Daily Archive: July 22, 2011


‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’

by Dwight Brown For New Pittsburgh Courier (NNPA)—It’s on! After a lackluster sequel the Transformers franchise gets its mojo back. “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” is the first event movie of the summer, and though it is not perfect, it’s a contender for sci-fi action film bragging rights. Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) can’t get any respect. He’s saved America from giant, savage robots, has been commended by President Obama, but can’t find a job in Washington D.C. and is mooching off his lovely girlfriend, Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley). He finally gets a gig in an office as a mailboy, and sooner than later an enigmatic, geeky Asian dude (Ken Jeong, “Hangover”) hips him to a devious master plot that could devour the earth.


Cover To Cover…‘The Strawberry Letter’

You just don’t know what to do. There’s this problem you have to deal with, but it’s kind of thorny and you’re at a loss. You can’t ask your Mama because, well, she’s your Mama. Your best friend is always good at advice, but she can talk and with a sensitive issue like yours, that’s the last thing you need. Can’t afford a counselor. Can’t take this to your pastor. So you throw yourself on the mercy of a voice that sounds like its owner knows what she’s saying. And in the new book “The Strawberry Letter” by Shirley Strawberry (with Lyah Beth LeFlore), you’ll see that you’re not alone. It was not cool to be smart back when Shirley Strawberry was growing up in Chicago, but her uncle made her proud of her brains. Every chance he got, he made sure to show her off, and he inspired her to continue her education. But radio called and Strawberry went for air.


I’m dumping my boyfriend because…

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: Last year I met a wonderful man and we started dating. I love him and he has asked for my hand in marriage. I have never been married and at times lost all hope in doing so. I am 78 and he is 86. We both reside at a nursing home with assisted living. We each have our separate semi-apartment, but I often find myself late at night tipping to spend the night with him. That is, providing the nurses at the medical station are not being alert on duty. I said all that to say this: He has terrible bad breath. How can I tell him that his breath stinks? I don’t want to lose him. After all, at 78 you don’t get proposals.— Susan



Rebounding after a divorce

A guy that I grew up with recently tracked me down to discuss a situation with his marriage that has taken a turn for the worst. His wife of 15 years told him that she wanted to get a divorce. I could hear the pain in his voice. He was devastated. He did not understand why she would want to leave. He wondered if she’d been having an affair. He wondered what he’d done wrong. The subject of divorce blindsided him. He knew that they were having financial problems but he did not think the problems were big enough to end his marriage. The guy that I remember growing up was hardworking, opinionated, handsome, charming, engaging and funny. It was odd speaking to a guy whom I’ve always seen as strong and independent sounding broken down, beaten up and vulnerable.


Back to square one for a payoff

(NNPA)—It’s time for you to become the da Vinci of your own new self-portrait.The great thing about New Year’s resolutions, June weddings, and August Back to School is that it offers everyone a chance to clean their slate and start new beginnings. The self-portrait journal is designed to share the steps, methods and eternal truths that empowered me to discover my values, goals, purpose, and ability to achieve results and experience profound fulfillment. Do them at your own pace. There is no time limit. They deserve your undivided attention.


Wait until fall for smaller car

by Dee-Ann Durbin and Tom KrisherAssociated Press Writers ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP)—Thinking of trading in the clunker in your garage for something that gets better gas mileage? Wait a little longer. Small car prices, which have set record highs this year, are expected to come down this fall.



PRE-GAME NOTE: EDDIE JEFFERIES GET WELL SOON. WE LOVE YOU MAN! :10 By now you are fully aware of the passing of Armon Gilliam, one of our area’s all time greatest champions. What you may not know is that not one of the local TV stations or major daily newspapers covered his funeral. The only media on hand was your New Pittsburgh Courier. Armon was a15 year NBA superstar; No. 2 NBA draft selection; UNLV College All American and Hall of Famer; tremendous financial giver to local charities and no one thought his funeral was worthy of coverage…C’MON MAN !!! You need to put this paper down right now and call those media outlets mentioned above and ask why they didn’t cover the passing of this great man. Remember, if they disrespect him they will disrespect you. BILL NEAL


Armon Gilliam…Lay Your Hammer Down

It is in fact like what they say in the movies, it’s as though life passes before you in slow motion…everything seems to slow down and you begin to ask yourself what’s real and what’s not. But now we know the reality of a life lost far too soon is very real. Armon Louis Gilliam left the court July 5, doing one of the things he loved most, playing basketball. I say one of the things he loved most because unbeknownst to many of us he loved doing many things and was quite accomplished in other areas. REST IN PEACE—Family and friends of Armon Gilliam leave gravesite after interment, July 13. (Courier Photo/Rossano P. Stewart)




How fast is a motorized wheelchair supposed to go and where, the street or the sidewalk? Just last week I heard about a motorized chair going the wrong way in traffic, several accidents were caused and traffic was tied up during rush hour. Almost daily I see someone in the street in a motorized wheel chair. You don’t know what to do, should you honk, pass or give them the right of way? I did a little research to see what the laws are for these chairs and scooters. According to PennDot (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) self-propelled wheel­chairs (electric wheel­chairs) or an electric mobility device, specifically designed for and used by an individual with a mobility-related disability in lieu of walking, can be used on the berm of a roadway. These devices are not considered vehicles as defined by Section 102 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, so they are not subject to titling, registration, insurance, inspection and driver licensing laws. Operators of these devices should follow laws related to and be treated by motorists the same as a pedestrian.