Monthly Archive: August 2011


We have been faking the funk

(NNPA)—“Fake the funk and your nose will grow.”. Those words by American poet George Clinton weren’t exactly correct. We have been faking the funk but our noses aren’t growing. However, our noses are certainly “wide open”. Collectively, we have had this big love affair with our current President. Why all this love? It is simply because we have proclaimed him Black. Yes, Black like us but the fact is he is not Black like us—far from it. His father was a Black Kenyan, who he hardly knew. His mother was absolutely White and for the most part she raised him along with her Indonesian husband in Indonesia. After that he was given to his White grandparents. These were his formative years and there was no Blackness in any of the aura.


Kelly Strayhorn recreates legendary Hurricane Lounge at Kaufmann Center

COL Jazz, the next generation of jazz greats to come out of Pittsburgh, took the Kaufmann Center stage as part of the Hurricane Lounge series, collaboration between the Kelly Strayhorn Theater and the Hill House’s recently renovated Elsie H. Hillman Kaufmann Center. The initiative, which was held the second Sunday of each month throughout the summer, featured established and up-and-coming jazz artists performing in a café-like setting to a live audience. THE COL JAZZ BAND (Photo by J.L. Martello) “Continuing in the Hill District’s rich history of Jazz, it’s exciting to have these afternoons where we bring young musicians to the Kaufmann Center,” said Jennifer Sciullo, audience development director at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater. The members of COL Jazz were excited to continue the legacy of Jazz in the historic Hill District.


Cover To Cover…‘How to Get Out of Your Own Way’

They say the economy’s getting better. They say things are looking up, that business is starting to recover. But they couldn’t prove it by you. For months now, you’ve been spinning your wheels in the sand, your dreams on hold along with your life. You’re wondering if the economy is to blame or if there’s something else… In the new book “How to Get Out of Your Own Way” by Tyrese Gibson, you’ll see that your problems may be attributed to something much closer. Growing up in a rough area, south of L.A.’s Watts neighborhood, Gibson had plenty of opportunities to get in trouble. Gangs were all over, but—despite that his father was absent and his mother was an alcoholic—Gibson somehow avoided the worst. It helped that his stepfather guided him, and that he had a regular church life.


I don’t know what to do with my house!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: Last month I turned 88 and gave myself a great birthday party. I invited people I had worked with years ago before my retirement. I invited my church family, neighbors, and, of course, my family. I am the mother of seven—now all deceased. They were loving smart ambitious kids, but their children turned out to be lazy trifling bums. I hate to refer to them in such a negative way, but the truth is the truth.


Goodbye job, hello entrepreneurship

(NNPA)—The unemployment rate in the United States was last reported at 9.1 percent in July of 2011, begs us to ask the question should we hold our breath for economy to get rolling again? The current fragile and painful economic crisis has us holding our breath for relief on the near horizon for possible real change to reduce the worsening growth gap between the richest Americans and the middle-class and poor families.



:10—Ok, if “they” want to continue playing the anti-Terrelle Pryor game then let’s play the every other quarterback with lesser physical skills and college success can’t play quarterback and must move to another position game too! (Man is that a run on sentence or what). BILL NEAL :09—This Week’s Shout-Out: Everybody’s main man “Prentis” aka “The Rev” kept all of us in line when we came into the basketball arena. He was part of that great playing era with Ed Fleming, “Super Duper” Dupree, Delton Herd, Connie Hawkins and others. But most importantly he really taught us the right way to do things. And still does. (He ain’t dead man!!) Now he has the impossible job of teaching Parker and Butchie right from wrong up at the East Hills Giant Eagle. Good luck with that…you know they think they know everything…well that’s Fifth Avenue and Westinghouse grads for ya.


Raiders use 3rd-round pick to select Pryor

NAPA, Calif. (AP)—The Oakland Raiders used a third-round pick Monday in the NFL’s supplemental draft to select Jeanette, Pa. native and former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor. The Raiders and the league announced that Oakland used the 18th selection of the round for Pryor. Oakland forfeits its third-round selection in the 2012 draft. Pryor’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said his client was excited about going in the third round. HEADED TO OAKLAND—This Jan. 4, file photo shows Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor celebrating amid confetti following Ohio State’s 31-26 win over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl at the Louisiana Superdome, in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Dave Martin, File) “We’re tickled and thrilled that Terrelle went in the third round and to the Raiders,” Rosenhaus said. “The third round is quite an accomplishment for a young man who had his pro day 48 hours ago and didn’t know he would be in the draft until Thursday morning and wasn’t able to meet with any decision makers.”



You say it’s your ­birthday

There is nothing like a birthday celebration. I just had a birthday and, unlike some, I couldn’t wait to celebrate. I try to celebrate for the entire month of August. I have joined several birthday clubs and now I get a lot of free things. This year I received meals, ice cream, Italian ice and store discounts. All of my BFFs took me out or gave me gifts. We do that for each other. One funny thing happened during our celebration at a Japanese restaurant. I saw several tables around us getting birthday greetings with a big sparkler. I told my friends to make sure I got that as well. So the wait staff come to our table, sang happy birthday, gave me a dish of ice cream with a candle and the big sparkler. When we got our bill there was a charge for the birthday celebration. I was outdone. Any time I’ve gone to other restaurants and they sing for your birthday and bring you a free dessert, that is right free, no additional charge.



Knoxville area ­explodes with gun violence

Beginning Aug. 14, a spike in what police are calling retaliatory gun violence left five dead and several others seriously injured across the city within a 24-hour period. The vast majority of the victims had criminal backgrounds, and though several were shot in front of multiple witnesses, Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper said his department is receiving little, if any, help from the community. NATE HARPER “If 30 people are standing around talking after an incident, even if its rumors—we need to be part of that discussion,” Harper said during an Aug. 19 press conference about the rash of shootings. He said the recent shootings were actually triggered 10 days earlier when Chris Michaux, 19, was killed outside a friend’s house on the North Side, less than an hour after his mother had been shot on her porch in the same Perry South neighborhood.