Daily Archive: September 23, 2011


Cover To Cover…‘Marching for Freedom’

You are an observant kid. You pay attention. For awhile now, you’ve listened to the news and you’ve got opinions. You know what you’d do about war if you were president. You’ve got ideas on how to stop poverty, hunger, and other world problems. So what can a kid like you do? Spend some time listening to “Marching For Freedom”, the new audiobook by Elizabeth Partridge, performed by Alan Bomar Jones. You’ll see that you don’t have to be an adult to cause change. Ten-year-old Joanne Blackmon was baffled. Her grandma only wanted to register to vote, but the sign on the courthouse said “closed.” Joann and her grandmother waited and were soon joined by others who wanted to register, too.


Mamet’s ‘Race’ passes plot to judgment

The season opener of Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theater will certainly generate conversation. Such is usually the case with plays written by David Mamet, he has made a name for himself as a provocateur and has clearly earned his stripes with a play titled “Race” in these days of an alleged post-racial America. Mamet consistently goes for the jugular with his over-the-top style of confrontation, shocking and overlapping dialogue. So it should be no surprise that “Race,” making its Pittsburgh premiere after its 2009-10 season run on Broadway, has captured the attention of local critics and theatergoers alike.


My lady friend has been confused!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I am 55 and my lady friend is 45. She had a child when we met and we have been together for 10 years, soon to be 11. I am the only father her daughter knows. Recently she has obviously distant herself from me. Gwendolyn, she went on to explain that in our 10 year relationship there has been no engagement or marriage proposal. She said she feels I need to get someone else because she has put enough time into me. I told her that in those years she was always trying to get herself together. To me, she still is not together.


Bond elected chairman, National Alliance of Market Developers

PHILADELPHIA (NNPA)—The National Alliance of Market Developers, Inc., announced that Norm Bond has been elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the organization. Bond, an entrepreneur and twenty year marketing veteran is president of NORMBOND & Associates, a strategic marketing and consulting company. He is also the immediate past national president. Bond defeated Deborah Crable of Chicago for the position. NORM BOND Born in Philadelphia, Bond is widely recognized as an international authority on marketing, corporate diversity, sales and multicultural issues. His specific marketing experience includes broadcast media, print, radio, electronic communications and live events. During his career in NAMD Bond served for eight years as president of the Philadelphia Chapter and two years as the national president.



Profiling the credit scoring system

Before I go into details about credit scores, let me first say that your focus should always be on raising your net worth as opposed to raising your credit score. A high credit score emphasizes you managing your debt. A high net worth emphasizes you eliminating your debt. When you apply for a car loan, insurance, credit cards, personal loans or a home loan, etc the loan officer will evaluate your FICO score also known as a credit score.



:10 Hello…Too Sweet Bar and Grill…“You stab-um we’ll slab-um!” Who! Yeah wait, hold on a minute.Yo Johnny tell Pacquiao he’s wanted on the phone, some dude named “Mayweather.” I don’t know where he’s at, he was over there shooting pool with Oscar De La Hoya. Ask Lou. Hey Lou…Lou…tell Pac that Floyd Mayweather’s on the phone…he says he’s got some thunder and lighting for him. Huh? Ok, ok I’ll tell him. Hey Bobby…Lou said Pac went running out the back door, said something about picking up “Victor Ortiz” and they ain’t never coming back !!! BILL NEAL


Who says kids aren’t getting an education?

by Jim LitkeAssociated Press Writer (AP)—Who says college athletes aren’t getting an education? Three weeks ago, in the wake of yet another scandal, we wondered where so many of them got the idea that taking fistfuls of cash from boosters and agents was OK. Now we know: from their university presidents.



Time flies by

It seems like I just put my winter clothes away, now I’m beginning to pull them out again. I just bought a new pair of boots to add to my fall/winter wardrobe. It is the ninth month of the year and the Halloween decorations are on the shelf. Is it time for me to bring out my pumpkin collection or should I at least wait until Oct. 1? I also need to think about my Halloween costume for work. The best one wins time off from work or a gift card. If the first nine months flew by this fast the next nine should fly by as well.