Daily Archive: September 16, 2011


Once-paralyzed Penn State football player continues to beat the odds

(NNPA)—Adam Taliaferro, a former Penn State football player who overcame an injury which once paralyzed him, is running for a soon-to-be vacant seat in New Jersey. Taliaferro, 29, is among seven candidates running for the seat of Gloucester County freeholder, a position equivalent to a city council member. The position is opening due to the retirement of current Freeholder Warren Wallace. Adam Taliaferro “As much as I will miss Dr. Wallace…I will welcome Adam with open arms,” Freeholder Heather Simmons told The Gloucester County Times. Taliaferro “is talented and intelligent and insightful, and he brings a focus on teamwork and perseverance, and a talent of working with people to accomplish tasks that others would think were impos­sible.”



‘The Help’

I didn’t feel compelled to write about “The Help” until I overheard someone White say that it looks like a funny movie. Are you kidding me? Obviously this person had not read the book. I tried to explain to her what the book was about. When I relayed information that I had witnessed first-hand, Black women cleaning for $8 a day and car fare (bus fare), she thought I was making up a story. This was not fiction and it took place in Pittsburgh, Pa., in the ’50s and ’60s. It took me a while to see the movie but I finally made it. Largely in part because it was the No. 1 movie at the box office for about three weeks, so it was still at the big movie houses. On the Labor Day weekend I went to see “The Help” the theater was packed. I hope all of these people read the book.