Daily Archive: May 27, 2011


‘Maids’ deserve protection against sexual assault

(NNPA)—On Saturday, May 16, the western world was shocked to learn that a world banker, Dominique Strauss Kahn, had been arrested for allegedly attempting to rape a woman and sexually assaulting her in an upscale hotel room in Manhattan, N.Y. However, the reporting of the story rang all-too familiar for working-class and immigrant people in the United States and around the world. Nearly every report on the incident provided a career biographical sketch on Mr. Straus Kahn, but referred to the nameless victim as merely a “maid,” “chamber maid,” “cleaning woman,” or other less than dignified titles. The effect of such titles on the victim reduces her to a status lower than mother, daughter, and human being.



Millennials and death of Osama bin Laden

(REAL TIMES MEDIA)—The smoke has cleared, the accusations are flying and Obama’s poll numbers are coming back down to Earth. Clearly the effect of the President’s successful killing of Osama bin Laden have worn off and the nation can go back to being concerned about more relevant issues like the economy, which rapper is visiting the White House and whether or not Donald Trump is running as a candidate or is simply a running joke. However, there has also been a bit of reflection especially on the American left, about what Osama bin Laden’s death really means to America and more importantly how to look at the massive celebrations that occurred throughout the nation. I’ll go on record as saying they were perfectly understandable and we need to give those kids a break.


Cover To Cover…Teenie

When you were a little kid, you relied on your parents for everything. You needed them to make sure you were clean and dressed. Without them, there wouldn’t have been food in the house (let alone on the table!). They kept you safe, entertained, and disciplined. These days, though, you don’t need Mom or Dad quite as much. You can dress yourself and you know where food comes from. You’re growing up. But in the new book “Teenie” by Christopher Grant, a young girl learns that safety with her parents is as close as she needs it—and she needs it a lot.


My boyfriend ruined my credit!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: Two years ago I met a man who appeared to be “Mr. Right.” He was handsome, tall and had the perfect body build for a man. After dating for two weeks, he moved in. You see…things were going good for me. I had received housing assistance and later accepted a job at a fast food restaurant. My rent increased a bit, but that is expected when the government is helping you to survive this high cost world of living. This is the problem: Immediately after moving in, his car broke. I let him use my credit card to get it fixed. Besides repairing the car, he purchased (with my card) a set of new tires with new type of silver rims. He also purchased new upholstery and had the car painted. All of this came to over $7,000.



Understanding retirement plans

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrases 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Roth, TSP, and 457 plans. Do you know what they mean? Are these the latest Levi Blue Jeans? Are these the new and approved Mazda, Honda, Lexus series? If you’re having a difficult time sorting out the “alphabet soup” of retirement plans, don’t feel ashamed. While many people have heard of the different types of retirement plans, very few understand the difference between these plans. If you ever set in on one of those 401(k) meetings at work or met with a financial advisor, you’ll understand why. Most financial professionals use a language that’s suited for another financial geek not the everyday layperson. In this article, you’ll get a basic overview of the various retirement plans written in everyday English.


Fixed mortgage rates touch new low

by Janna HerronAssociated Press Writer NEW YORK (AP)—Fixed mortgage rates fell this week to the lowest point of the year, offering incentive for homeowners to save money by refinancing their loans. Freddie Mac said Thursday that the average rate on the 30-year loan fell to 4.61 percent. That’s down from 4.63 percent and the lowest level since mid-December. The average rate on the 15-year fixed mortgage, a popular refinance option, slipped to 3.80 percent from 3.82 percent. That marked the lowest point since late November.



:10—Tiger, you may think I am trying to play you but in order to win again you must start playing all 18 holes on a course…I am just saying some things just can’t be explained in this universe you just have to do it! :9—Hey J.J. Barrea, backup point guard for the Dallas Mavs. I take back everything I said, “you got game!” :8—My last hope is the Bulls feel the spirit of M.J. and RISE-UP. Can’t stand James, Wade or Bosh. Don’t ask me why I just can’t. BILL NEAL


Ozanam benefit recognizes its achievers

by Malik Vincent People gathered on May 21 to recognize the contributions of both current and former Ozanam alumni, coaches, volunteers, and sponsors at its benefit dinner at Damon’s Grill and Sports Bar, Downtown. Vince Sims of WPXI-TV served as the evening’s Master of Ceremonies and conducted the silent auction. Some of the items sold included a ‘legends’ basketball signed by several greats, or what they refer to as “legendary alumni” that have participated in the program over the years. Another was a wood-burned art rendering by OZ’s executive director Curtis Cureton. There was also a raffle that included an autographed football signed by Robin Cole, Mike Meriwether, Mel Blount, and Craig Bingham—to name a few, as well as other sports-related items. OZANAM STAFF AND ALUMNI—Front row, from left: OZ Executive Assistant Darelle Porter, Alumna Dr. Mary Myers, Girls’ Program Director Karen Hall, and Executive Director Curtis Cureton. Back row, from left: Alumnus Chuck Crummie, Dwight “Ice Man” Clay, Jennifer Bruce-Scott, Chuck Franklin, Kirk Bruce, and acclaimed actor Lamman Rucker, who served as the event’s keynote speaker. “Until Ozanam gets the proper funding, it’s going to be a struggle,” program alumni Dwight Clay said. “Now, you can see that they’re on the right track to developing that type of leadership and following but they still need the funding.”



Can you hear the buzz?

By now you have heard the buzz. Yes, it is the buzz of a new radio station in Pittsburgh. We’ve heard this buzz before, the promise of a radio station that plays R&B music all day and night. I’ve been told to get over it, stop thinking about the past get a subscription to SiriusXM radio and keep it moving. I didn’t want to do that. XM and Sirius radio sound canned, I want local traffic, news and talk, yeah some Black talk with Black people. I did finally break down and purchase a new cell phone that comes with Pandora Radio. With Pandora I can hear what I want to hear and a few commercials played from time to time, however there is no news or traffic, no personality. That’s it, that is what’s missing, personality, that is what a deejay gives to a station—the personality, the flavor if you will is what has been removed from so many things in our microwave society.


Three Rivers Youth presents The Nellie Leadership Awards at the Cotton Club

On Friday, May 6, more than 200 guests went back in time as Three Rivers Youth presented “The Nellie Awards at The Cotton Club.” The upper lobby of USX Tower was transformed into the famous club that was the center of style and fun in Harlem’s hey day. Guests took the escalator right to the entrance of the A-Train and made stops at the red carpet for a souvenir picture by photographer Ahmad Sandidge. HEADING TO THE THERESA HOTEL—Debra Acklin, George Miles, Janet Miles, Peggy Harris, Claudette Lewis and Robert Hill. (Photos by Debbie Norrell) After their photo op it was time to peruse the photographs by Teenie Harris, view the silent auction items, enjoy the music, sip on signature drinks such as the “Billie Holiday” and the “Cab Calloway,” and enjoy the food prepared with a Harlem twist- collard greens, fried chicken, sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese peppered the menu. The presentation of the Nellie Awards took place in a recreation of the Theresa Hotel. Master of Ceremony, Andrew Stockey (anchor WTAE-TV) welcomed the well-dressed group to the program portion of the evening.