Daily Archive: May 20, 2011


My grandson is being pulled from the graduation line!

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: We as adults need to recall our younger years. This is the problem: My grandson wrote an article for the senior paper. The article was turned down. My grandson says that the editor of the senior class paper does not like him. I think there was a rivalry at one time over a girl. Well, whatever! That should not have had any bearing on my grandson—but it did. Just to prove his article was going to be viewed, my grandson printed it and had it distributed throughout the campus and throughout the city. Someone alerted the school and he was notified that he would not be marching with his class. He has worked so hard and is the third grandchild to complete a college education.



Are you ‘ballin’ outta control’ or are you ‘spending out of control?’

I’m both ghetto and bourgeois. Before I go any further, allow me to first explain to my bourgeois friends what “ballin-outta-control” means. Ballin-outta-control is urban vernacular slang. It means to do well, succeed, or ascend to the top of your profession. While at church this past Sunday, the pastor was breaking down Satan, sin and demonic thoughts. When the pastor touched on jealously and envy, he used various stories to illustrate his point of view. The primary point of one of his stories was showing how people become jealous and envious when they see other people with nice things including clothes, cars, and homes. He stated (I paraphrase) that when you become confident in your own ability to grow, succeed, and acquire some of the finer things in life, you’ll become an enthusiastic cheerleader of others who are striving to do well instead of harboring jealously and envy in your heart.


Survivors benefits explained

by Robert Smith The loss of a loved one can be painful. The death of a wage-earner upon whom a family depends also can be financially devastating. If you’re like most young or middle-aged workers, you probably think of Social Security only as a retirement program. But some of the Social Security taxes you pay go toward providing survivors insurance for workers and their families. Think of it as a life insurance policy you never knew you had—paid for by the same taxes that cover you for retirement or disability.



:10 Ok, ok the Lakers are gone, the Celtics are gone. So I am 0 for 2. But hear this loud and clear, it will be a Dallas vs. Chicago Championship. (I think!) :09 Derek Jeter said he had no problem with what Jorge Posada did. Now management wants him to change his tone because “they” had a problem with it. First of all, Jeter’s the captain so he can speak freely, secondly he can’t throw his boy under the bus and lastly, hey Yankees, you got bigger problems than that. BILL NEAL


Bulls crush Miami in Game 1

(NNPA)—The Chicago Bulls crushed the Miami Heat, 103-82, on May 15 to take a 1-0 series lead in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Most viewers expected to see a slug-out between Bulls’ MVP guard Derrick Rose and the Heat’s star trio of forward LeBron James, guard Dwyane Wade and forward Chris Bosh, but it was Chicago’s role players who stole the show in Game 1. IN CONTROL—Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah grabs a rebound over Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh during the fourth quarter in Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, May 15, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast) Veteran forward Loul Deng led the Bulls in minutes played with 46, finishing the game with 21 points and seven rebounds. Rose still led Chicago with 28 points, but some of the Bulls’ biggest shots came from reserve players like forward Taj Gibson, who scored 9 points and grabbed 7 rebounds.




Do you ever watch the news and just feel glad you’re not in someone else’s shoes? As I’ve watched the news over the years I’m so grateful that I’ve never had to struggle with floods, tornados and the fires that so many people across the country have had to deal with. We often, present company included, say that we don’t have enough money, can’t lose the last 10 pounds, wish we could quit our jobs and, sing the “if only” song all day long. If you are not happy did you know you can learn to be happy? I recently learned that happiness is a litmus test for well-being, how you’re living your life and enjoying the relationships you have. Take some time and write down what makes you happy. Some of the things that are on my happy list: extra money, good health, nice weather, going out to dinner, dressing up and cute babies.