Daily Archive: May 25, 2011


We have to raise the debt ceiling

(NNPA)—A recent Gallup poll found that 47 percent of all Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling. Only 19 percent support raising the ceiling past its current $12.1 trillion dollar limit. The remainder of us say we don’t know enough about the debt ceiling to have an opinion. That’s part of our problem. More of us know about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s baby mama drama than about our nation’s finances. And, more of us are actually interested in the sordid drama than in a decision that may ultimately affect our nation’s financial health. Of course, most of us have no dog in the Schwarzenegger mess, and all of us are impacted by these budget decisions. We have no choice but to raise the debt ceiling, and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is insisting on draconian budget cuts as the price for Republican acquiescence to increase the debt ceiling. He wants cuts that hurt education, senior citizens, and the needy, and he may well have the political clout to impose such cuts.


Letter To The Editor…Where is Black church in Jordan Miles case?

Dear Editor: An eerie yet deafening silence illuminates from the steeples of the Pittsburgh Black Church; Particularly the East End churches. It’s been 494 days and counting since the brutal beating of a college-bound high school senior, occurring just footsteps from a number of these churches, yet not one noticeable peep from any of them. Where are you Homewood Church of Christ, First Baptist, Good Hope Baptist, Ethan ­Temple, Baptist Temple, Bethany, Bethesda Church of God, Bethlehem Temple, Carrone Baptist, Petra Ministries, Mount Ararat Baptist, Hosanna, Pentecostal, Covenant, etc.? There have been protest marches, rallys, fund­raisers and sit-ins, yet silence on your end.


Letter To The Editor…Handing education over to free enterprise

Dear Editor: Many voters have read about the ultimate goal of the “vouchers proponents” to totally eliminate government involvement in the schooling of children and to hand education over to free enterprise. And we know that Senator Piccola, chair of the Senate Education Committee, is a spokesperson for the Foundation for Education Choice which exists solely to fulfill the Milton Friedman vision to achieve this. Senate Bill 1 is written to remove every government regulation that has protected our children since 1938. There are no civil rights protections, hence, no special education services required. There is no required curriculum, no requirement to report abuse, no oversight of how funds are spent, and no required assessment of learning.


Out & About with Brotha Ash

This week I visited Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Oakland, Savoy Restaurant in the Strip District, CJ’s in the Strip District, Calvary Baptist Church in the Hill District, St. Benedict the Moor Hall in the Hill District and Obsessions Ultra Lounge and Restaurant in the Strip District. My first stop was at St. Benedict the Moor Hall, where the Black Sapphire’s held a cabaret and Clarissa celebrated her birthday with family and friends. RIP THE RUNWAY MODELS at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Oakland.


Arts & Culture Calendar

Thursday 26 Stage play IMPACT (Interceding Making Positive Actions Come Together) program of Divine Intervention Ministries presents “If You Must Shoot, Shoot Me! But Leave My Brother Alone” Stage Play at 6 p.m. at Ebenezer Baptist Church, 2001 Wylie Ave., Hill District. This production portrays the choices, chances and consequences of unchecked anger, bullying and unhealthy life choices. Evangelist Beverly Broadus Green, the mother of rapper Snoop Dogg and motivational speaker, will be the special guest. The event is free and open to public. For more information, call Debra Germany at 412-303-5043 or email dtm1003@comcast.net.


CEED receives $300,000

In Pittsburgh to present the organization, Christian Evangelistic Economic Development with a $300,000 grant, Willie C. Taylor, regional director of the U.S. Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration considers CEED as a key contributor to the region’s pursuit to empower people to implement innovative solutions to social and economic challenges. “Your ability to serve as a catalyst for community transformation and economic growth is and will be vital to the Greater Pittsburgh region’s long-term economic well-being,” he said during a recent press conference. The grant will be used to provide technical assistance to economically distressed microenterprises in the Pittsburgh region. COMMUNITY PLANTERS—CEED leaders Rev. Ray Parker, founder and Rufus Idris, executive director received a $300,000 grant from the Economic Development Administration. (Photos by Diane I. Daniels)


Introducing new voices in small business development

by William ReedFor New Pittsburgh Courier Ensuring that every American has the chance to improve their economic circumstances through hard work, saving, entrepreneurship, and other productive activities is essential to build a healthy country and society. With small business owners and entrepreneurs in traditionally underserved communities continuing to face challenges accessing capital, much attention is being focused on the U.S. Small Business Administration initiatives aimed at increasing SBA backed loans to small businesses in these markets.


Avoid big money mistakes

As the economy moves to a more expansionary phase, lenders are easing credit standards and many consumers are looking to purchase “big ticket” items such as appliances and autos or make major home repairs. This pent up demand and seemingly mad rush to buy can cause some people to make financial decisions that can take years to unravel. Why do so many well-meaning people make big money mistakes?


Business Calendar

Federal contracting workshop MAY 25—The U.S. Small Business Administration will host a Federal Contracting workshop from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. at Riverside Center for Innovation, 700 River Ave., 1st floor Conference Room, North Side. This is geared towards MBE/WBE and Veteran-owned businesses and includes 8(a), HUBZone and Women Certifications. It is free and registration is requested. For more information, call Marisa Fentzel at 412-395-6560 ext. 109 or Judith Kirby at 412-395-6560 Ext. 123.


‘Keepers’ of the Bling

During the past year we have heard all of the verbiage concerning the lockout or should I say legal and economic arm wrestling between the NFL and its players. The lockout or strike, depending on what side of the fence that you sit on, is now in its eleventh week. Regardless of what “we” think or feel, this interruption of America’s version of “Gladiators Daily” is not about the love or playing the sport of pro football. The responsibility belongs to more than the players, owners and NFL in regards to disrupting America’s football “fix.”