Daily Archive: May 13, 2011


Tax, tax, tax— now they want your grocery bag

(NNPA)—Local and state governments are just like the federal government. They want to keep their largesse ways and not face the demand for austerity and good fiscal management. When times get tight they seek to get into your pockets via obscene taxation on any and everything they can find. There is no regard for the underserved or populations that can least afford damaging taxation for the sake of keeping massive governmental infrastructures. Many cities and counties are slipping taxes on cell phones like they are luxury items. The truth is cell phones are security items, family management tools and access to the Internet. Black citizens use cell phones as their number one vehicle to the Internet. So, when they start slapping taxes on your child’s phone and you are on a limited fixed income or assistance it becomes terribly damaging. They are doing this with reckless abandon and that is why we are pushing for a federal bill that will declare cell phones interstate commerce and prohibit any further local taxes for at least 10 years.


Reintroducing Rosa: Mrs. Parks fight to prevent rape of Black women

(NNPA)—Traditionally Black History is presented with accounts of luminaries such as Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth, Gabriel Prosser, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. In nearly every instance the narrative is narrowly offered, and skewed to heroics of Black men. Mrs. Rosa Parks is no exception. To read most history textbooks students have been fed fiction as to who Mrs. Parks was and how she came to be the Mother of the Modern Civil Rights Movement. I vividly remember learning the limited lesson that Mrs. Parks was a “poor seamstress who was simply too tired to move to the back of the bus”, as racially segregated laws required in most American cities, from 1896 (Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court case) to 1954 (Brown v. Board of Education court case). In reality, Mrs. Parks was no “shrinking violet” in response to racial segregation.


Christopher Williams graces Kelly-Strayhorn

A good love song is timeless in singer Christopher Williams’ opinion. “No one can change a great love song. The tradition of a good singer always lives,” Williams said. And the balladeer performed his most popular ballads and up tempo jams when he graced the Kelly-Strayhorn stage on May 7 as the featured guest for New Horizon Theater’s annual black tie event. Proceeds from the event went to help New Horizon Theater continue to bring high-quality African-American themed productions to the Pittsburgh area. CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS


Tired of people saying, ‘you’re wrong.’

(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: My mother has been dead now for over 20 years. Before her death her grandchildren didn’t come to give her as little as a glass of water. I decided the moment they laid her into the grave that I would break all ties with the grandchildren. However, now people are coming to me explaining that it has been too long to hold a grudge. I am not holding a grudge, but I just don’t want to have those same people grin and smile. I fear they would treat me the same.—Margaret


‘She’s The One’

You are a very strong woman. You can do anything you want, go anywhere you want, and say what you’re feeling. You know where you’re heading because you’ve focused totally on the goal. Nobody messes with a woman like you, and few can tame you. That never stops them from trying, though. In the new book “She’s The One” by J.J. Murray, a movie director taps into a diva’s ego to help his brother capture the wildest woman he’s ever known.


‘Freedom Riders’ on WQED

On May 16, WQED will premiere their documentary, “Freedom Riders from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE” at 9 p.m. on WQED-TV. The documentary tells the story of the original 400 Black and White Americans who risked their lives and endured beatings and imprisonment to travel together from May through November 1961 on buses and trains through the Deep South, which violated Jim Crow laws. This month marks the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Rides. To commemorate the anniversary and the historical event, WGBH Boston will take 40 college students, three from Pennsylvania schools, on the 2011 Student Freedom Ride.



Debt negotiation practices exposed

I recently received a phone call from a friend of mine. He was stressed out, confused, and scared. He recently went through a divorce that resulted in him accumulating more than $60,000 in debts. As if the events leading up to the divorce wasn’t overwhelming enough, he’s now dealing with the mounting pressure of trying to make payments on this new debt in addition to pay the rest of his bills and expenses, eat and have a life. The pressure was getting to him. Things were tight! He needed some wiggle room in his budget and he needed it fast. He thought he found the “magic pill” to his problem when he saw a commercial on television offering Debt Negotiation Services. The pitch was, “Cut your debt in half! Pay off all your unsecured debt in under five years with minimum payments! Don’t trash your credit report by filing bankruptcy! Allow our law firm who specializes in ‘Debt Settlement Negotiations’ to work on your behalf. Never deal with a creditor or collection company again!”



:10 If you missed Charlie Wilson at the Monroeville Convention Center Sunday night you missed the “‘Par-tay,’ of the year… cause ‘ain’t no party like an old school party cause an old school party don’t stop!” Chuck Sanders and the Savoy Restaurant blew it up again. :09 About the Concert: BILL NEAL 1. Fellas, sunglasses indoors? Lame, played out, and just stupid! 2. Ladies, one size does not fit all!! 3. For those who didn’t dress up, please do so the next time, show some pride, shorts and flip-flops… c’mon man!


Pacquiao shows once again why he’s a headline act

by Tim DahlbergAssociated Press Writer LAS VEGAS (AP)—Manny Pacquiao was always going to get his $20 million. That was part of the deal that lured him to this gambling city, where wealthy whales and B-list celebrities gathered ringside to watch him beat up yet another pretender to his crown. On this night his opponent was a reluctant combatant, there seemingly only to get his own big payday. But Pacquiao wasn’t about to let that ruin his plans for a big evening on the Las Vegas Strip. BOXING’S BIGGEST DRAW —Manny Pacquiao knocks down Shane Mosley in the third round of their WBO World Welterweight Title fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Saturday, May 7. The photo was taken with a tilt-shift focus lens. (AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal, John Locher)


Mavericks End Lakers’ Reign

(NNPA)—Poised to deliver the knockout blow to the reeling Los Angeles Lakers, the Dallas Mavericks didn’t hold back, delivering a 122-86 haymaker in game four to sweep Los Angeles out of the postseason in front of a booming crowd at American Airlines Center in Dallas on May 8. It was a record-setting day for the Mavericks from three-point range. Reserve guard Jason Terry tied a playoff record with nine three-pointers and Dallas matched a team postseason record with 20 overall. Terry’s five three-pointers in the second quarter helped pave the way to a 63-39 halftime lead.