfect backdrop for a nostalgic video montage honoring the three community resident founders.


Hill to get part of $4M for small business, job training

by Christian MorrowCourier Staff Writer Thanks to federal initiatives on two different fronts, Pittsburgh will see and influx of funding designed to help businesses expand and hire new employees. There is also funding for training people to acquire the skills those jobs will require. “We’re really very excited about this,” said Pittsburgh Central Keystone Innovation Zone President and CEO William Generett Jr. “There were only 20 awards made out of 200 applications submitted nationally. Our group was the only one in the state to receive this funding.” WILLIAM GENERETT


Jennifer Hudson opens Chicago weight loss center

by Sopia Tareen CHICAGO (AP)—Jennifer Hudson’s name has graced an Oscar and Grammy, but the Chicago native said she never imagined her name would be on a weight loss center that she could use to inspire others. The singer and actress stopped in her home town Tuesday for the opening of “The Weight Watchers Jennifer Hudson Center.” Hudson, who lost about 80 pounds, is a spokeswoman for the company. WINNING POSE—Grammy- and Oscar-winning singer and actress Jennifer Hudson poses at the opening of “The Weight Watchers Jennifer Hudson Center” in Chicago Sept. 27. Hudson has lost 80 pounds and is a spokeswoman for the company. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green) The new center, where walls are covered with posters of the svelte star, is in a strip mall on Chicago’s South Side, not far from President Barack Obama’s home. “I never thought I would make it to have my own center,” said Hudson, who wore a fitted, ruffled black dress and high-heeled studded black boots. “I’m so honored to be here and see this day.”


Kanye: Not a run of mill celebrity fashion line

by Jenny Barchfield PARIS (AP)—Fashion’s most famous aficionado, music star Kanye West, turned pro on Saturday with a luxurious hard-edged women’s collection that bucked all the stereotypes about celebrity designers. West has been a front-row fixture at fashion shows for years, but industry insiders had greeted news that he was planning to launch a line of his own with a more than hefty dose of skepticism and plenty of barbed quips about how it would surely be Lindsay Lohan’s leggings line all over again. BUCKING STEREOTYPES—Rap singer Kanye West acknowledges applause at the end of his spring-summer 2012 ready-to-wear collection. (AP Photo/Francois Mori) So, it was with slightly humbled wonder that the fashion editors, stylists and journalists hand-picked to attend Saturday’s late-night spring-summer 2012 show greeted the sophisticated, highly designed looks on the catwalk.


Salads are nice, but burgers are what really sell

by Christina Rexrode Associated Press Writer NEW YORK (AP)—Americans talk skinny but eat fat. No matter that First Lady Michelle Obama has been on a crusade for a year and a half to slim down the country. Never mind that some restaurants have started listing calories on their menus. Forget even that we keep saying we want to eat healthy. When Americans eat out, we order burgers and fries anyway.


Thousands of Md. drivers ticketed for phone use

BALTIMORE (AP)—Maryland police agencies have issued thousands of tickets to drivers for using hand-held cellphones behind the wheel in the year since a ban took effect. Records from more than 70 police agencies in the state that participate in the Electronic Traffic Information Exchange show 4,021 warnings and 5,227 citations have been issued to drivers who failed to use a hands-free device since the ban went into effect in October 2010. More than half of those warnings and citations were issued by state troopers.



Cain is brainwashed and brain dead

(NNPA)—Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain professes to know why most African-Americans don’t vote for Republicans—they are brainwashed. Cain’s decision to insult people he hopes will vote for him proves that he is both brainwashed and brain dead.“African-Americans have been brainwashed into not being open minded, not even considering a conservative point of view,” Cain said on CNN’s The Situation Room. He added, “I have received some of that same vitriol simply because I am running for the Republican nomination as a conservative. So it’s just brainwashing and people not being open minded, pure and simple.”



Omaina Aree Nelson The best way to a man’s heart

(REAL TIMES MEDIA)—One of the most bizarre things about the United States of America is the variability of our legal system. You steal $100 and you go to jail, you steal a $100,000 and you have a congressional hearing and keep your fortune. A murder in one state will send you to the electric chair, but if you’re a different color and commit the same crime 20 miles away in another state you might get life in prison. On Wednesday October 5th, America will again bear witness to the bizarre vagaries of our legal system when Omaima Aree Nelson seeks parole after serving 20 years in a California prison for one of the most ridiculous and grotesque crimes in U.S. history.


Remembering the Black Panther Party

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party. The Black Panthers were originally founded in October of 1966 as the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. The group was formed by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in response to police brutality and misconduct in Oakland, Calif. Deeply influenced by the revolutionary philosophy of Malcolm X and shaped by the post-WWII anti-colonial and anti-imperialist movements throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America, the Black Panther Party evolved from a community-based group in Oakland, to a national movement with offices and programs throughout urban America and elsewhere.