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How legislation will affect 38,000 women

Dear Editor: No matter where you stand on abortion, approximately 38,000 women will get abortions in Pennsylvania. Well over 90 percent of the abortions will take place in the first-trimester of pregnancy, less than .01 percent will involve a complication and the vast majority will take place in one of the twenty free-standing abortion facilities in Pennsylvania.


Cover To Cover…‘Haiti After the Earthquake’

You’ve seen devastation before. But this one struck your heart. Maybe it was because it happened with absolutely no warning. One minute, everything was fine—the next minute, buildings had collapsed with people beneath them. One minute, sunshine—the next minute, clouds of dust. It’s been almost two years since Haiti was wracked by earthquakes. So much has happened to that fierce little country, and in the new book “Haiti After the Earthquake” by Paul Farmer, you’ll read about progress, prevention, and a future the author hopes to see.


I?think I’ll quit my boyfriend after 37 years!

Dear Gwendolyn: For 37 years I have given my love to a man that still doesn’t seem to want me for his wife. The romance started years ago. For me, it was “love at first sight.” We dated for three years, he got married, got a divorce, and the rest of his life has been with me. Although, we never lived together. I thought this man had actually descended from Heaven when we started dating again. To me, every day was a holiday and every night was a celebration. Gwendolyn, how can some women get any man they want while other women cannot even get one? My mother used to tell me that I was throwing away my life. But one day she said, “It’s good you are happy with him.” Yes, I have put in the years but I am not sorry. However, I am at the crossroad of deciding to quit him or continue to court. I am 66 and he is 74. I have been happy all those years and I am happy now. What do you think I should do?—Brenda



Understanding life insurance

Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. Death is one of those subjects that we tiptoe around. The reality is death is a certainty of life. Nobody knows the exact hour. To ensure that your goals, dreams, wishes and responsibilities to your dependents don’t cease with you, it’s important that we plan for our mortality.


H&R Block won’t offer refund-backed loans in 2012

by Eileen AJ?ConnellyAssociated Press Writer NEW YORK (AP)—H&R Block Inc. said Tuesday that it won’t offer refund anticipation loans next tax season because it’s getting more new clients and the appeal of the high-cost loans is shrinking. Kansas City, Mo.-based Block prepared 6.5 percent more tax returns this year, even though it lost its bank funding for making loans based on anticipated federal tax returns just before tax season. Regulators ordered the bank that provided the money, HSBC, to stop funding the loans.



BILL NEAL :10 First of all my sincere apologies to Coach Ringo Saunders, G.M. Nedome Lowe and the great players of Bump Yes. “Magic” Mike Williams, Thomas “Bum” Coates, Ronnie McCrae, Len “Houndini” Johnson, The Twins and the Knockout Artist Kenny Lewis and the entire organization…My Bad…My Bad…My Bad! And I know you’re not going to believe it and think I did it just to stir up talk but I didn’t. It was truly an accident. Here’s the revised list. The Top 10 Connie Hawkins Teams of all time and for that matter in the nation because at that time the Connie Hawkins League was ranked as one of the Top 10 summer leagues in the nation. (l) Rankin Gangsters, Coach Eddie Jefferies—3 Titles (2) Cosmic Echroes, Coach Slade & Johnson—2 Titles (3) The Force, Coach Rich Allen—2 Titles (4) Bump Yes, Coach Ringo Saunders—2 Titles (5) The Rebels, Coach Karen Hall—2 Titles (6) Panthers, Coach Rico Appendanza—2 Titles (7) Rise High, Coach “Dre”—2 Titles (8) The Heat, Coach Ron Bogus—1 Title (9) The Grayhounds, Coach Andre McDonald—1 Title…And I might add most important title) Four way tie—All with one (1) Title 1. Fire—Coach Tuna Fish 2. Clariton’s Finest—Coach “Hook” 3. Big’s Storm—Coach “Skip” —(Thanks for the shutout) 4. The Nets—Coach Titus. And yes “Bump Yes” did bring “The noise” and man did they bring “The Funk” now having said all that I still don’t like ya’ll!… You stole one from me at Peabody!! Now shut up mmmaaannn! (Just kidding much love and respect…Hey who was that left handed guy, he was killing us?)


Gateway looks to the heavens to scalp Penn Hills

Gateway coach Terry Smith knew his Gators would have a long uphill climb this season. Team leader and Division I recruit Darrell Turner was killed June 23 in a shooting in Durham, N. C. The players are wearing Turner’s No. 25 on their helmets this season and T-shirts designed by assistant coach Greg Scales. On the front is a black helmet with No. 25 on it and wings surrounding it. On the back is Turner’s name and No. 25. LOOKING TO THROW—Gateway quarterback Thomas Woodson looks to throw against Penn Hills. Woodson passed for 106 yards and one TD in the Gators 19-13 win Sept. 9. The Gators, playing with the all-out attacking determination that they learned from Turner, were able to grind out a 19-13 victory over the Penn Hills Indians Sept. 9 at Yuhas-McGinley Stadium. The Gators, led by 280-pound offensive guard and captain Ryan Doyle, ran 13-times on a 14-play, 90-yard scoring drive. Patrick Livsey scored from one-yard out to give Gateway a 6-0 lead.